No Deposit Bonus - Welcome Bonus

  • Link: $15 no-deposit bonus from RoboForex
  • Dates: all year 2011
  • Bonus: free $15 - no deposit required
  • How to get: Apply for a welcome account with RoboForex

  • The RoboForex is glad to present «Welcome bonus», a new no deposit bonus service which can be of a great help to beginner traders, and a good opportunity to try trading using real forex accounts at RoboForex!
    View instructions how to get «Welcome bonus».
    We’d like to pay your attention to the fact that our Technical Support Service gives no answers to the questions on No Deposit Bonus, as the system operates automatically. If you have any question, please, visit «Welcome bonus» FAQ.

    Conditions of no deposit bonus «Welcome bonus 2.0» service are the following

  • «Welcome bonus 2.0» is $15 (1500 cents transferred to your account). It’s available for verified clients using Fix-Cent & Pro-Cent usd cent accounts only.

    Please note that «Welcome bonus 2.0» service is available for new clients only!

  • There are some trading restrictions for accounts with «Welcome bonus»:

    - an order is 0.1 lot;
    - maximum number of open orders is 10;
    - only metals and currency pairs are available for trading.

    In case of cancel bonus client must pay commission $15 and restrictions are not removed! These restrictions will be removed as soon as the equity on the bonus account exceeds $100 (10000 cents) due to profit earned or client’s depositing the account with his/her own funds. After the equity exceeds $100, the account will become a real one and all restrictions will be removed in the following order:

    - automatically within an hour, if there are no open orders;
    - automatically within a day, if there are open orders.

  • A client can withdraw bonus from the account, if the total amount of the lots on his/her account is:

    - 500 microlots (5 standard lots) for Fix-Cent accounts;
    - 750 microlots (7.5 standard lots) for Pro-Cent accounts.

  • One is allowed to withdraw profit from the bonus accounts taking into consideration onetime commission of $15 during the first withdrawal. HOWEVER, after the bonus account becomes a real one (art. 2), no onetime commission will be charged.
  • You must use the same account details for payments each time you withdraw profit from your bonus account. In case these very account details for payments are used to withdraw profit from other bonus accounts, the company reserves the right to write the bonus off the accounts, as well as the profit gained when trading using these bonus accounts.
  • Partners DO NOT receive commission for transactions on bonus accounts. HOWEVER, after the bonus account becomes a real one (art. 2), partners will receive commission for orders according to the normal procedure.

How to get no deposit «Welcome bonus»

  1. «Welcome bonus» is credited only once for each client when (s)he opens a new trading account.
  2. In order to avoid any type of fraud involving no deposit bonus, the system that checks and transfers bonuses to our clients’ accounts is operating automatically.
  3. RoboForex reserves the right to cancel «Welcome bonus» without any explanation.

Conditions of operating no deposit bonus accounts:

  1. Bonus can be withdrawn if the requirements of the bonus program are fulfilled.
  2. Up to the moment the requirements of the bonus program are fulfilled, only profit can be withdrawn, taking into consideration onetime commission during the first withdrawal.

    Example: You got 1500 cents as a bonus. If your profit after trading is 2500 cents, then, according to our conditions, you can withdraw 1000 cents, i.e. minus onetime commission of 1500 cents during the first withdrawal (next time you withdraw your profit no commission will be charged).
  3. A client can deposit bonus account with his/her own funds (in order to meet the requirements more quickly). In case of negative balance on the account, our policy is that a client loses his/her own funds in the first place.

    Example: You got 1500 cents as a bonus and deposited your account with your own 1000 cents. If your profit after trading is -500 cents, then, according to our conditions, you can withdraw 500 cents, i.e. your own funds minus profit.
  4. Only closed deals on the following currency pairs are taken into account for fulfillment of the requirements on transactions:
    List of currency pairs for fulfillment of the requirements on transactions:
  5. RoboForex reserves the right to cancel bonuses from the accounts without giving any reasons and/or advance notice.

How «Welcome bonus» is deposited to your account

  1. When registering a new account you need to choose USD currency, Pro-Cent or Fix-Cent account, select “Get Welcome Bonus 2.0?”, and agree to terms and conditions of the bonus program by selecting “I agree to terms and conditions of the Bonus Program”.
    Please, note, the automatic system, which checks the recurrent bonus transfer and transfers bonuses to our clients’ accounts, may deny Your attempt to register a new bonus account. In this case, You won’t be able to receive bonus from RoboForex.
  2. After registering a new account you need to pass the verification in your Live Account.
  3. After the account is registered, you need to download MetaTrader 4 the trading terminal of the RoboForex and login entering the information sent to your email.
  4. After a successful authorization in the RoboForex MetaTrader4 client terminal, you need to customize it. Make sure that Your terminal allows You to use Expert Advisors (EA) as shown on the figure below:

    MetaTrader4 terminal menu: "Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors"
    MetaTrader4 RoboForex settings EA for verify_client
  5. After installation options for Expert Advisers (EA), you need to double-click on «verify_client» to start the script (“Navigator -> Scripts” section of the trading terminal).
    How welcome bonus is deposited - step 3
  6. After the «verify_client» script is started, you will be notified that «Welcome bonus» has been successfully credited to your account.
    How welcome bonus is deposited - step 4
    Please, note, if the «verify_client» script doesn’t start, it means that You don’t have access rights to the folder where the RoboForex MetaTrader4 client terminal has been installed to, "C:Program FilesMetaTrader4 - RoboForex". You need to the gain access rights or run Your personal computer as an Administrator to start the «verify_client» script.


Woman gives birth to Similar Monkey (Video)

Woman gives birth to Similar Monkey (Video)

This is horrendous news quite crowded the talk in cyberspace, when gallerydunia.com the streets on youtube admins see this video that looks like in postingkan on this page .. Information on getting a very minimal and I find it difficult to locate the source of his first because a lot of info-share are the result of readers wrote ... well if there was any additional info please fill out his comments below ...


for additional info please check directly at the scene here

Video duration is approximately 2 minutes of this we can contemplate that there are no impossible things in this world, that's the power of god .. who has demonstrated his power to us to us to be more introspective and contemplate the things that are out logic as a valuable lesson for us .... so we can get back on the streets of his ridhoi ..!

Strange spider-like face of a woman

Strange spider-like face of a woman

A spider stir citizen Asahan, North Sumatra. The spider is shaped quite strange: berwajahkan body like the face of a woman. The spider was found Kiki, a young female resident Citadel Edge, village Sei Bale, Asahan, last Saturday.

The body was small spider. Kiki found the crea

ture's head from behind after school. Engraved on the body in the form of two eyes, a nose and a mouth like a human face. Oddity that is what attracted many residents to view. In two days, Kiki's house filled with people from various regions.

There is a strange behavior of the spider. Sometimes these animals covered her face with her ​​legs or ran over her as a nest made ​​of leaves when a number of people, including journalists take pictures or stapled to the camera.

Currently spider inserted in a small box and fed mosquitoes. Kiki's mother, Wartini, said he only learned the peculiarities of spiders after her daughter showed these animals to him. Wartini also admitted she and Kiki no inkling or dreamed of before.

Wartini not intend to sell or dispose of this strange spider. He will continue to maintain it. White colored spider is constantly visited by people curious to see the spider. Until now there has been any relevant stakeholders, including experts insects, who came to investigate the phenomenon and anehan the spiders.

Five characters make women more sexy

Five characters make women more sexy

Women often identified as 'being weak'. In fact, if investigated more deeply, women have everything to survive longer than men.

So, what should you do to eliminate the impression of weakness? Add the following five characters, you will look stronger and more sexy in her eyes, as quoted from Marie Claire.

1. Intelligent
Everyone is blessed with various forms of intelligence from creativity to intelligence science. Intelligent woman not only able to rely on his brain to achieve a desired career, but also able to see and read in personal life situations. In the world of dating, smart women will be able to see if he was seeing just playing around with it or expect more.

2. Honest
Sometimes, it's easier to lie than be honest about everything. But, for men, honesty is sought from a woman. This makes them easier to put confidence in women.

3. Ambition
Women have more ambition than men. On the one hand, he wants a brilliant career, on the other hand he wants to be a perfect mother and wife for his family. This ambition made him a super woman, even exceeding the ability of men.

4. Passion
Passion can not just go hand in hand with ambition, but also with personality. If women do not have a passionate love in everything he did, he would seem to have a weak personality. Passion is also related to loyalty to something else at work or family.

5. The power to say 'no'
Often times women are not able to firmly say no to anything it deems improper. They are haunted by the fear of what happens when they refuse. This often makes women look weak in the eyes of men. In fact, they have the same opportunity as men to do what they like and decide something.

12 Forms of Sex Phobia

12 Forms of Sex Phobia

FOR most people, sex is a natural behavior and a fun part of life. But for some people, sex and all the components in it can be a traumati
c experience is frightening.

We certainly realize that sex can be stressful enough without inhibited excessive fear or phobia. No matter how strange voices that are addressed, the background of sex phobia sufferer is a sad result of the general situation. Abuse, bad relationships, or a traumatic first meeting, all can trigger some anxiety.

On the other hand, does not have a phobia can be a particular trigger, and evolve over time, with no known cause. Luckily, there are plenty of resources and sex therapists to help those who want to go through phobias and enjoy life free from stress. The following 12 unreasonable fears about sex, like unfolded Your Tango.

Fear of seeing, having, or thinking about the erection. Phobias that affect men and women are also called medorthophobia and phallophobia.

On the other hand, medomalacuphobia is the fear of losing an erection. Indeed, many men feel nervous if you limp in the middle of a battle with a partner. However, reality proves that only those whose lives are "paralyzed" by the phobia is exactly what is actually diagnosed as having anxiety disorders.

People who gymnophobia irrational fear of the naked, good to see other people naked, or bare herself.

It is the fear of menstrual blood. Yes, in fact there are women who are afraid to see their own menstrual blood. In fact, trial-whatever form it takes-will feel a little scary when you really think about it.

Anuptaphobia is fear itself continued single status.

Fear is also called sexophobia, namely fear of the opposite sex. It was, it would be difficult to overcome this phobia than erection problems.

This fear is considered the most common form of sexual phobias. Erotophobia is the fear of all things sexually, be it sexual love, sexual questions, or sexual knowledge.

Kolopophobia is the fear of female genitalia. Eurotophobia manifestation of one person by another person is different. Some sufferers feel disgusted when imagining a woman's sex organs, while others react only when stimulated.

Parthenophobia is an irrational fear of virgins and young women.

Tocophobia is the fear of pregnancy and childbirth.

Oneirogmophobia wet dreams is fear.

Coitophobia is the fear of sexual contact or intercourse.

The tradition of girl to dedicate Child Prostitution

The tradition of girl to dedicate Child Prostitution

Call it the Puja. This girl aged about 13 years. Still in school. Love to sing and dance. Laughing, she threw a dream to be a movie star someday. Far behind her innocence as a country girl, Puja has forward thinking. He was the first girl in her family to school, and determined to finish it. A little girl in her neighborhood who has a similar determination.

He did not want to end up like Priya, nearly 40-year-ol

d woman who was forced to live in the neighborhood of prostitution shortly after entering the pubertas.Menjual girls who enter puberty into prostitution become plural stories in the District of Bharatpur, India. In fact, being part of local communities' traditional welcoming ceremony that marked the onset of puberty: Nathni Utarna.

The ceremony was a marker of a girl ready to be sent into the sex trade. Ready to sleep with his first client.

People do not see nothing wrong when a father brought his daughter into the sex business.
Similarly, when a young man take his sister to a brothel. They just see it as a hereditary tradition.

The tradition stems from devdasi culture, which means an offering to God. The girls dedicated as a sex worker in the name of religion. Only, a tradition that was originally a form of religious sacrifice has been transformed into a promising business fields decent life.

Plan India, a social institution continue its efforts to remove that tradition. "Many women in rehabilitation centers to ensure that girls in their families did not continue this tradition," said Anil Kapoor, one of India Plan activist, told CNN.

"A small step, but the direction is correct. Changing the mindset of women in rural areas is key, "he said. "Now, when the women already have their own stance against prostitution, I am optimistic that tradition could be ended."

Plan India targeting children of women who do not fall into prostitution. Because, those who had already entered into the business is generally difficult to escape because it is tied promising income. "Education is the key to change."

It was the sixth city full of sin ..!

It was the sixth city full of sin ..!
Indeed if a bit redundant to categorize the following six cities as sinful territory. However, it would be a bad nickname consideration when looking at what's on offer for the visitors. Regardless of agreement or not, as reported by AskMen.com, these places are included in the list of tours with the "sin" ever. AstaghfiruLLahaladziim .. apocalypse is near ya I think .... ^ ^

1. Pattaya City Sex

Pattaya is a paradise of sex ternyaman in the world. Naturally, the show sex and transsexual cabaret is a legal tourist anglers in the coastal city located in the Gulf of Thailand, southeast of Bangkok. Not having to wait for the night if you want to spend time with prostitutes.

Those 24 hours can be met and asked out. There is also the beautiful transvestites in circulation along the tourist route. Bored with sex, just watch Thai Boxing in the number of bars. wahh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

2. Manama City Party

Welcome to the Party Oasis Middle East. The phrase that you would receive on arrival in Manama, Bahrain, an area which is adjacent to Saudi Arabia. If all these rules are very strict Saudi Arabian government to curb citizens and visitors, in Manama all negotiable.

Want to clubbing all day, or partying sex? In Manama legitimate. Indeed the city is known as one of the largest Muslim population in the desert region. But in 2001 the city is being more liberal. Its people also began to open Western eyes to the social world.

3. City of Las Vegas Gambling

Las Vegas gamblers paradise. All people can gamble day and night, even when he was at the airport. Almost all areas in Las Vegas provides the location

of gambling. Although not yet fully legal, prostitution also has long been a fascination that accompany the activity at the casino.

The best part of this city, regardless of cultural background pendatangnya, Las Vegas remains the best haven in the United States. "Go On and Sin", which is managed by the industry here.

4. Rio de Janeiro City Topless

Brazilian women have a charm of incredible beauty. No wonder the world's top supermodels come from here. Rio de Janeiro one of the city that holds the beauty of the body. Try and visit the beaches there, not a few women topless topless aka traffic passing playfully fun.

The atmosphere is getting wild when the sun goes down in a corner of the beach. A number of brothels on the beach ready to spoil the appetite of Adam. Do not be surprised, prostitution is legal in this city. If the carnival season arrives, the music and the women will bring you further fantasize.

5. Moscow City Clubbing

What happens when the state changed the face of communal? Community will experience hysteria. That is now happening in Moscow, Russia. Each club night there playing hardcore techno music to rock. Almost all young children Moscow to spend time at the club.

If you want to get an express date, almost all clubs provide this service. Try it to a striptease club near Red Square. There is also The Hungry Duck, a bar that held a ladies' night three times a week as well as male stripper for 24 hours. Prostitution was banned in Moscow, but can still be done in secret.

6. Amsterdam City of Marijuana

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has dozens of marijuana cafes, one type of illicit drugs. Marijuana, cigarettes, and the like are legal in this country windmills. There is no rule which says that objects should be used with certain procedures.

Want a date with a prostitute? Simply go in one district of the city. There, you can see and select the desired woman from the window glass. The prostitutes will be styled with or without clothes like a mannequin. The victory also felt same-sex lovers. They can freely pledged that relationship, because there is no prohibition to this kind of love. For those who do not believe God, no one questioned it in Amsterdam. [Cross / rv]

10 Demo With Nude Ways (full pict)

10 Demo With Nude Ways (full pict)

It is strange these protesters, we usually see a demo with fully dressed and neat, and bring those attributes to the demo. But this is different from 180 degrees with the protesters below. want to know? directly aje nih 10 Demo With Nude Ways.

1.Telanjang protest against the fighting bulls in Pamplona.

Since 2002 the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has protested the day before the festival of San Fermin in Pamplona, ​​Spain. In a mockery of the world famous spectacle of the battle the Bulls chasing the crowd of runners, half-naked animal rights activists to run through the city followed the same route. Under the slogan "Join the Human Race" PETA is trying to draw attention to the suffering of the bull, who was killed after running on the same night at the Bullfighting arena. Pamplona mixed reaction from the community, from anger to amusement at the sight. Naked Run to be part of the festival and thousands of spectators line the route to entertain or seduce the demonstrators.

2.Protes against sending troops to Afghanistan in London With Yoga How to bare.

In May 2010, a naked woman traffic stop near the Houses of Parliament, by climbing into a black cab to 'protest yoga' five minutes. He was yelling 'Troops from Afghanistan', as a taxi driver tries to shift and look at tourists.

3.Protes Demands Right to bare-chested in the Los Angeles Public.

GoTopless.org is a U.S. organization that claims that women have the same constitutional right to bare-chested in public places as men. They often promote (topless) gather to claim their rights.

4.Protes Naked To Oppose Increase in fuel prices high at Gas Station in Germany.

A German rider naked protest against high fuel prices during Easter by filling the tank on an unnamed banteng.Pria arrived at Renault Scenic at the Shell gas station on the A9 motorway at Bad Klosterlausnitz, Germany, wearing only a pair of black shoes. The station manager Frank Hollmotz, 25, said: "I guess he did not want his feet dirty. He came out of the car in full view of CCTV cameras and fills - then walk to the store to pay. He then returned to the front yard and got into his car and go .

5.Pengendara naked bike protest to Request an extensive bike path and more in Peru.

Naked cyclists ride a bicycle during a protest to demand more from the bike path that the city government and more respect for cyclists from motorists in Lima, Peru, on March 13, 2010.


6.Protes Security Check to Oppose Way Nude In Germany.

In 2010, scantily clad Pirate Party supporters at the airport in Germany showed some to show their opposition to the controversial "naked" scanners planned for security checks. Despite the cold temperatures outside, the protesters gathered group of nearly naked at the airport in Berlin,
Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. The participants stripped down to their underwear, lined up behind signs that read: - ("No need to scan us, we're naked."


7.Protes to support Brazilian students expelled from universities for wearing a mini dress.

Brazilian students protested with banners and no underwear in support of the Brazilian students Geysi Arruda in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Universidade Bandeirante (Uniban) Arruda had been expelled for "not respecting the ethical principles of striking, academic dignity and morality," in a statement published in several newspapers. More than 250 people showed up naked or wearing little to fight sexism in Brazilian universities.


8.Protes against global warming on glaciers in the Swiss Alps

In 2007 six hundred people shed their clothes on the glacier in the Swiss Alps to the body's cry for help against the planetary emergency: global warming. The nude volunteers posed for renowned installation artist Spencer Tunick on the Aletsch glacier. If global warming continues at the current rate, most glaciers in Switzerland will completely disappear by 2080, leaving nothing but valleys and slopes strewn with rock debris. Over the last 150 years, alpine glaciers have reduced in size by approximately one third of the surface and half of their mass, and this melting Aletsch mempercepat.Glacier retreated 115 meters (377 feet) in a single year from 2005 to 2006.

9. protests over the meat in a plastic tray in Kansas City.

In one recent PETA protest, a pair of nearly naked woman covered in fake blood was turning heads at the Country Club Plaza in May 2010. The couple volunteers PETA campaigning against the consumption of animal flesh. Both women were wrapped in plastic, lay in what resembled meat trays. Other volunteers held signs that read "Meat is murder" and passed out literature to passersby.

10.Protes Nude The Harlot for the right to look sexy and curvaceous in a public place in Bolivia.

About 50 prostitutes have threatened to march naked in the streets of El Alto in Bolivia after locals closed the bar strip. Not surprisingly, local residents who usually have to pay to get eyeful of plump beauty did not meet their demands. The stripper who doubles as a prostitute in South American countries also said they would refuse to eat until the strip joints and bars which they ply their trade in re-opened. "We've all taken our HIV-AIDS testing and we're going on a hunger strike," said protest leaders at the local AIDS clinic where the street workers have been hiding.

Weeks before the El Alto residents demonstrated outside the bar 32 cities and places of entertainment force them to close, complaining that they are interested in criminals and is a bad influence on children anak.Perkiraan unofficially put the number of prostitutes in El Alto at between 400 and 500.

9 Types of missiles in Create Ever

9 Types of missiles in Create Ever
Guided missile (missile), bullet or missile is a weapon berpandu military rocket that can be controlled or have automatic control system to find the target or adjust the direction. In everyday usage, the term "missile" refers to the rocket with the control system, while the "rocket" is used for the rocket without the control system. The main difference between the differences were too few in addition to the control system.

1. Ballistic Missile

Ballistic missile is a guided missile that uses trajectory ballistic trajectory is determined by the delivery system. These missiles are controlled only during the launch alone. The first ballistic missile V-2 rocket was developed by Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s on the instruction of Walter Dornberger. Ballistic missiles can be launched from a fixed location such as missile silos, launch vehicles, aircraft, ships or submarines. The launch phase can last from tens of seconds to several minutes and may consist of up to three levels of the rocket. Ballistic missile trajectory consists of three stages namely stage of the launch, free-flying phase and phase re-enter Earth's atmosphere.

2. Cruise missile

Cruise missiles are guided missiles that use jet wings and use as a driving force. Essentially a cruise missile flying bomb. Cruise missile designed to carry conventional warheads or nuclear weapons in large quantities and can reach hundreds of miles with a high degree of accuracy.

Modern cruise missiles can reach supersonic speeds or flying over the subsonic, using an automatic control system and flying at low altitude to avoid radar. The first cruise missile that was developed is the Kettering Bug, developed by the United States in 1917 for use in World War I. This missile flew straight for a predetermined time and then its wings will be released for later body missile warheads containing soil menghujam fall. This missile was never used in war since World War I is completed before the missiles can be used. Missiles of this type are known, among others, the U.S. BGM-109 Tomahawk can reach the range of 1,100 km.

3. Anti-ship missile

Anti-ship missile is a missile whose primary function is to destroy surface ships. Most anti-ship missile uses inertial guidance system and radar tracking is

active. Anti-ship missile is one of those short-range missile used in World War II. Germans use it to menenggalamkan many Allied ships before the ally to find ways to overcome them (principally with radio jamming). Anti-ship missiles can be launched from ships, submarines, planes, helicopters and land vehicles. Anti-ship missiles that are famous in the history of German missiles, Fritz X and Henschel Hs 293.

4. Surface-to-air missile

Surface-to-air missile is a guided missile launched from the ground to destroy aircraft. Well-known term for this type of SAM missiles which stands for surface-to-air missiles in the English language that is suface-to-air missile. Surface-to-air missiles can be launched from a fixed location or launch vehicles. SAM smallest developed by the Soviet Union can be carried and launched by a soldier. SAM can also be launched from a ship, an example of this type is Aegis.

5. Air-to-air missiles

Air-to-air missile is a missile mounted on an aircraft with a target to destroy enemy aircraft. Air-to-air missiles among other famous AIM-9 Sidewin
der is made in the United States. Missiles of this type can detect a target using radar tracking, infrared or laser. Air-to-air missiles are generally shaped long, thin cylinder to reduce the effect of friction at high speeds. These missiles are generally driven by one or more solid-fuel rocket or a liquid. MBDA Meteor made in the United Kingdom using ramjet and can reach speeds of Mach 4.

6. Anti-tank missiles

Anti-tank guided missile missile whose primary function is to destroy tanks or other armored vehicles. Anti-tank missiles such as the first-generatio
n AG-3 Sagger is controlled using a joystick. Anti-tank missiles such as the second generation of the BGM-71 TOW and AGM-114 Hellfire using a radio, a marker of a laser or a camera at the end of the missile. Anti-tank missiles such as the third generation of FGM-148 Javelin made in the U.S. and Nag made in India is of the kind of "fire and forget". Nag uses infrared and millimeter wave tracking.

7. Anti-ballistic missile

Anti-ballistic missile is a guided missile with a main functi

on to ambush and destroy ballistic missiles opposite. Anti-ballistic missiles of short distances between the other Israeli-made Arrow and Patriot MIM-104 US-made. Whereas anti-ballistic missile designed to counter the ICBM before there were only two, namely the U.S. Safeguard using LIM-49A Spartan and Sprint as well as A-35 Russian. A-35 later developed into the A-135 that uses the Gorgon and Gazelle. United States then develop midcourse Ground-Based Defense.

8. Anti-satellite missile

Anti-satellite missile is a missile that has a function to destroy the enemy artificial satellites. Missiles of this type include the Anti-satellite weapons (ASAT) which was launched from the aircraft. Missiles of this type is relatively still in the development stage.

9. Torpedo

Berpenggerak own torpedo is a projectile launched from the surface or beneath the surface of the water which is then slid beneath the water surface, designed to explode on contact or a certain distance to the target. Torpedo can be launched from ships, submarines, helicopters, aircraft and sea mines. Some examples of the modern torpedoes, among others, the U.S. MK 48 torpedo tube launched from submarines and using passive or active sonar, and VA-111 that uses a Russian-made Shkval superkavitasi effect can reach a speed of 200 knots or 370 km / hour.

People Who Donate Gold Monas

People Who Donate Gold Monas

It turned out that 38 kg of gold on display at the top of the monument of the National Monument (Monas) Jakarta, 28 kg of which are contributions from Justin Markam, one of the Acehnese merchant who was once the richest people of Indonesia.

People just know that gold is indeed true merchant donations Aceh. But no

t many people know, that Justin Markamlah merchant in question.
That's just a handful of Justin's work for the interests of this country Markam. Other works, he had come to liberate the land Senayan to become Indonesia's largest sports center. Of course a lot of assistance other Markam Teuku noteworthy in advancing Indonesia's economy in the Sukarno era, to put Markam in a legend.

In the New Order era, a fairly monumental work is the development of infrastructure in Aceh and West Java. Jalan Medan-Banda Aceh, Bireuen-Takengon, Meulaboh, Tapaktuan and others are other works of Justin Markam funded by the World Bank. Until now, the streets were still preserved. Justin Markam've had a number of boats, boat docks in Jakarta, Makassar, Medan, Palembang. He also recorded as the first exporter of Japanese automaker Toyota hardtop. Another attempt was to import steel plate, iron rods until the weapons for the military.

Given such a huge role in the business arena and the Indonesian economy, Teuku Markam been touted as a shadow cabinet member Sukarno government. The role of Markam be collapsed along with the reign of the Soeharto government. He was detained for eight years on charges of engaging the PKI. Acquired his wealth for granted by New Order Regime. Ever tried to get up sekeluar from prison, but could not last long. In 1985 he died. Ramanujan living heirs are displaced until there who suffer from mental depression. Until the New Order rule ended, the good name Teuku Markam was never rehabilitated. Her children trying to survive by all means and take advantage of the former business connections Teuku Markam. And now, the heir Justin Markam is struggling to restore the rights of parents.

Who is Markam Justin?
Justin Markam uleebalang derivatives. Born in 1925. His father Teuku Marhaban. Seuneudon and Alue Capli village, North Aceh Panton Labu. Since childhood, Justin Markam had been orphaned. When the age of 9 years, Teuku Marhaban died. While his mother had already died. Justin Markam then cared for her brother Cut Nyak Putroe. Had tasted education through grade 4 SR (elementary school).

Justin Markam then grow into youth and education entered the military service in Koeta Radja (Banda Aceh now) and graduated with the rank of first lieutenant. Justin Markam Indonesia joined the People's Army (TRI) and join the battle in Tembung, North Sumatra, together with General Bejo, Kaharuddin Nasution, Bustanil Arifin and others. During duty in North Sumatra, Teuku Markam active in various fields of battle. In fact he reconcile the clash between troops joined forces with Manaf Simbolon Lubis.
As a liaison soldier, Justin Markam then sent by the Commander General Bejo to Jakarta to meet with government leaders. By the leader, Justin Markam was sent back to Bandung to become adjutant general Gatot Subroto. The task was carried Markam to Gatot Subroto died.

Gatot Subroto was also entrusted Justin Markam to meet with President Sukarno. At that time, Bung Karno did want the existence of indigenous entrepreneurs who truly capable menghendel economic problems Indonesia. In 1957, when Justin Markam rank of captain (NRP 12 276), returned to Aceh and established PT Karkam. He had clashed with Teuku Hamzah (Iskandar Muda Regional Military Commander) because "disiriki" by others. Consequently Teuku Markam arrested and coming out in 1958. Conflicts with Teuku Hamzah successfully conciliated by Sjamaun Eaglewood.

Out of custody, Justin Markam back to Jakarta with a PT Karkam. The company was trusted by the Government of Indonesia to manage war reparations to be funding the revolution. Furthermore Teuku Markam really wrestle with a number of business assets in the form of ships and several ship docks in Palembang, Medan, Jakarta, Makassar, Surabaya. Justin Markam expanding business because he was also engaged in export - import with a number of countries. Among other import cars from Japan's Toyota hardtop, iron concrete, steel plate and was even imported with the approval of the Department of Defense weapons and Security (Dephankam) and the President.

Justin's commitment to support the struggle RI Markam is fully included liberation of West Irian and the eradication of illiteracy, who was encouraged out by Sukarno. Markam said Teuku business results also become a source of state budget and to gather some 28 kg of gold to be placed at the top of the National Monument (Monas). As we know that the monument project is one of Sukarno's dream of improving the dignity of the nation.
The role of Justin Markam successful Summit (Summit) Asia Africa no small thanks to the help of some funds for the purposes of the summit.

Justin Markam Indonesian conglomerate including one known to be close to the Soekarno government and a number of other officials such as Minister of Public Works Ir Sutami, politician Adam Malik, Soepardjo Rustam, Kaharuddin Nasution, Bustanil Arifin, Suhardiman, businessman Probosutedjo and others. In the Sukarno era, the name Justin Markam was extraordinarily popular. To the extent Teuku Markam never be regarded as a shadow cabinet of Sukarno.

History then turn around. The role and contribution in building the economy Teuku Markam Indonesia seemed to be no purpose in the eyes of the New Order government. He was vilified as Communist Party and accused of being corrupt and Soekarnoism.
Allegations that are then delivered to the prison Markam Justin in 1966. He was thrown into a cell without any judicial process. First he put prisoners Budi Utomo, then transferred to Guntur, then moved to the prison Salemba Jln State Printing. Then transferred again to the prisoners Cipinang, and finally transferred to the custody Nirbaya, detainees to politicians in the area of ​​Pondok Gede, East Jakarta. In 1972 he fell ill and had to be treated at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital for approximately two years.

The transition of power from Sukarno to Suharto makes life difficult and Justin Markam concerned. He was only free in 1974. It was, reportedly, thanks to the good offices of a number of loyal friends. Markam Justin just released without any compensation from the New Order government. "It's true, then Justin Markam will not demand their rights. But this time she's oppressed and persecuted," said Justin Syauki Markam, one son Justin Markam.

Suharto's Cabinet as Chairman of the Presidium of the Ampera, on August 14, 1966 to take over the assets in the form of Justin Markam offices, land and others who later managed by PT PP Berdikari Suhardiman established for and on behalf of the government of Indonesia. Suhardiman, Bustanil Arifin, Amran Zamzami (these last two are the leaders of Aceh in Jakarta) including friends Markam. But not much help restore the assets of PT Karkam. Instead they participate in managing the assets under the banner of PT PP Berdikari. Suhardiman was the first to lead the company. In the ranks of directors listed Sukotriwarno, Edhy Tjahaja, and Amran Zamzami. Furthermore, PP Berdikari led Lt. Gen. Ahmad Tirtosudiro, Drs Nurhani Ahman, and SH Bustanil Arifin.

In 1974, Soeharto issued Presidential Decree N0 31 of 1974 whose contents include the assertion status of the property Karkam ex PT / PT Aslam / PT Sinar morning taken over the government of Indonesia in 1966 are "borrowing" the value of Rp 411,314,924.29 as investments state capital in PT PP Berdikari.
Presidential Decree was published exactly in the release of prisoners Justin Markam.

World Bank projects
Sekeluar from prison, in 1974, Justin founded PT Marjaya Markam and working on a project-prorek World Bank for infrastructure development in Aceh and West Java. But none of these gigantic projects undertaken PT Marjaya both in Aceh and West Java, want inaugurated by the Soeharto government. Project PT Marjaya in Aceh include road construction Bireuen - Takengon, West Aceh, South Aceh, Medan-Banda Aceh, PT PIM and others.
Teuku Syauki suspect, very afraid when New Order Regime Justin Markam regain its footing. For this reason, said Teuku Syauki, Markam projects "deemed" wind.

Markam Justin passed away in 1985 from complications of various diseases in Jakarta. To the end, the government never restore their own neighbor

Super furry humans are so phenomenal Crystals

Super furry humans are so phenomenal Crystals

Hairs on the human body have diverse functions. However, with a note, that even if the conditions are not excessive. What will happen if the fur is very dense owned or called hypertrichosis? Here are the people who have the most amazing hair in the world:

1. Stephan Bibrowski (Poland)

Bibrowski born near the Polish city of Warsaw in 1891. He is better known as Lionel

the Lion Man. Her whole body was covered with long white hair that gave him the impression like lions. The mother blames her husband, who persecutes a lion when she was pregnant Bibrowski.

2. Annie Jones (United States)

Annie Jones was born in Virginia in 1860. He was the first American women bearded. Annie had become players also participated in theater and circus performances.
It was not known whether the conditions Annie is a case of hirsutism or genetic condition or not. In 1881 Annie married Richard Elliot and re-divorced 1895. Annie died in 1902 due to tuberculosis.

3. Julia Pastrana (Mexico)

Pastrana is a native of Mexico who was born in 1834 in the Sierra State of
Sinaloa. Ear and nose is unusua

lly large and irregular teeth. From the mouth of the projected redundancy teeth, his face has the appearance like a gorilla.

4. Percilla Bejano

Percilla born 26 April 1911 in the city of Bayamon, just south of the capital city of San Juan Puerto Rico. Percilla since birth has been overgrown with a thick fur, so his parents went to New York City to consult the team doctor. Seven months later returned to
Puerto Rico Percilla without the results of treatment efforts, Percilla died at the age of 89.
Percilla Bejano (image source: mentalfloss.com)

5. Fedor Jeftichew

Jeftichew Fedor was born in 1868 in St, Petersburg, Russia. Fedor is a smart kid and has worked at the age of 16 years. Fedor even able to speak three languages, Ru

ssian, German and English.

Mystery death of the painter Nyi roro south

Mystery death of the painter Nyi roro south

Believe it or not. Painting of the Queen of South ever sacred by the inhabitants of a brothel prostitutes, whether for pelaris or so people hesitate. The painting, now in the works of Wara Anindyah School of Fine Arts in Yogyakarta Indonesia, known to his family in Magelang disappeared when moving house, but the painter did not give a damn.

"The story of my paintings are up on the localization of the charge according to the news from friends. It's the very least, I did not check," said Wara (41). More

than 20 years later Queen of South Wara painting again. However, with his chosen style of painting, in "My Name is Queen of South", the figure of the Queen of South-Mother Mother described as chubby-cheeked and bergincu, umbrella, and seemed to bother with shopping bags. Impression, Queen of South's funny.

"Ah, it's just they-fiction only, like in the movies Indonesia kinds of mystical and horror films, you know. Queen of South disguised as a human being. The roads to the mall, shopping macem-macem. Then home again to his kingdom in the depths of the South Seas, "Wara said about his work on display in the art exhibition" Queen of South and World Myth We "in Hall Soedjatmoko, Solo, 24 to 30 April 2010.

Wara was an original idea. He was against the stereotypes that influenced the culture of patriarchy, since Panembahan Senopati build the kingdom of Mataram (1587), the image of Queen of South have a perfect beauty. Mythical figure who lived in the Java community was generally perceived as negative despite the fact not so.

The fate of the artist

During this time, many stories about the painting Queen of South, as many accompanying condiments, whether it comes from the artist or broker. Whether for the sake of popularity or to jack up the price. It is not possible because, as a source of inspiration, Queen of South comes from the unseen world. Myth, a figure that could make for a plague to be indiscriminate. Often narrated the tragic fate of the artist.

For instance, a painting by Basuki Abdullah Queen of South sacred in a room at the Hotel Port of Ratu, West Java. Several times he was painted with the same subject. Lastly, before maestro naturalist painter was killed at his home in Jakarta, he reportedly came to Parangtritis, Yogyakarta. Painters from Solo, Educate Suardi, also painted Queen of South. However, a week after the painting was finished, Educate died (2001). Suhardjo (1941-1998), also a painter Solo, suffer the same fate. In the sickly state she completed a painting Queen of South, but no long interval he was turning a blind eye.

Fortunately, artists now have no fear syndrome or "damned" to a sacred figure. However, Queen of South continue to inspire visualized. There is a rational approach, there are motivated by a mystical world, some are living them as part of spiritualism.

Amid controversy about the phenomenon of Queen of South, art exhibition "Queen of South and World Myth We" feel special. The exhibition was followed by 18 artists from Solo and Yogyakarta, it shows a number of independent artists vision and interpretation, and could be the expression of their subconscious. The works that expand the horizons of the world of myth (Queen of South), with consequences beyond the boundaries of natural aesthetics.

Lucia Hartini (51), surrealist painter who more than five years of vacuum does not paint, for example, felt "compelled" and enthusiastic to participate. Why, in recent years he claimed to be intimate with that phenomenon. That said, there are several occurrences of "magic" that accompanies the process of his work. The result, Queen of South is the middle figure of a young woman floating thin clad in green clothing, long hair in a vortex and the background blue ocean waves and reef structure created by the soft shading and detail-Hartini distinctive style.

Sensual, horror

That's different from the late Suhardjo, Herri Sudjarwanto, Sumantri, Totok Buchori, Ki Gedhe Solo, also an anonymous collection of paintings Wilono Edy Kusumo, all in a naturalistic style that tends to reinforce the image of the Queen of South over the years. Herri presents a beautiful woman wearing the crown; impressed horror because there are turtles emerge from his feet, flanked by two huge red-eyed snakes.

Different horrors shown Agus Merapi which depicts the head of Queen of South together with the porous coral hills. Her hair curled jasmine flowers, blood red lips. Interestingly, the queen berkalungkan cell phone. "It's symbolic, so many people now who want contact with the Queen of South with a selfless individual," said Agus.

"Nyi Queen of South" in the eyes Sumantri is a beautiful female figures, sensual, long-haired with a swollen chest. "Arc of her eyes and her wanton lust implies the inevitable," said Sumantri. Similar vision seen in the work of Ki Gedhe Solo, "Transcendental". Strangely, the man who works as an alternative healer is to choose Aria Giovanni, a porn star from the U.S., as a model because they represent the image of Queen of South. "I chose after watching thousands of files a beautiful woman," he said.

Conversely, Totok Buchori imaged as Queen of South female faces shaded palace, emerged from behind a window. While the "I'm Coming" by VA Sudiro (71)-which depicts a man and a woman dressed Java overlooking the beach below the violet sky-we capture the impression of surrealism Kejawen.

Queen of South myth turned out to be interpreted freely. Queen of South Yulianti Dyah identified as the mother and source of life. "The Realm of Spirit" was a surprise; style of painting which ekspresionistik featuring female figures in the middle gebyuran blue and white paint. We get a similar free commentary on Teddy D, "Greet Southern Star": a child star in the middle menjumput a scattered "months" in the sky.

The installation work of Ivan Sagito, "Collective Irrationality"; line 11 from the bun hair bronze material, showed a myth in society is the result of irrational thoughts together. The Nasirun offers us the "face" Queen of South over 13 small panels with teak wood frame utilizing porous. An experimental work that was subtle about the controversial subject.

Painting "Sampeyan Dalem Ingkang Sinuwun" is a commentary Djoko yell (73) that the attitude of excessive menghamba alit on the king's subjects had been deliberately constructed through the myths of marriage the king and Queen of South Java. It was none other than a ruse to reinforce the authority and power of the king. Funny thing is, in a somewhat caricature painting, which a king is his own cries.

Women's Own Story of the World's Largest Buttocks/ASS

Women's Own Story of the World's Largest Buttocks

Having a sexy body and tight back are assets add to the beauty of a woman. But what happens when the buttocks three times larger than normal size?

Dionne Washington's buttocks with a special classified outside of normal size. He has a 160 cm wide buttocks, and an area of ​​450 cm with a weight of 140 kg. In fact it takes four men lifted her buttocks when weighed.

Had felt isolated as a child due to overly large butt, butt now is Dionne considers its greatest asset. "My biggest ass in the world. I used to hate it, but now my favorite body part," he said, quoted mirror.co.uk.

Women 35 years weighing 222 kg and height 162.5 cm. In other words, forms of body 4 times larger than the form of an average woman's body.

Large body puts himself at risk for cholesterol, diabetes, and heart. "I do not care. I love my body and would not change anything," he added. He even plans to enlarge the size of her ass.

To enlarge the buttocks, he even ate 9000 calories per day - three times more than the ideal woman's calorie intake. "The more I eat the greater the beauty that I can," he said.

First, women who grew up in Texas, United States, is inferior to the body. As a kid, his body thin but began to swell as she entered puberty. "Suddenly, my jeans size increased from 12 to 18, then 20 to 22, while the upper part of my body size of 14. My school friends are very cruel and calling me by name Big Bertha Bum, Butt Head and Bottom Feeder," he said.

He also confessed shy and always sat in the back seat while in school. "And I always wait for everyone to butt out of class because I always get stuck in the chair," he added.

PE was a nightmare. "In fact I asked my mother to write a letter that I was suffering from cramps and sore knees," he said.

He also had to leave school feeling depressed and less confident, "I hate my body." Mistrust him also provide motivation for dieting. But unfortunately, all sorts of ways had been tried to no avail. "My mother says this may be related to genetic factors because some of my cousins ​​also have a big butt," he said.

Finally, he is often hiding in big dresses to cover it. For him, the days of college is one of the nightmare of his life. He felt there was no man ever loved.

Once there are men who ask her out, it was done because the man bet with her classmates. "It made me devastated and increasingly losing confidence." he said.

Nothing he could do to minimize the buttocks. Doctors said the diet would not work on the body, liposuction can be done but needed repeated surgery to repair the skin and eat a very large cost.

Big butt makes him more trouble getting a decent job. He also felt more devastated.

In 2008 became the turning point. Boyfriend are both aware that big is beautiful. "He said I had a beautiful big woman," he said.

From her boyfriend, she knows there is a large group of women who are proud of her body shape and gathered at a forum on the internet. From there he met a woman who is even more plump and proud to show off her fat body-fat in her lingerie.

He also dared to post the butt picture on the site. Not unexpectedly, he attracted the interest of many people to buy the butt picture.

"I also sell my buttocks photos and videos online. I offered a special membership to £ 20 (Rp275 thousand) per month by sending 30 images. For additional videos and they had me wear an additional cost for chatting," he said.

Dionne was building his empire, and managed to get 15,000 fans. With revenues of more than Rp 1 billion per year, he was able to buy the apartment, car, vacation, hire a designer because of her ass.

He was more proud of her body shape, although finding some difficulty in using public facilities like public toilets, dressing room, bus, the seats in the foodcourt.

In fact, he received many applications from the fans, but all declined. "I enjoy dating site, and hoping to find a man who likes me for my brains," he said.

For now, he pleaded not going to change the shape of her body. "I get thousands of fans because of it. I never asked for this. If people ask, I will answer the bigger the better," he said.


This man had a dream of a woman's breasts squeezed 1000 (full video)

This man had a dream of a woman's breasts squeezed 1000 (full video)

download the video here

Do you have a dream? Business whether you are doing to achieve that dream. A man tries to reach his dream of Russian nationals to grasp 1000 women's breasts, and what he hoped was finally reached and record it in a video. It was crazy, but what the proverb says is true "attain your ambition as high as possible"

The girl who touched her breasts respond to this action with a variety of reactions, some slapping, ducking and pushing but some are back with a hug and kiss. Fortunate indeed is the fate of this man ...

5 highest paid porn star

This is a new millionaire is born from the world of porn. It is said that Jenna Jameson has accumulated a fortune of more than $ 30 million of his performance so far and also the porn company that has dirikannya with her ex-husband
2. Terra Patrick

This name may already be familiar to lovers porn movie downloads. From his appearance during this time he also has managed to reap $ 30 million. That he may also from porn company Teravision which has always been faithful to bring the latest and updated blue film
3. Maria Takagi

We will be stunned as Maria Takagi is the star that paid sex is more expensive than Miyabi. It is said that this girl is paid $ 86,000 or the equivalent of 800 million for every appearance in a porn movie. That's not including the value of the contract that he got $ 2.6 million worth of porn film company in Japan called Max
4. Houston

This porn star famous for its appearance nonstopnya with 620 men and dubbed Sluttiest woman in the world because at that time he fed 2.48 liters of sperm from 620 men who menggilirnya interchangeably. It is said to dance striptease he paid $ 20,000 or approximately 180 million dollars. And until now he has accumulated a fortune of more than $ 10 million from his career as a porn star
5. Hillary Scott

You must set the value of the contract $ 250,000 per year if you want to recruit a pretty nasty star is because the company that called Sexz Pictures has given it a contract value of $ 1 million for a period of 4 years.

5 highest paid porn star
Porn star had never gone to talk about. Always present a new face that graced the world of video sex. Whose name artists (although artists nasty), but still there are some people from among those bearing the title of highest paid porn star. To that end, the following five highest paid porn star from each of their action on the screen perbokepan world. From the blue movie star photos are presented below, some names may already be familiar to lovers download video sex in Indonesia, but there are also some who would make us not think the artist predicate highest paid this nasty. Ok, here are some photos and captions from among those who have successfully collected
1. Jenna Jameson