4 created his theory of human

4 created his theory of human
This time I want to share again on the various theories of human creation. This time I found there are four different theories ... .. ie:

1. The theory of abiogenesis
2. Theory of biogenesis
3. Chemical Evolution Theory
4. Theory of Evolutionary Biology

Well, no longer following lengthy description of the theories above ...

THEORY abiogenesis

Characters theory of abiogenesis was Aristotle (384-322 BC). He is a philosopher and prominent ancient Greek science. Abiogenesis theory states that living beings who first inhabited the earth from dead matter.

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Actually Aristotle knew that if the fish eggs will hatch into fish of the same nature as its parent. The eggs are the result of marriage of the parent-parent fish. However, Aristotle believes that there are fish that come from the mud.

How does the formation of such creatures? According pengzanut understand abiogenesis, that living thing just happened or spontaneously. Therefore, understanding or theory of abiogenesis is referred to also understand spontaneae generation.

So, if understanding abiogenesis and spontaneous generation we combine, mak opinion it is understood that the first living things on earth from inanimate objects / no life terkjadinya spontaneously, for example:

a. fish and frogs came from mud.
b. Worms from the ground, and
c. Maggots come from rotting flesh.
Abiogenesis survive long enough to understand, that since Ancient Greece (Hundreds of Years BC) until the mid-17th century.

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

In the mid-17th century, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek discovered a simple microscope that can be used to observe the strange objects contained a very small drop of water immersion on straw. By the supporters of abiogenesis, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek's observations it seemed to strengthen their opinion

THEORY biogenesis

Although it has survived for hundreds of years, not everyone understands justify abiogenesis. Those who doubt the truth of understanding abiogenesis has continued to conduct research to solve the problem of the origin of life. People who are dissatisfied with the view of abiogenesis, among others, Francesco Redi (Italian, 1626-1799) and Lazzaro Spallanzani (Italian, 1729-1799), and Louis Pasteur (French, 1822-1895). Beredasarkan research results from these figures, finally understand abiogenesis / spontaneous generation became faded because it can not be accounted understand the truth.

a) Experiment Francesco Redi (1626-1697)

To answer his doubts to understand abiogenesis, Francesco Redi experiment. In three experiments using materials Redi Cut off meat and three jars. More Redi experiment is as follows:

• Jars I: filled with a piece of meat, covered tightly.
• Jars II: filled with a piece of flesh, and allowed to remain open.
• Jars III: condition with a piece of flesh, allowed to remain open.

Furthermore, the three jars are placed in a safe place. After several days, the situation in the three jars of meat were observed.
Danhasilnya as follows:

• Jars I: The meat is rotten and the meat was not found larvae / larvae or maggots of flies.
• Jars II: meat looks rotten and in it found a lot of fly larvae or maggots.

Based on the results of those experiments, Francesco Redi concluded that the larvae or maggots are found in rotten meat in jars II and III is not formed from decaying meat, but came from fly eggs that are left on the meat when the fly landed there. This will be clearer, if the circumstances of the jar to see II, which covered gauze. On the gauze lid found more maggots, but maggots on rotting flesh relatively little.

b) trial Lazzaro Spallanzani (1729-1799)

Like Francesco Redi, Spallanzani also doubted the truth of abiogeensis understand. Therefore, he held that in principle the same experiment with trial Francesco Redi, Spallanzani's experiment a step further but perfect.
For materials experiments, Spallanzani use broth or water stew of meat and two pumpkins. The ones that do Spallanzani experiment more are as follows:

• Pumpkin I: filled with 70 cc of broth, then heated 15oC for several minutes and allowed to remain open.
• Pumpkin II: filled with 70 cc of broth, sealed with a cork. At the meeting between the cork with liquid paraffin smeared mouth pumpkin to the meeting properly. Furthermore, dipanaskan.selanjutnay pumpkin, pumpkin I and II cooled. Once cool they are placed in an open place that is free from interference of animals and people. After approximately one week, held observation of the state of broth on the second flask.

The results of the experiments are as follows:

• Pumpkin I: broth undergo changes, namely increasing the water becomes turbid and the smell became uncomfortable. After investigation it turns out the broth at the gourd I. These contain many microbes.
• Pumpkin II: pumpkin broth is not changed, meaning remains clear as before, the smell is also fixed and does not contain microbes. However, if the pumpkin is left open longer, it also contains many microbes, the water is changed to be more cloudy and smells bad (rotten).
Based on the results of those experiments, Lazzaro Spallanzani concluded that the microbes present in the broth did not originate from the broth (inanimate objects), but from life in the air. Thus, the decay due to microbial contamination has occurred darimudara into the broth.

Supporters of abiogenesis raised objections against the results of these experiments Lazzaro Spallanzani. M, ccording to them for the formation of microbes (living) in the broth needed air. With the influence of the air there was spontaneous generation.

c) The experiments of Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)

In answer to his doubts to understand abiogenesis. Pasteur carry out experiments to refine the experiment Lazzaro Spallanzani. In percobaanya, Pasteur use materials with a pumpkin broth. These steps complete the Pasteur experiments are as follows:

• Step I: pumpkin condition 70 cc of broth, then sealed with a cork. Gap between the cork with a pumpkin mouth smeared with liquid paraffin. After that the cork is mounted swan neck-shaped glass tube. Then, the flask is heated or sterilized.
• Step II: Next flask cooled and placed in a safe place. After several days, the state of the broth was observed. It turns out that tetep clear broth and contains no microorganisms.
• Step III: pumpkin, broth in it remains clear until the broth is tilted surface flow inside the pipe to come into contact with air. After the pumpkins are put back in a safe place for several days. Then the state of broth was observed again. It turns out in a pumpkin broth meanjadi rotten and contains many microorganisms.

Through heating of the device percobaanya, all microorganisms present in the broth will die. In addition, another result of heating is the formation of water vapor on the swan neck shaped glass pipe. If the experiment is cooled, then water will condense on the pipe and close the hole in the pipe right at the neck-shaped part. This will cause the inhibition of microorganisms that haunt the air to get into a pumpkin. This is what causes the water remains crystal clear broth in the flask before.

At the time prior to heating, air-free stay in touch with the room in a pumpkin. Microorganisms that go along with the air to die at the time of heating the broth.

Once the gourd is tilted until the broth until kepern \ found a pipe, the broth will be in contact with air. Here there was contamination of microorganisms. When the gourd is returned to positions of the original (upright), the microorganism was carried inside. So, after some time left for some pumpkin broth into akeruh, due to the decay by mikrooranisme. Thus the evident lack of understanding truth abiogenesis or spontaneous generation, yangmenyatakan that living things from dead matter that occurs spontaneously.
Based on the results of an experiment Redi, Spallanzani, and Pasteur, then tumbanglah understand abiogenesis, and comes the understanding / new theory about the origin of living beings known as the theory of biogenesis. The theory states:

a. vivum omne ex ovo = every makkhluk life comes from eggs.
b. Omne ova ex vivo = each egg came from living things, and
c. Omne vivum ex vivo = every living creature comes from previous life.
Although Louis Pasteur in his experiments had succeeded in overthrowing understand abiogenesis or spontaneous generation and biogenesis understood at once confirmed, does not mean that the problem of how the formation of the first living things unanswered.

Besides the theory of abiogenesis and biogenesis, there are still a few more theories about the origin of life developed pleh some scientists, are as follows:

a. The theory of distinctive creations, which states that life was created by a supernatural agent (unseen) at the special.
b. Kosmozoan theory, which states that life on this planet come from anywhere.
c. Chemical Evolution theory, which claims that life in this world arise under the laws of Chemical Physics.
d. Steady State theory, argues that life did not originate the proposal.


Dissatisfaction with the scientists about what the figures put forward the theory of abiogenesis and biogenesis encourage other scientists to continue to conduct research on the origin of life. Between experts include:
Harold Urey, Stanley Miller, and A. I. Oparin. they suggest that the organism was first formed on earth in the form of single-celled creatures. Furthermore, these creatures have evolved into many different types of living creatures such as Protozoa, Porifera, Coelenterata, Mollusca, and others.

Experts biology, astronomy, and geology agreed, that the planet Earth was formed roughly between 4.5 to 5 billion years ago. The situation at the moment the situation is very different denagn at this time. At that time the temperature of the planet is estimated to 4,000-8.000oC. at the start of cooling, carbon compounds and metallic elements abeberapa condenses to form the core of the earth, while the surface remains dry, barren, and not flat. Due to volcanic activity, the Earth's surface is still soft and wrinkled as it moves continuously. When it cools, the earth's crust appears folded and broken.

At that time, the condition of the earth's atmosphere is also different denagn current conditions. Light gases such as hydrogen (H2), Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2), Helium (He) and Argon (Ar) off leaving earth gravity akrena unable manahannya. He also formed the atmosphere senaywa-simple compounds containing these elements, such as water vapor (H2O), Ammonia (NH3), Methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Simple compound remains in the form of steam and restrained layer of the atmosphere. Ketuika atmospheric temperature of about 100oC to pass down the rain water to a boil. This event lasted for thousands of years. In these circumstances must have inhabited the earth at that time of life. However, such conditions allowed the course of chemical reactions, because teredianya substance (matter) and abundant energy.

The question arises, how the process of life on earth? Pwertanyaan is prompting some scientists to express their opinions and conduct experiments. Among these scientists, among others, Harold Urey and Stanley Miller.

A) Evolution of Chemistry According to Harold Urey (1893)

Harold Urey was an American Chemical experts. He stated that at some point the earth's atmosphere is rich in molecular substances such as methane (CH4), water vapor (H2O), Ammonia (NH 2), and carbon dioxide (CO2) which are all shaped steam. Because of the influence of radiation energy and electricity kiosmis lightning reaction occurs between these substances produce substances of life. Chemistry of the theory of evolution is commonly known as the Urey Urey's theory.

According to Urey, living substance which was first formed has a structure resembling a virus today. The substance of life for millions of years have evolved into different types of living beings. According to Urey, the formation of living things from a variety of molecules of substances in the atmosphere is supported under the following conditions:

a) condition 1: the availability of the molecules of methane, ammonia, water vapor, and hydrogen are very much in the earth's atmosphere
b) condition 2: the existence of energy aid the flow of electricity arising from lightning and cosmic ray radiation which causes the substances are substances that react to form larger molecules,
c) condition 3: the formation of living matter most kimianay secerhana that arrangement can be likened to the chemical composition of the virus, and
d) condition 4: in the long term (millions of years), a substance formed idup had grown into seejnis organisms (living things more complex).

B) Experiment Stanley Miller

Miller was a student of Harold Urey who was also attracted to the problem of the origin of life. Based information about the current state of the initial formation of the planet Earth, which is about the state of the temperature, the gases contained in the atmosphere of that time, he designed a simple laboratory model of a tool that can be used to prove the hypothesis of Harold Urey.

Into the creation of tools, Miller to enter the gas Hydrogen, Methane, Ammonia, and Water. The tool juaga heated during the week, so that these gases can be mixed therein. In lieu of lightning electric energy flow, the Miller flow through the device by stepping high-voltage electricity. The existence of high-voltage electric current causes the gases in Miller's device reacts to form a new substance. Also carried into the cooling device, so that gases can condense reaction products.

At the end of the week, the results of the examination of water being stored in a trap moisture analyzed secar cosmography. It turned out that the water contains simple organic compounds, such as amino acids, adenine, and simple sugars such as ribose. Miller's experiment was tried several other experts, but the result is the same. Bial experimental device is inserted in the phosphate compound, found the substances produced containing ATP, which is a compound related to the transfer of energy in life. Cpenelitian other institutions, the research produces nucleotide compounds.

Nucleotides are the main constituent of a compound of AND (Deoksiribose Nucleic Acid) and ARN (Ribose Nucleic Acid), which is typical senaywa in the cell nucleus that controls the activity of cells and heredity.

Miller's experiment can memberiakn indication that the units of the complex within living systems such as lipids, Carbohydrates, Amino Acids, Proteins, Mukleotida and others can be formed in abiotic conditions. The theory continues to repeatedly tested this widely accepted by scientists. However, until now the main problem of the origin of life remains a secret of nature that remains unanswered. The results prove that they knew before the formation of organic compounds in stages, ie starting from bereaksinya diatmosfer primordial gases with the electrical energy of lightning. Selanjutnay all these compounds react to form more complex compounds and confined to its exterior. Akhirnay form a compound which is a component of the cell.


Is a Russian scientist Alexander Oparin. In his book The Origin of Life (The Origin of Life). Oparin stated that when the Earth's atmosphere paad a compound rich in water vapor, CO2, CH4, NH3, and hydrogen. Because of the energy radiation of celestial bodies are very kaut, such as ultraviolet rays, allowing the compounds to form simple organic compounds or a more complex hydrocarbon compounds. The reaction process takes place its exterior.

Complex compounds are expected to initially form compound aseperti Alcohol (H2H5OH), and compounds of the simplest amino acid. Over millions of years, these simple compounds react membenrtk more complex compounds, Glycerin, Organic Acids, Purine and Pyrimidine. Complex compound is a cell-forming material.

According to Oparin complex compounds are very abundant on the surface of its exterior and the mainland. The existence of an abundance of energy, such as ultraviolet rays, in a very long period of time allows the oceans become a heap of organic compounds which are primordial soup or Primordial Soup.

Complex compounds which accumulate to form primordial soup in the oceans is further developed so that it has the ability and the following properties:

A. have some sort of membrane that can separate the complex bonds formed by organic molecules that are around him;
B. have the ability to absorb and remove molekil-molecules to and from the surroundings;
C. have the ability to use molecules that are absorbed in accordance denagn bonding patterns therein;
D. have the ability to separate the parts of his bonds. Such capabilities are by experts considered the ability to breed the first time.

Complex compounds with the properties of the alleged life first formed. So complex compound which is an outgrowth of the ancient soup has the properties of life such as nutrition, excretion, capable mengadan metabolism, and the possession of the ability to multiply or reproduction.

Despite the presence of simple compounds as well as an abundance of energy so that its exterior abundant organic compound that is more complex, but Oparin difficult to explain the mechanisms of transformation of protein molecules as nonliving abenda kebenda life. How organic compounds primordial soup may have the ability as mentioned above? Oparin explained as follows:

Proteins as compounds that are Zwittwer Ion, hydrophilic colloids can form a complex (absorbs water), so the protein molecules are wrapped by water molecules. Clumps of complex compounds can be separated from the liquid where it is located and form the emulsion. Penggabunagn structure this will produce a colloidal emulsion which terpiah from the liquid phase and form a clot or Koaservat timbuna.

Heaps Koaservat rich variety of complex organic substances allows the exchange with the environment. In addition to selectively lump Koaservat the focus of other compounds, especially Crystalloid thereto. Clumps of colloid composition depends on the composition mediumnay. Denagndemikian, differences in the composition of the medium will cause variations in the composition of the primordial soup. Variations in the composition of the primordial soup in various areas will lead to the formation of the chemical composition Koaservat which is a provider of raw material for biochemical processes.

The next phase of the substance in Koaservat forming enzymes. All around the border between the alignment with its environment Koaservat molecules of lipids and proteins, forming a primitive cell membranes. The formation of this primitive cell membranes allows to give stability to the koaservat. Thus, cooperation between these molecules that have been there before that can replicate themselves into koaservat and setting up re-wrapped Koaservat lipids may be mnghasilkan very primitive cell.

Koaservat ability to absorb substances from the medium allows increasing the size koaservat. Possible further allows the formation of Heterotropik organisms capable of replicating themselves and get food from Primordial soup is rich in organic substances.

The theory of biological evolution is widely accepted by scientists paar. However, not a few scientists who dispute about random molecular interactions that could be the beginning of the formation of living organisms.

The theory of chemical evolution and the theory of biological evolution many supporters, but a new theory of chemical evolution that has been proved experimentally, whereas the theory of biological evolution has not been anyone to test experimentally.

If what these two theories is correct, but have not been able to explain how and where the life of this planet Earth first emerged. The thing to remember is that life is not just a matter replikas; (doubling itself) or the problem of biological life, but also a matter of spiritual life. On the theory of the origin of life that states the organism was first formed its exterior can be understood in terms of biology, because organic molecules which is the primordial soup were stacked at sea.

The flow of a cult in Islam

The flow of a cult in Islam

1. Najjariyah

They are followers of Husayn ibn Muhammad al-Najjar who views were adopted by the adherents of Mu'tazilite in Rayy. They are divided into various subgroups such as Barghutsiyah Za'faraniyah and Mustadrikah but they agree with the original group who matters fundamentally. They agree with Mu'tazilites in rejecting God's qualities of life which wills to power knows hear and see. But they agree with Shifatiyah about God creating the works. Najjar holds that God wills Himself as He knows himself well. Thus arises the relationship with God in general so Najjar said God wills good and bad benefits and Awliyaa '. If it is said that God's will mean that he did not krn forced or pressured. Najjar also said that God is the creator of all human actions adl good and bad right and wrong; humans need to part these acts.

He further held that the power market has created a specific effect of these acts; was named as Kasab as Ash'ari named. He is also one word with Ay'ari that in deed there is capacity. In the case that God can be seen with the eyes Najjar rejected because - according to him - it is impossible for God. But he says that God will probably divert the power in his heart who form ma'rifah into his eyes and people will know him through these eyes; things like this can be called a view. Najjar also argues that the word of God is created, but he disagreed with Mu'tazilite about various things. According to let the word of God when he read was an accident and if he had written it a jisim adl.

Regarding the word of God is Za'faraniyh quite surprising in a party believes that he is not God but God and everything what means the creature, but on the other hand they believe that anyone who said he disbelieved the Qur'an was created. Perhaps they think there is a difference if the opposition is not very clear. Mustadrikah stated "We believe that the word of God is not God himself and that his word was invented. But the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said that the word of God is not created and all of our predecessor agreed on this statement. So we were willing to accept it but interpret their opinion that the word of God is not created adl as follows: the word of God is not created in a pattern of words and sounds are created but not in the form of these words adl a copy thereof. " Ka'bi narrated from Najjar that he says that God is everywhere with His essence not just through his knowledge and power. This leads to various Najjar jiggery-pokery.

As for the view that the human mind can already determines the revelation of God before there agrees with him Mu'tazila namely, that he should know him through reflection and thought. Faith according to Najjar adl belief / justification. Moreover, Najjar said whoever who committed major sins then he died before repent of his sins that he would be punished for it but he will be excluded again from hell because adl unfair if he equates God with an unbeliever that God said is not fair to punish reply faithful but sinners with eternal torment who like who inflicted upon the infidels. Muhammad ibn 'Isa who is known by name Barghuts Ghiyats Bishr ibn al-Husayn Muraisi and al-Najjar one with the other has a very similar idea. They hold that God "wills" and will not cease from everything that He wants to know will happen good or bad faith or obey or inkar infidel. However, most adherents reject this opinion Mu'tazilite.

2. Al-Mirdariyyah

They are the followers of 'Isa ibn Shubaih headliner reply with the name of Abu Musa al-Mirdar title. He adl students Bishr ibn al-Mu'tamir he studied it and then berzuhud. He was also named after monks Mu'tazilite. He disagreed with others who in some ways

His remarks about the Qadr of Allah Ta'ala that the power to lie and do wrong if He lied and unjust God who He adl liars and unjust. Glory to God from this speech.

Tawallud same opinion about the issue with the opinion of his teacher and he can add to it with looking at the occurrence of a deed of two actors with tawallud ways.

Opinion about the Koran that human power to make the same with the Qur'an in terms of composition and Balaghah fluency. Extreme is the person who in its opinion that the Qur'an is a creature and he mengafirkan people who argue that it qadiim Alqura with the reason that it has established the existence of two who qadiim Essence. He also mengkafirkan people who get along with the sultan and he says the person is not entitled to inherit and are inherited.

He also mengafirkan people who say that the deeds of servants of Allah Ta'ala's creation adl also those who argue that God can be seen with the eye of vision in the hereafter. He even exaggerated and beyond in mengafirkan people that he said that they disbelieve even testify that there is no god but Allah. Once he was asked by Ibrahim ibn al-Sanadi about inhabitants of the earth entirely. He then mengafirkan them all. So he then denied "Heaven yg wide as the heavens and the earth is not penetrated except by you and the three people who follow you?" He could not answer and kept silent. Among his students Ja'faran adl al-Muhammad ibn Abu Zufar Suwaid friend Abu Ja'far Muhammad bin Abdullah al-Iskaafi and 'Isa ibn al-Haytham ibn Harb and Ja'far al-Asyaj.

Al-Ka'bi Ja'far reported that two people are saying that Allah Ta'ala created the Qur'an in lauhil mahfuz and should not be moved krn impossible something that one be in two places at one time and they think what we read hikayah adl / mimic of the first written reply in lauhil mahfuz and reading it adl actions and our creations. Al-Ka'bi said that this was of the few who chose a different opinion about the Koran. He also argued about the mind's ability to know good and bad in that sense requires a person to know God Almighty with all His laws and His attributes before the revelation and if he is negligent of him to know God will punish him forever.

3. An-Nazhzhamiyyah

Namely the followers of Ibrahim ibn Yassar ibn Hani 'an-Nazhzham. He has studied various books of the philosophers then he mixed it confound speech with words of the philosopher Mu'tazilite. He differed with others who in some of the following problems

He added the opinion of Qadr good and bad in between adl opinion that God Almighty does not attributed with qudrah over evil and immorality and not those things included in the case who come in qudrah Allah Ta'ala. In contrast with the opinion of other Mu'tazilite who said that God's power over these things but He does not do it Because things are bad. An-Nazhzham opinion that the ugliness was adl Essence nature of something ugly then that's who leaned prevent bad deeds to God. So he argues that the venom of ugliness arises because an evil God adl. So He who is not justly attributed with qudrah over kezhaliman.

Further an-Nazhzham add this confusion with the opinion that the power of God for His servants to do nothing is known of his reply containing their benefit and not the power to do who do not contain these beneficiaries are those concerning world affairs. As for the Hereafter an-Nazhzham said that Allah Ta'ala increase the power of punishment for the inhabitants of hell and no power cut. Likewise, He has no power to reduce keni'matan inhabitants of heaven nor the power of removing one of the inhabitants of heaven and that the things thus is not included in the power of God.

Based on this opinion means that God Almighty who was forced to do everything his done. Surely the Almighty who essentially was adl who have a choice between doing or not. An-Nazhzham replied that who you are enjoined upon me in case qudrah also mandatory for you in case fi'l. Would not you think He's impossible to do so even if able to do so makes no difference.

An-Nazhzham actually take this opinion of the speech of ancient philosophers who say that the benefactor may not retain something is not done then what's made and the holding of power who does. If in the science and power of God Almighty yg lbh good and perfect LBH LBH LBH bermaslahat basis and therefore must have him do it.

Opinion about the will of god that Allah Ta'ala is essentially not attributed to him. If the will of god is attributed with the actions syar'i adl it means that He is the Creator and who foster based knowledge. And if the additional attribute that He wants deeds then point adl servants that He sent him or forbid it. And from an-Nazhzhamlah al-Ka'bi take his opinion about the will of god.

Opinion that the actions are all servants of adl and silent movement. Adl movement science and the desire of the soul. The purpose of this movement is not a migratory movement but that movement adl change as the philosophers of the movement said in a quantity of quality to put where, when and so on.

An-Nazhzham also agree with philosophers that man is essentially the soul and spirit while adl adl agencies the tools and instruments. But he did not really know their opinions and tend to the opinion of the naturalist philosophers that the spirit adl subtle bodies who ensnare the body and into your heart like water influx into the roses and sesame seed oil or fat in the milk. And he said that the spirit adl who had the strength and ability and life and the will. He was able with his spirit and ability that existed before the act.

Al-Ka'bi told him he said that each of something beyond the ability of reply in the form of action then it adl act of God or that Allah Ta'ala created the stone with a particular tabi'at if you threw it up he will be thrown and if it reaches the end point it will throw the stone back into place naturally. He also had a lot of confusion about the atom and its law and opinion of experts who oppose the science of kalam and philosophers.

According to the opinion that God Almighty created things according to shape and hekekatnya today. Such as minerals and minerals plants animals and humans. God created Adam and his descendants just that God created the hidden part in some others. The problem first or later it's just a matter of appearance of hiding rather than problems of its creation and existence. This opinion is actually from the saying philosophers who homage to "hide and appear". And an-Nazhzham lbh tend to recognize the opinion of the naturalist than the metaphysics of the philosophers.

Similarly, some thought among many opinion ambiguous reply. Among the followers of an-Nazhzham adl al-Fadl al-Hadatsi and Ahmad bin Khabits. Ibn al-RawandT say they believe that nature has only two adl creator creator God who is eternal and who only adl creator who created by God ie 'Isa ibn Maryam. And this opinion is of course false and fabricated.

4. Ahmadiyya

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, founder of the Ahmadiyya, has many names and lineage. A privilege for him, "said" all that is obtained from the Lord. Even more interesting, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad mastered many languages, including: Urdu, English, Arabic, Parsi, and Hebrew. With languages ​​that he engage in dialogue with God.

Famous son, Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad (1899-1965) who occupied the throne of the second Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Jema'at, writes about the times when the birth father as follows:

"Hazrat Ahmad as. Born on February 13, 1835 M, or 14 Shawwal 1250 H, Friday, at the dawn prayer, at home in the village of Mirza Ghulam Murtaza Qadian. He was born of twins. That he was born and also a girl who did not how long later died. So perfect is a word-unseen listed in the books of Islam that the Imam Mahdi will be born twins. "[2]

Similarly Bashiruddin M.A. tell the birth father. The question here is, by whom and to whom supernatural news was delivered twins born? Later in the books of Islam in which the news is loaded?

Presumably Bashir M.A. and Ahmadiyahnya no desire or less need to mention names of people and the Islamic books which refer to the news regarding the supernatural and the twins were born.

Furthermore, regarding the names owned by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Ahmadiyya Bashiruddin and said:
"As long as his name was Ghulam Ahmad, or the full name (full name) he was Ghulam Ahmad." [3]

Then there in front of Ghulam Ahmad, a longer name is Mirza. So the name stands for the Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Of the three earlier titles, only Ghulam alone is not discussed. The rest of the Mirza and Ahmad, a name that contains within it a special meaning and purpose. What is special? God himself (words Bashiruddin) is often called Ahmad called it by name!

"Habit is he likes to use his name for yourself Ahmad briefly. So, time to receive allegiance of the people, he only uses the name Ahmad. In inspiration, inspiration, Allah Ta'ala is often called him by name Ahmad".

Qodiyan that the Ahmadiyah sect believes that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of India adl prophets and apostles who did not believe him then for adl infidel apostate. Ahmadiyya Qodiyan do have their own prophets and apostles of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of India. Qodiyan Ahmadis have their own holy books of scripture Tadzkirah.

They consider a collection of scriptures adl Tadzkirah revelation of God revealed to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who together with his holiness holy book Koran Because both the revelation of god lbh thick thick of the Koran. The Ahmadis have their own holy places to perform the pilgrimage of Rabwah and Qodiyan in India.

They say "What a person who unfortunately had forbidden him to have fun in the great pilgrimage to Qodiyan. Hajj to Mecca without Qodiyan adl hajj pilgrimage to reply coarse dry again." During his "prophet" Mirza never go on the pilgrimage to Mecca. If the Muslim faith of the prophets and apostles who shall be entrusted only 25 people in the Ahmadiyya, there are 26 people. That all these 26 adl "prophet" Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

In the book of divine teachings of Islam who believed there were four of the Psalms Taurar Gospel and the Koran. But for the Ahmadiyya Qodiyan scripture who is believed to have five compulsory and five who scripture scriptures adl Tadszkirah who revealed to the "prophet" Mirza Ghulam Ahmad creation of an international political conspiracy.

Ahmadiyah people have dated month and year calculations themselves Ahmadis month name adl Suluh Tabliq Hijrah Ehsan Aman Shahadah Wafa Noon Tabuk Ikha 'Nubuwah Fatah. The Hijri year adl short Syamsi their banality with HS. Ahmadiyya current year adl HS 1373. The obligation to use the date of the month and year of the Ahmadiyya own behest second Caliph of the Ahmadiyya who Basyiruddin Mahmud Ahmad.

Based on the word "god" which is accepted by the "prophet" and "apostles" who Ahmadiyya contained in the scripture "Tadzkirah" which means "He is the god who sent his messenger 'Mirza Ghulam Ahmad' brings with guidance and true religion so that he won it over all religion all-religion. " . The contents mimetic Koran. Ahmadis have their own prophets and apostles the scriptures themselves date month and year the venue for his own pilgrimage as well as the caliph himself who is now the fourth caliph who is based in the UK who Tahir Ahmad.

Adl Ahmadiyya Caliph Caliph who was formed with a fictitious political purposes. All members of the worldwide Ahmadiyya shall be subject and obedient to Tahir Ahmad. People outside the Ahmadiyya Ahmadiyya adl illegitimate infidels and women marry men outside of the Ahmadiyya. If you do not want to accept the Ahmadiyya certainly destroyed. Based on the scripture Ahmadiyya Tadzkirahbahwa duties and functions of the Prophet Muhammad. as the prophets and messengers who is described by the Muslim holy book the Koran was canceled and replaced by a "prophet" Ahmadiyya Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Word of "God" in scripture Tadzikrah "Surely we have lowered the scriptures 'Tadzkirah' is close with Qodian-India. And with truth and with truth we lowered him down." . Word of "God" in scripture Tadzikrah "Say O Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 'If you really love Allah then follow me'." . Word of "God" in scripture Tadzikrah "And we have not sent thee except O Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be a blessing for the whole of nature." . Word of "God" in scripture Tadzikrah "Tell me, O Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 'Behold, I am human like you're only given a revelation to me'." . Word of "God" in scripture Tadzikrah "Surely we have given you, O Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who a lot of goodness." .

Word of "God" in scripture Tadzikrah "Surely we have made thee, O Mirza Ghulam Ahmad-priest for all mankind." . Word of "God" in scripture Tadzikrah "Oh thou, O perfect leader Mirza Ghulam Ahmad one of the apostles who resort to who really sent by almighty who the womb.". Word of "God" in scripture Tadzikrah "Surely we have it down on the night of Qadr lailatur.". Word of "God" in scripture Tadzikrah "And is not you who threw when you threw, but Allah who threw.

There are many other verses of Koran dibajaknya reply. The verses quoted above who adl-counterfeit and pirated desecration of the Muslim holy book the Koran. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to his people that the verses are adl revelation received from the "god" in India.

At the blasphemy and the statute book of the Criminal Justice Act who held a new article reads as follows. ARTICLE 56 a circular Director General of Islamic Guidance and Haj Affairs No. D/BA.84 dated 20 September 1984 al
In addition, overseas also have no similar restrictions:

- Malaysia has banned the Ahmadiyya, throughout Malaysia since June 18, 1975.
- Brunei Darus Salam has also banned the Ahmadiyya, Brunei Darus Salam around.
- Natural Rabithah Islamy based in Mecca who had issued a fatwa that the Ahmadiyya adl infidels and out of Islam.
- Government of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has issued a decision that the Ahmadiyya adl infidels and should not be the pilgrimage to Mecca.
- Government of Pakistan has issued a decision that the Ahmadis non-Muslim minorities. Conclusion Ahmadiyya as associations or church founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in India in 1889 Qodiyan yg krn differing views on leadership succession in the Ahmadiyya and the persona of its founder developed two streams of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam and Anjuman Lahore.

Both flow recognizes the leadership and who recognize the teachings rooted in the teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Ahmadiyah enter and expand in Indonesia since the 1920's with calling itself the Anjuman Ahmadiyya Indonesia Qodiyan Department and then called the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Jama'at Ahmadiyya familiar with the Lahore Ahmadiyya movement Qodiyan and familiar with the Lahore Ahmadiyya. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to have received revelation and with the revelation that he was appointed as an apostle prophet al-Promised Messiah and Imam mahdi.

Who understand the teachings and was developed by the followers of Ahmadiyah Indonesia in particular there is a deviation from Islamic teachings based on the Qur'an and Hadith to be the belief of Muslims generally, among others, about the prophetic and apostolic Mirza Ghulam Ahmad after the Prophet.

Closing In closing this study we quoted a passage from the Koran is threatening the people who claimed to receive revelations and wrote the book with his own hands and then say of Allah who lie with a very nasty as in what to do by the "prophet" Mirza above. Allah says which means "Woe to those who wrote al-books with their own hands and then say, 'This is from Allah' to gain handful with the deed. So woe to them as a result of what was written by their hands own and woe to them for the result of what they do ".

5. Al-Qadiani

Here we describe the beliefs of Al-Qadiani who was misleading.

Adl recognition as mujadid Al-Masih Al-Mahdi and the recognition of other apostles prophets who ranged mujadid to prophethood lbh even higher than prophetic.
Here wbw cuplikkan some recognition "crazy" it:

"Many hearts have been dead many sins have been very hard difficulty at night which dissolve in the dense darkness of the womb of God who give off light the sky. I am the light of al-mujadid can command slave who helped Al-Mahdi who professed Christ promised. And lo! I was in a very honorable position in the Lord no one who knows. " .

"Good news for you all has come to Christ. He has rubbed the Almighty and gave utterance to smooth-ye .. Happiness! Has come unto Christ who professed carry property and goods piled up a lot .. O all real human beings I adl al-Masih al-Muhamadi. Verily I Ahmad al-Mahdi. " .

"I am the promised Messiah who has defined his arrival at the end of time by God Almighty, Wise. I am the person who was given ni'mat mentioned in sura Al-Fatiha at the time appeared the two classes."

I was born twin with a daughter in the village but my twin sister's death and I still was given life by God the glory owners. This incident is certainly very rare in the community.

Yet I live with two diseases.

1. Diseases at the bottom. In a day and a night he can piss up a hundred times.
2. Diseases at the top.

"So lbh strange life of Christ and the birth of great lbh miracles for people who saw." . "Verily I am the Messiah, and actually I'm running and I wander.

Indeed Jesus is dead and not live like my life.. "" I am the Messiah. I am al-judge. I am Muhammad. I am Ahmad who was elected.. "" I made as Mary and I became Mary for two years .. Then breathed the spirit to Jesus as he breathed into Mary and pregnant in the form of the loan after a few months does not lbh than ten months I was separated from Mary and I made Isa. Thus I became the son of Mary.. "Allah menemai I pregnant Mary who contain Isa. I am the God who is meant by the word Taala" And Mary the daughter of Imran who purifies his honor and We breathed into him the spirit of Us ".

"Because I'm the only person to admit that I adl Mary and that Jesus breathed the spirit to me." . "I see myself in a state kasyaf as if I were a woman and God showed me the power of his gesture was enough for intelligent people who understand." . "Before the outbreak Lord revealed to me 'Make a boat under my supervision and I invite you not to talk to people who do wrong Because they would drown. Those who truly unto them berbaiat berbaiat to God. The hand of God above their hands. "

"See now that Allah has made His revelation to me teaching me the same allegiance teachings boat with Noah and God make it as the key to salvation of all men."

"Indeed my Lord has told me I was like Noah's ark Praise be to Allaah for all beings. So anyone who comes to me and entered in the allegiance he was saved from losing. So really bahagialah the survivors."

"Perumpamaanku of Allah such as Adam .. Then God made me as Adam and then he gave me all of who have been given to Abul Basyar." . "The recognition that I adl apostles and prophets." . "And God's truthfulness. It was he who sent his apostle in Qadian." .

Flowers are beautiful but deadly

Flowers are beautiful but deadly
1. Daphne

Daphne flower is also known by the name Lady laurel or plant paradise. All parts of the flower is poisonous, but the most toxic part concentrated in the sap and fruit.

Daphne contain mezerine and daphnin, is a powerful toxin that can cause severe abdominal pain, headache, diarhea, madness, and convulsions. If Daphne fruit consumed in excess, can cause coma and even death.

2. Lyly of the valley

Lyly of the valley looks very beautiful and seem harmless. Consuming one or two of the bell-shaped flowers that are not too hurt adults.
When eaten in considerable numbers, this flower can cause pain in the mouth, vomiting, cramps throughout the body, and diarrhea. Toxins in this flower also cause cardiac dysfunction and a weak heartbeat.

3. Belladona

Known as one of the most poisonous plants in the Western Hemisphere, Belladona contain tropane alkoids potentially harmful. All parts of this plant is dangerous, but the most dangerous part is that it seems good to eat fruit, especially harmful to children.
Symptoms that occurred from the venom of this flower is dilated pupils, blurred vision, headaches, hallucinations and madness. Atropine toxins contained in this flower disrupt the nervous system makes respiratory distress, sweating and heart rate.

4. Angel's Trumpet

Do not be fooled by its name, this plant contains toxins that can be fatal to humans and animals. This flower is known as a very powerful hallucinogen because it contains tropane alkaloids.

5. Rhododendron

These plants bloom when the season looks very beautiful. In a recording, telling a strange behavior on a number of British troops when eating honey from these flowers. Rhododendron contain andromedatoxin that causes vomiting, extreme pain spasm until death.

6. Oleander
Oleander is known as one of the most toxic plants on earth, often used for suicide. Various poisons contained in all parts of this plant, such as oleandrin and neriine, causing nervous system disorders, digestive disorders, and circulatory system work, in which all took place simultaneously.

Victims will experience symptoms of loss of consciousness, trembling, pain, coma, and death. Sap can cause skin irritation and eye kebutan.

7. Autumn Crocus

Is also one of the most poisonous plants in the world, this might be the most toxic. Contain colchicine, a drug commonly used to turn off the treatment of gout.

Toxins contained in this rate similar to arsenic that has no solution. This plant poisoning can cause heart disease and loss of blood pressure.

5 The interesting thing in the world

5 The interesting thing in the world

1. Men's Longest Cigar Makers

a Cuban citizen, has broken the world record by making a cigar with a total panjang45, 38 meters. This is the fourth world record-breaking.

Man named Jose Castelar is breaking the record set by its own name in 2005 ago, which is making cigars over 20.41 meters. And he promised to continue to improve his record notes. He began making cigars at age 14. Castelar admitted that he only smoked one cigarette every day even though he was a cigar maker.

2. Most Luxurious residence house

Istana Nurul Iman who dimili by His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei, Sir Muda Hassanal Bolkiah Muizzaddin Waddaulah (born 15 July 1946) is home to the most luxurious residence that is above the earth's surface.

The palace that has been completed in 1984, coinciding with the independence of Brunei, built at a cost of U.S. $ 350 million. Sultan of Brunei has 1788 rooms and 257 fruit bath and toilet rooms. And in the basement there are garages that accommodate about 110 cars owned by the Sultan.

3. The World's Largest Museum of Fruit

Museum pieces in Feufukigawa in Japan is a knowledge center and exhibits a unique fruit in Japan. located approximately 30 meters of Mount Fuji in the most active earthquake regions in the world.
This museum consists of three large structures form which describes the different seeds seeds fall to the ground. The building is made of glass as high as 20 meters, 50 meters in length connected through the basement.

4.Karya Spectacular (The Umbrellas)

In 3100 the world have created an umbrella, height 8 meters, diameter of 6 meters, involving 1880 workers. wooow,,,

As for the manufacturer of umbrellas that involve a number of 11 from both Japan, America, Germany, Canada, and so forth. 1340 Umbrellas in place in Japan and the rest in America, which opened at the same time. in place a spread that is 120 km in the Japan Region and 96.5 km in the Americas region.

5. Watches for $ 13 M (Millyar)

This is the Patek Philippe brand watches from Switzerland. Gold-plated clock, with the guidance phase of the moon was once on display at the auction house Christie's, Geneva, Switzerland. These watches are made in tahun1960. And this world there are only seven (7) similar hours. Due to scarce and Luxury, The price is soaring. Christie's Auction to fix the price 880.000 U.S. dollars (USD 9.2 M) up to 1.32 million U.S. dollars (13.7 M)

Now, consciously or not, watches not only for the timepiece. watches can also be like a painting that could be a coveted collection. quality, beauty, and limited the number to three very important things in the note.

7 Ways to Men in the face of a woman

7 Ways to Men in the face of a woman

This rule applies to men out there who are trying with their dates. You must already know the basics, like being a gentleman and do not forget your sense of humor.
But what you actually need in the face of women, especially in modern times it is today. Let's try to peek some of the rules, as quoted by AskMen.

1. Take him out once and only once
2. Learning to be good lovers
3. Never lower your standards before the date
4. Do not tolerate acts that can not be tolerated
5. Do not be predictable
6. Do not want to become a "doormat".
7. Do not always "available" at any time.

This guy ..! Life without money for a year

This guy ..! Life without money for a year
Mark Boyle (30) during this year diving without spending a dime. He said it was the happiest moment in his life and he will continue the lifestyle.

Boyle during the last 12 months become a freeccomist. He underwent an independent lifestyle in a caravan in Timsbury, near Bath, England, by planting their own food materials and reusing the waste disposed of to others. He said that by not spending any money, he becomes happier, and has vowed to continue the way of life without money.

He can recycle it anywhere. The phone only for receiving calls. Shower her using solar energy. He's getting used clothing or recycled from the website.

Boyle, an economics graduate and honor the Irish-born entrepreneur, had a blog that revolves around his lifestyle. To turn on the laptop, he used a solar-powered energy and free internet facilities at a local farm.

"It was the happiest moment in my life, and I'll forward it. I see no reason to go back to the money-oriented world. Life without money is very liberating. Of course there are challenges, but I do not have a stress-related bank accounts, bills, traffic jams, and linger in a job that I do not like. "

"Part of the difficulty is to socialize with friends, I miss that aspect. Instead of going to the pub, I made a campfire, playing music or going for a walk," he said.

He once tried to walk from Bristol, Inggirs, to India by relying on the kindness and hospitality of others. However, he had to stop that effort a month later after experiencing difficulties in France.

Boyle says, "In the next 20 years, people will begin to determine what they use and how they should live. My priority is to reuse things that people throw away, and then build a sustainable infrastructure for the future. In fact, I have decided to continue this lifestyle which is the best recommendation that everyone can do. "

Boyle was a vegetarian. Now he plans to promote freeconomy movement through his blog. He also taught how to live a simple skill.

Today he was celebrating the end of the "journey" for a year as host for the Freegan Festival in Hamilton House, Bristol. There she cooked three meals for free to the public.

Playing a color to see our character

Playing a color to see our character
A psychologist developed these shapes, which have been extensively tested in the world for several years. The color of the color has been improved and tested again to obtain a set of the best. These shapes represent the nine basic personality types.

Select a form below that you most enjoy and read your personality underneath.

Remember the choice you must be honest and should not be manipulated because the test results of this personality type you only knew.


No picture. 1. Introspective, Sensitive, Reflective

You more often and focus on the self and the environment itself rather than interacting with others. You hate the shallowness, more glad to be alone than hurt because people whisper. But your relationship with your friends very intensive, which gives you the peace and harmony that you need to feel good. However it is not a problem for you to be alone for some time without becoming bored.

Figure 2. Independent, Unusual (unconventional), No tertekang

You want a life of freedom and detachment that let you determine your own path. You have artistic talent in your work and leisure activities. The urge to freedom sometimes causes you to do something very opposite of what you want.
Your very individual lifestyle. You will not blindly imitate what is "in", on the other hand you are looking for a life in accordance with the goals and ideals and convictions, even if have to swim against the tide.

Figure No. 3. Dynamic, Active, concerned with matters of birth

You are quite willing to accept some risk and a strong commitment in exchange interest and varied work. Routine, in contrast, tend to have an effect paralyze you.
What do you like the most is being able to play a role in many areas.
In doing so, your initiative is stronger.

Figure No. 4. Earthy, very firm stance, harmonious

You value a natural style and love that is not complicated. People admire you because you have the ability bertanan strong and they depend on you. You give it to those close protection and distance. You feel warm and humane. You reject everything that is striking and obsolete. You tend to hesitate on the behavior / change in fashion trends. For you to be practical and nice clothes that are not prominent.

Figure No. 5. Professional, Pragmatic, Self-confidence

You are responsible for your life, put the smaller your luck and more to act sendiri.Anda solve problems with practical action and not complicated. You looked at realistically something in your life and handled it well. You are given a great responsibility in the work, because people know that you can rely on.
The power firmly against the will of projecting your beliefs on others. You will never truly be satisfied until all of your ideals.

Figure No. 6. Quiet / Peaceful, Wise, Not Aggressive

You perceive life easy because wise. You make friends effortlessly as you enjoy keprifasian and independence. You are often away from her and be alone from time to time to contemplate the meaning of life and enjoy yourself. You need a place to hide is wonderful, but you do not seoarang loner. You calm yourself and the world, and appreciate life and what the world offer.

Figure No. 7. Merrily, Like playing / funny, fun

You love the life that is free and spontaneous. And you try to enjoy it fully because it holds the motto "You only live once.
Great curiosity and open your trhadp everything new, you evolve with the changes. You consider your environment and versatile're always surprised.

Figure No. 8. Romantic, Dreamer, Emotional

You are very sensitive. You refuse to see things from his point of view of simplicity and tasionalitas. What you say is very important feeling for you. In fact, you feel it is important to have dreams in life.

You reject people who flout the romance and controlled only by rationality. You refuse to keep the thing limiting the diversity of richness mood and your emotions.

Figure No. 9. Analytical, Reliable, Confident

Senstifitas while you represent the quality and durability tinggi.Konsekuensinya, you like to wrap yourself with the "little pearl" that you find anywhere else people ignore it.
So, Cultures greatly affect your life. You've found your own life, that is elegant / elegant and exclusive, free from pengaru mode. Ideal, you are basing your life, is cultivated pleasure.
You judge a person's level of culture on who you talk to.

To be Always Happy Life

To be Always Happy Life
Every human being must dah tuh hepiiiiii.ii kepengen if his life continues, do you gan?

Ada deh kagak I think in this world are born with the aim pengen difficult.
Impossible banget dah anyone pengin had a difficult life.
Well, at this time trit ane little mo gan share on ...
"Tips Strategies For Making Yourself We Always Happy"

Directly in the open tips

Painting in the hands of Indian Wedding

Painting in the hands of Indian Wedding
One of the most typical of a marriage ritual in india is hand-painted on the bride. An Indian woman to be married then before she really rose to the altar, then he will be made ​​up by women friends with a variety of saris and painted by hand with floral ornaments worked with very beautiful.

Hand painting in India is famous hinggga to all corners of the globe, even the world of tattoo experts say that no one can give a touch of temporary tattoos are better than the painter's hand in India. This shows how hand-painted style wedding in India is a very high art.


Stickers cover to replace the function of the bra

Stickers cover breast punting
Sticker Tit has various shades of colors and shapes, some circular, Kotal, a rabbit, and many more. Now the American women may no longer have to bother wearing a bikini or a bra, because now there Stickers Tit. But the consequence is disobedience and acts of misconduct will be rampant.
This is one more evidence of moral . The beauty of a woman's body more freely diumbar anywhere. In America now there Tit Sticker, namely mini stickers that serves to cover the nipples of women. These stickers are used by women to replace the function of the bra, which is closing their breasts.

Just for Share How to Build Backlinks

Just for Share How to Build Backlinks.It is out of question that quality backlinks are crucial to SEO success. More, the question is how to get them. While with on-page content optimization it seems easier because everything is up to you to do and decide, with backlinks it looks like you have to rely on others to work for your success. Well, this is partially true because while backlinks are links that start on another site and point to yours, you can discuss with the Web master of the other site details like the anchor text, for example. Yes, it is not the same as administering your own sites – i.e. you do not have total control over backlinks – but still there are many aspects that can be negotiated.
Getting Backlinks the Natural Way

The idea behind including backlinks as part of the page rank algorithm is that if a page is good, people will start linking to it. And the more backlinks a page has, the better. But in practice it is not exactly like this. Or at least you cannot always rely on the fact that your contents is good and people will link to you. Yes, if your content is good and relevant you can get a lot of quality backlinks, including from sites with similar topic as yours (and these are the most valuable kind of backlinks, especially if the anchor text contains your keywords) but what you get without efforts could be less than what you need to successfully promote your site. So, you less than what you need to successfully promote your site. So, you will have to resort to other ways of acquiring quality backlinks as described next.
Ways to Build Backlinks

Even if plenty of backlinks come to your site the natural way, additional quality backlinks are always welcome and the time you spend building them is not wasted. Among the acceptable ways of link building are getting listed in directories,

posting in forums, blogs and article directories. The unacceptable ways include inter-linking (linking from one site to another site, which is owned by the same owner or exists mainly for the purpose to be a link farm), linking to spam sites or sites that host any kind of illegal content, purchasing links in bulk, linking to link farms, etc.

The first step in building backlinks is to find the places from which you can get quality backlinks. A valuable assistant in this process is the Backlink Builder tool. When you enter the keywords of your choice, the Backlink Builder tool gives you a list of sites where you can post an article, message, posting, or simply a backlink to your site. After you have the list of potential backlink partners, it is up to you to visit each of the sites and post your content with the backlink to your site in it.

You might wonder why sites as those, listed by the Backlink Builder tool provide such a precious asset as backlinks for free. The answer is simple – they need content for their site. When you post an article, or submit a link to your site, you do not get paid for this. You provide them for free with something they need – content – and in return they also provide you for free with something you need – quality backlinks. It is a free trade, as long as the sites you post your content or links are respected and you don't post fake links or content.
Getting Listed in Directories

If you are serious about your Web presence, getting listed in directories like DMOZ and Yahoo is a must – not only because this is a way to get some quality backlinks for free, but also because this way you are easily noticed by both search engines and potential visitors. Generally inclusion in search directories is free but the drawback is that sometimes you have to wait a couple of months before you get listed in the categories of your choice.
Forums and Article Directories

Generally search engines index forums so posting in forums and blogs is also a way to get quality backlinks with the anchor text you want. If the forum or blog is a respected one, a backlink is valuable. However, in some cases the forum or blog administrator can edit your post, or even delete it if it does not fit into the forum or blog policy. Also, sometimes administrators do not allow links in posts, unless they are relevant ones. In some rare cases (which are more an exception than a rule) the owner of a forum or a blog would have banned search engines from indexing it and in this case posting backlinks there is pointless.

While forum postings can be short and do not require much effort, submitting articles to directories can be more time-consuming because generally articles are longer than posts and need careful thinking while writing them. But it is also worth and it is not so difficult to do.
Content Exchange and Affiliate Programs

Content exchange and affiliate programs are similar to the previous method of getting quality backlinks. For instance, you can offer to interested sites RSS feeds for free. When the other site publishes your RSS feed, you will get a backlink to your site and potentially a lot of visitors, who will come to your site for more details about the headline and the abstract they read on the other site.

Affiliate programs are also good for getting more visitors (and buyers) and for building quality backlinks but they tend to be an expensive way because generally the affiliate commission is in the range of 10 to 30 %. But if you have an affiliate program anyway, why not use it to get some more quality backlinks?
News Announcements and Press Releases

Although this is hardly an everyday way to build backlinks, it is an approach that gives good results, if handled properly. There are many sites (for instance, here is a list of some of them) that publish for free or for a fee news announcements and press releases. A professionally written press release about an important event can bring you many, many visitors and the backlink from a respected site to yours is a good boost to your SEO efforts. The tricky part is that you cannot release press releases if there is nothing newsworthy. That is why we say that news announcements and press releases are not a commodity way to build backlinks.
Backlink Building Practices to Avoid

One of the practices that is to be avoided is link exchange. There are many programs, which offer to barter links. The principle is simple – you put a link to a site, they put a backlink to your site. There are a couple of important things to consider with link exchange programs. First, take care about the ratio between outbound and inbound links. If your outbound links are times your inbound, this is bad. Second (and more important) is the risk that your link exchange partners are link farms. If this is the case, you could even be banned from search engines, so it is too risky to indulge in link exchange programs.

Linking to suspicious places is something else that you must avoid. While it is true that search engines do not punish you if you have backlinks from such places because it is supposed that you have no control over what bad guys link to, if you enter a link exchange program with the so called bad neighbors and you link to them, this can be disastrous to your SEO efforts. For more details about bad

neighbors, check the Bad Neighborhood article. Also, beware of getting tons of links in a short period of time because this still looks artificial and suspicious.

10 state full of chaos

10 state full of chaos

Here are 10 of the most gruesome, hideous, and terrifying world. Most of them are caused by war, murder, robbery, assault, kidnapping, rape, etc.. In addition, because of the extreme temperatures that do not allow it to survive.
1. Russia

In Russia, there are more gangsters than police. The Russians are killed every 18 minute, and occurred on average 84 murders a day of the toal population of 143 million inhabitants.

Center for Russian crimes in Chechnya Republic, Russia precisely the area in north Georgia. Prostitution, drug trafficking, an underground restaurant and arbitrarily controlled by the Chechens.

Foreigners kidnapped more frequently because of a higher ransom. Other criminal acts: theft of wallets, cell phones, cameras, money, and physical assault. Super-Power of the country to third world countries wondered whether communism is really a cure for Russia.

2. Brazil
If you want to travel to Brazil, no matter whether you are going to be robbed, but the problem is only time! Social gap was still increasing in addition to incredible wealth in the country's economic growth has continued to climb this.

But with increasing prosperity, the crime rate also jumped the bandwagon. Crime in the streets continues rampant in parts of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, and many victims are left unharmed, they took a broken bottle to hit to your neck because you wear the bracelet.

The incidence of "rapidly kidnapping" growing in big cities. They forced the victim to menambil money at an ATM for ransom. If the victim can not pay, they can call their parents or their families at home.

In addition to street crime, organized criminal groups fighting the police and other public institutions that can not be bribed.
Unrest in the brutal prison became increasingly, drugs and narco-terrorism haunts the civilian population. And if you survived the whole disaster - the piranhas are waiting for you.

3. South Africa
This country once known as the "rape capital of the world".
Although rape cases have seen tend to drop to 113,700 in 2004, but climbed back to 2005 up to number 118 300 cases.

Other Statistics for South Africa show the gruesome murder case of a high rate. The host World Cup 2010 was being constantly in the list of top 5 negara2 the highest murder rates. Most crimes occur poor areas.

Farming in South Africa has become one of the most dangerous professions in the world. The rate of homicide for the farmers is 313,000 - about 8 times the average murder rate nationwide. And everywhere, the sex can be very dangerous in South Africa, where more than 10 million people contract the HIV virus.

4. Burundi
Here is a small but densely populated poor countries has a very big problem. The civil war between ethnic Hutus and Tutsis tribes scatters the nation between 1993 to 2006.

Truce senjatapun launched yet most food supplies fail to be implemented. Mass murder and chaos to compete with environmental issues as the biggest headache for the people of Burundi. Extensive list of assassinated leaders, and control the nation has often changed hands since last 50 years.

Crimes committed by gang wandering and armed children is a threat to visitors. Mugging, carjacking and kidnapping menngintai any time, therefore you are advised not to stop the car to buy souvenirs-eye.

If you are injured or diciderai in Burundi, you may need to master medical techniques, as most local clinics there do not have enough resources to help you.
5. Antarctica

When murder, rape and robbery may not be a big problem in parts of the world, another case with the natural conditions here are very unfriendly.

Antarctica is home to some extreme weather conditions, with the mercury falling regularly below -60 degrees Celsius (-100F) and winds blowing more than 100km per hour.

If you are naked in this weather for over an hour, you would surely die. Antarctica has no hospitals, no food to eat and when you lose, there's not much hope. But at least there is a McDonalds at the Scott Base shop if you find it.
6. Afghanistan

This country for hundreds of years, becoming one of the regions in the world's most strategic and contested by many parties. Though these countries include poor country, difficult to develop, and have economic and political situation unstable.

At the time of the Soviet Union invaded the region, the Russian Red Army planted more than 12 million landmines in Afghanistan. Hundreds of people were killed, torn apart, and paralyzed by a mine blast mounted. After the Soviet Union came to the Taliban, the Taliban banned women from state control and university jobs.

In 2001, the United States overthrew the Taliban. But burglary, ethnic rivalry and the use of illegal drugs are rampant violence has led to describe this state becomes unstable. Suicide bombing is a constant threat, and nobody in Afghanistan is safe.

The suicide attack is the deadliest place in Baghlan province in November 2007, which killed more than 70 people. In addition, Afghanistan also includes the largest supplier of cannabis and opium in the world.
7. Somalia

Somalia is a country whose governments fail to result from anarkinya, corruption, lack of government, and famine. Tourists are warned not to enter Somalia, which declared its "Independence of the Republic of Somaliland" or sailing near "Horn of Africa".

Pirates oversee these waters are equipped with AK-47 and will seize and hold your barang2 to be ransom. A fight between the tribes have asked thousands of lives in northern Somalia. While in the capital, Mogadishu fought over by many tribes and warlords.

Ethiopia had attacked Islamiah soldiers in Somalia in late 2006, and caused hundreds of deaths and thousands of evictees. If you are really forced into this area, make sure your insurance is still valid.

8. Sudan

Despair, death and destruction was a "symbol" of the Sudanese state.
Terrorism is the main problem of this nation, which has been ruled by military regimes since independence Islamiah. Some famous killer the world has set foot in Sudan.

They perform an action with a car bomb, rocket launch and mass slaughter. Violence occurs in many areas in Darfur between government militias pemback-ups, government troops and local insurgent groups.

Sudan also has menyebabkani open war with Cad related to the Darfur conflict. Since 2003, 230,000 Sudanese refugees have fled into eastern Chad from Darfur.

More than two million people died in two civil wars that occurred during the last 50 years. With the bleak conditions gurunnya, Sudan is one of the ugliest places on the planet.
9. Colombia

Kidnapping is a major problem in Colombia. At least there has been 2338 cases of kidnapping in Colombia in 1998. And 138 of whom had been killed by his captors.

Was ranked fourth of the world as a "killer country" with a total of murders reached 696,800 cases in 2006. The main target of the killers were the mayor, dozens of them are killed every year.

And of course, who can forget the cocaine? Colombia supplies 75% of the world's cocaine supply and thanks to Pablo Escobar and the Cali Cartel, paramilitary groups that have been fighting the government in a bloody conflict with no end.

In 2005, Catholic missionaries killed five people, down from 9 in 1999. Beautiful beaches and rugged mountains in Colombia should make it a paradise for tourists, but maybe this place can be the most dangerous place to visit.
10. Iraq

It does not matter whether you are George Bush, Pele or Chuck Norris - you will never be safe in Iraq. Although the country is rich in oil reserves, but Iraq is a devastated country where synonymous with violence, despair and confusion.

Since 2003, the United States has occupied Iraq and caused a civil war that asks the victim more than 650,000 civilians. Al-Qaeda, Sunni insurgents, Shiite security forces, Kurdish rebels, U.S. soldiers, Turkish soldiers and criminals involved in the cycle of violence that unfortunately will not subside quickly each time.

Improvised mines / Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs) and minefields are constant threats, like the suicide bombers who have killed hundreds of people.

Kidnappings and random killings are reported with almost makes the mind numbing frequency. Since 2003, 2 million Iraqis have fled to neighboring countries and another 1.9 million remain in Iraq with the displaced from their homes.

Spent uranium is used as the round to penetrate the armor will poison Iraqi civilians and U.S. mechanic for several decades. Really, this is hell on earth.