5 Countries With the Highest Alcohol Consumption

5 Countries With the Highest Alcohol Consumption
Culture fluid drink alcohol it has Become commonplace in some parts of the country in the world, this is Caused by the habits of patriarchal culture and geographical conditions That growing niche to extremes, ESPECIALLY in countries undergoing changes as much as four musih year. Here are five countries with the highest alcohol consumption:

1. Republic of Moldova

Alcohol consumption per capita: 18:22 liters
Logged consumption: 8:22 liters
Unrecorded consumption: 10.00 liters

Republic of Moldova is a country located the between Romania and Ukraine, in Eastern Europe. Moldova does not have access to the beach and laut.Negara is a parliamentary democracy, with a president as head of state and prime minister as head of government. Moldova is a member of the UN, WTO, OSCE, GUAM, CIS, BSEC and other international organizations. Moldova is now Trying to join the European Union.

2. Republic Koruna

Republic Koruna (Source: images.nationalgeographic.com)

Alcohol consumption per capita: 16:45 liters

Logged consumption: 14.97 liters

Unrecorded consumption: 1.48 liters

Czech Republic is a country in Central European countries formed after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. The country is bordered by Germany to the west and north, with Poland in the north, with Slovakia in the Southeast and by Austria to the south. In this country where former residence located Sudetenland German tribes, but after World War II, most of Them were the resource persons deported even though there are still many Czechs WHO bears the name of Germany. At That time the nation's approximately 3.5 million Germans were the resource persons of Expelled. In the Sudeten lands there are many industries, ESPECIALLY crystalline and craft beer industry.

3. Hungary
City of Esztergom, Hungary (Source: tellthetruthtravel.com)

Alcohol consumption per capita: 16:27 liters

Logged consumption: 12:27 liters

Unrecorded consumption: 4.00 liters

Republic of Hungary is a country in central Europe. Bordered by Austria to the west, Slovakia to the north, Ukraine to the east, Romania and Croatia in the Southeast and south Serbia. In the local language, the country is known as the Magyar Magyarország meaning. Hungary Visegrad together to form a collection of Poland, the Slovak Republic and the Koruna.

4. Russia
Hermitage St Petersburg Russia (Source: puretravel.com)

Alcohol consumption per capita: 15.76 liters

Logged consumption: 11:03 liters

Unrecorded consumption: 4.73 liters

Russian Federation is a country the vast That stretches to the east of Europe and northern Asia. With an area of ​​17,075,400 km ², Russia is the largest country in the world. Its area roughly twice the People's Republic of China (China; PRC), Canada or the United States. The population is ranked seventh in the world after China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, and Pakistan. The country Had once been the largest state of the Soviet Union. Russia is the Soviet Union experts warisutama; country inherited 50% of the total population, 2 / 3 area, and approximately 50% of economic assets and weapons.

5. Ukraine

7 Sisters Hotel, Ukraine (Source: swariadma.student.umm.ac.id)

Alcohol consumption per capita: 15.60 liters

Logged consumption: 8:10 liters

Unrecorded consumption: 7:50 liters

Ukraine is a former Soviet state located in Eastern Europe. In Slavic languages, Ukrainian means "border area". Ukraine borders Russia to the northeast; Belarus to the north; Poland, Slovakia and Hungary in the west; Romania and Moldova in the southwest; and the Black Sea and Sea of ​​Azov in the south. Capital city and also the largest city in Ukraine is Kiev (Kyiv).

Mystery ghost forest in Japan

Mystery ghost forest in Japan

At the foot of Mount Fuji, Japan there is a forest area of ​​32 square kilometers. The forest was named Aokigahara. I was so thick, the forest was nicknamed "sea of ​​trees". Aokigahara Forest has beautiful rocks and caves of ice that some of them become popular tourist destinations. But that's not the most attractive of the forest. But, the fact that Aokigahara Forest is a popular spot for suicide.

Popularity Aokigahara Forest became the suicide of a novel reinforced top Koroi Jukai karyaSeicho Matsumoto. Terbut 1960 novel that tells of two people in love commit menakhiri lives for love in the forest. However, history as a place Aokigahara suicide long before the novel was outstanding. Aura's death has long been wafted from the forest. Ritualubasute, solitude until death, carried out in the woods since the 19th century.

Aokigahara even touted a historical link with the demons or ghosts in Japanese mythology. Since 1950, more than 500 people end their lives in this forest, or on average 30 people each year.

In 2002, 78 bodies were found hanging himself and rot in the woods. It beat the previous record amount, namely 73 corpses in 1998. In 2003, the number of suicides rose to 100. In that year Japanese government decided to seal information on the number of people commit suicide, to reduce Aokigahara popularity as a location for suicide.

The scattered bones of people who committed suicide in the forest Aokigahara The high rates of suicide triggered the government put a ban appeal board suicide. Since 1970, formed a team consisting of police, volunteers, and journalists on duty along the forest to look for bodies. However, team work is less severe than the forest workers. They are in charge of carrying the corpse from the jungle to the jungle outpost.

The body already rotting corpse that is sometimes placed in special rooms for the victims of suicide. The workers then conduct the lottery, the loser who will be assigned a specific task that is sleeping in the room with the corpse. Because if the body was left alone, it is believed would be bad. It remains curious spirits called yurei would scream all night. Not only that, the bodies that will move by itself.

Every effort is made to stop the suicides in Aokigahara Forest. One of them put up CCTV and track the people who will go to the haunted forest. "Especially in March, the end of the fiscal year. More people come to Aokigahara due to poor economic conditions ". Yamanashi prefecture government official said, Imasa Watanabe.

Aokigahara Forest popularity after the release of the film back sticking Jyukai, Ocean trees behind Mount Fuji, by director Takimoto Tomoyuki. The film tells the story of four people who decided to end his life in Aokigahara. Takimoto director boasted find money of U.S. $ 3,760 in a wallet allegedly belonging to people who committed suicide.

Takimoto statement sparked rumors that Aokigahara is "paradise" for the scavengers who pick up the treasure left behind the victim's suicide. Moreover, some people claim to find a credit card, train ticket subscription, and driver's license to the dead.

In March 2009, CNN reported Aokigahara Forest. In the news, Aokigahara referred to as the destination for people who are depressed and do not bear the reality of life.

The death rate from suicide in the country of sunrise is indeed remarkable, especially when economic conditions decline. There were 2645 suicides recorded in January 2009, up 15 percent from 2305 to January 2008. Most are working class.

Quite often when people entered this forest and the atmosphere tense immediately enveloped in fog slimut the piercing. Many of the visitors, workers, and volunteers search the corpse to see things - weird things like a black shadow figure or feeling salalu being watched and followed while in the woods.

25 Cases of Mad And Funny in the World

25 Cases of Mad And Funny in the World

1. A woman from tenesse who upset after catching her husband fell asleep with a cigarette in his hand still on his mattress so that the puncture, who left a cigarette still burning in the same place only for her husband what ADVISED OF THE CONSEQUENCES IF asleep in bed with D STILL LIT CIGARETTE ... his home in sum ... burn out ...

2. Remo Jalosjos, a congressman in the Philippines was sentenced to 173 years in prison on charges of repeatedly raping a child 11 years old. What kind of life in prison? He had several own room, complete with tv, kitchen, private kamarmandi complete with water heater etc.. He not only sells food to rekan2 a prison in his stall is also a tennis court rented new-built it. When criticized about how he was getting preferential treatment, he insisted that it was wrong that the government could not provide the same treatment to other inmates.

3. St. Clair County, Illinois, has spent $ 330 million dollars to build an airport who turned out for a year did not stop off at one plane-were both airlines and private, operate 12 hours per day with 27 workers + full team firefighters and maintenances, funny thing is the cost of renovation of $ 2.5 million still approve even though until now there has been no single airline is willing to use the airport.

4. Paul Stiller, 47, and his wife were both treated in Andover Township, New Jersey, in September last, who both suffered injuries severe enough dynamite as a result of quarter who stick exploded in his car. When on the road, a couple who in trouncing boredom iseng2 burn dynamite and threw it out the window of his car to remove saturated. Unfortunately they are NOT FORGET OPEN window.

5. A Turkish truck driver, Nazim Canturkas, lit a match to heat the gas tank is frozen. Based on the statement in a mocking tone of a fireman on duty at the time, Nazim using way too dangerous ...

6. Oklahoma City, Dennis Newton (47), currently undergoing trial on charges of armed robbery of a store, the actual time he was on the wind, till when the store manager testified that Newton was indeed the perpetrator of the robbery, Newton was furious and immediately went to the manager and shouted "I should just shoot your head !!!", then immediately fell silent all who attend. "Ee ... meaning if it was I who robbed the time ...", Newton was correct that his words ... but gara2 jury and the judge became convinced that he is innocent ... the result of 30 years in prison for Newton ...

7. In Baltimore, Maryland, a woman lost to Syracuse, New York after a long drive a car. Ashamed to confess lost, and did not know the way home, when he saw a policeman, he confessed that he had been abducted by an armed man a fire in Baltimore, because of this recognition, there was a pursuit operation involving 5 yg unity of several states. Until it was found that the real cause, the woman was detained and only allowed to go home when her husband who picked her husband and ONLY MAY ALSO D drove.

8. Detroit: R.C. Gaitlan, 21, approached two officers who were demonstrating squad car computer felon-location equipment to children in Detroit neighborhood. When he asked how to work the machine, the officer asked for his ID, Gaitlan then gives her license, the officer then enter the ID number Gaitlan who then immediately arrested and the paralyzing moment, why? because the computer turns on the officer's name appears as the DPO Gaitlan (wanted) an armed robbery suspect two years ago ...

9. In Ohio, an identity is not clear who was ahead of the 30s went to the police station with all 9 inches of wire sticking out of his forehead. With his quiet, laki2 asked officers to try to rontgent her to discover who he thought his brain had been stolen, terkaget2 officers, especially when he learned that laki2 has been drilled as deep as 6 inches of his head through his skull with a power drill and insert the wire imaginable on his forehead was only to find that he lost his brain!!

10. February, according to a report pollicis in Windsor, ONT., Daniel Kolta, 27, and Randy Taylor, 33, died from his head after the second pit penalty equal courage of his snowmobile crashed ...

11. In Phnom Penh restaurant, three Cambodians died after playing "footsies" (jepit2an feet) under the dining table with an anti-tank mines failed to explode reply that they may find. All visitors ran out when the restaurant knows what they are doing ...

12. In 1999, a small town in Kingsville, Texas, when a commotion in the middle of the night "Mungkin-Mungkin" assault on his city's 800-soldier with camouflage uniforms and 8 helicopters. tembak2an happen, bomb2 detonated, a factory and the former police station falling apart, none of 911 officers who can explain the incidence of proficiency level, until finally a military official apologized for forgetting to tell you about the plan of urban gorilla warfare exercises. and apologized for the destruction of two buildings who were destroyed as a result of misdirected ...

13. Modesto, CA, Steven Richard King was arrested for his efforts to rob a Bank of America branch without a weapon, he uses his fingers behind his clothes recondite to outwit a bank clerk, until finally the plan failed after he accidentally took his hands from his jacket ...

14. Sylvester Briddell, Jr.., 26, was killed last February in Selbyville, Delaware, after winning a bet with teman2nya. Material stakes ... .. Dare Briddell pulled the trigger revolver containing four bullets who pointed to his mouth ...
15. A robber in Topeka, Kansas Kwik Shop mndatangi, and demanded all the money you have in the cash register, which it turns out it was too little for him, feeling less, he also binds shopkeepers and disguised as a cashier for about 3 hours with the intent who knows the number of rampokannya can grow ... alih2 increases, the fact that even police officers who happened to stop by and then find out his disguise immediately arrested on the spot.

16. AT & T fired President John Walter after nine months in office by reason of lack of "intellectual leadership". John Walter receives severance pay of $ 26 million over the dismissal.

17. Los Angeles Police fortunate moment, when the robbery suspects were lined up for identification of the suspect's face ... one can not control his mouth ... when the detective questioned the suspects one by one, and then mimicked kata2 dicari2 robber who was that ... "Give me all your money, or I'll shoot ! "Mungkin-Mungkin ... .. aka suddenly one of the suspects are screaming with ngototnya ... "Hey, I'm not so ngomongnya!" ...

18. A laki2 of Illinois, berpura2 have a gun, kidnapped a motorist and forced him to go to two different ATM machines to withdraw money from his account alone !!!!!

19. A 19-year-old child laki2 of Sheffield Lake, Ohio, stole her credit card to pay his girlfriend a boob job ... unfortunately, his girlfriend decided directly after the operation and now traveled laki2 children 18 months of incarceration ...

20. Christopher Jansen, a defendant's possession of a weapon who demanded the police who frisked him back because there was no evidence, going through the trial last March in Pontiac, Michigan. He insisted that officers had frisked without a warrant. The prosecutor also insisted, officers do not need a letter to search, because Jansen seen carrying a suspicious object inside his jacket, "it could be a gun or anything" he said. "Nonsense" said Jansen, who happens to wear the same jacket, and then he showed it to the judge, fool, when he gave his jacket to the judge, he did not check in advance the contents of the bag. When the judge examined his jacket ... ... ... ... terpingkal2 he laughs. know why? because it appeared in the Jansen's jacket pocket he found a package of cocaine!

21. Guthrie, Oklahoma, last October, Jason Heck intends to kill a millipede with his .22-caliber rifle, missed, the bullet on the rocks and mentally so that the head of his friend, Antonio Martinez, who then suffered a fracture in his skull ...

22. Police in Oakland, Calif., spent two hours trying to make an armed man who took refuge in his house to surrender. After 10 times fired tear gas, officials realized that there were armed men beside them as he went along with screaming for people who in the house to come out and surrender ...

23. Two Michigan robbers entered a record store in Detroit, with a nervous one robber shouting "Do not anyone move!" While pointing a gun ... but either because it is nervous or unintentionally, when his partner is moving toward the cash register, direct Just BANG! tumbanglah the partner ... and ...

24. Medford, Oregon, an unemployed 27-year-old who had just killed three people, accused the college where he earned an MBA as a cause ... he said "this is too many college graduates printing business ... if I choose other majors would definitely not like this ..."

25. Again lunkhead robbers ... in San Francisco, (again in sono rame nih ... still a fairly recent occurrence) Patrick Johnson, intending to rob a bank branch Welfare. Johnson gave a piece of check reads "This robbery, put your money into my bag", on a teller at the bank they will be, but the teller said, "sorry sir, we can not cash a check the father, because it checks the Bank of America, if you want to father replace with a check or father's Welfare Bank to Bank of America branch office, sir ... ', Johnson replied ... "oooo ... so ... yes I was there alone ..." not long before he was arrested while waiting in line at a branch office of Bank of America who not far from there, after then the teller had to call the police so buru2 Johnson walked away ... (worse, it turns out check sheets in use did was his personal ...)
Mummy Photo mermaid

Mermaid-shaped mummy was found in Shikoku, Japan. Several temples in Japan keep it as one of the gods to be worshiped.

This mummy known as the Fiji Mermaid. Body length reaches up to 6 feet. But there is also a small body shape.

The story of when God created woman

The story of when God created woman

When God created woman, an angel came and asked,
"Why so long to create a woman, God?"
The Lord replied,
"Have you seen any details that I created for a woman?" Look at the two arms capable of keeping many children at the same time, a hug that can heal the pain and adversity, and all that with only two hands ".

The angel answered and amazement,
"Only two hands? no way!
The Lord replied,
"Do not you know, he was also able to heal itself and can work 18 hours a day".

The angel approached and observed the woman and asked,
"God, why she looked so tired and fragile as if too much weight for him?"
The Lord replied,
"That's not what you imagine, it is a tear."
"For what?", Asked the angel.

The Lord continued,
"Tears are one way of expressing her joy, turmoil, love, loneliness, sorrow, and pride, and this woman has the power of enchanting men, these are just some of the capabilities of women. He can handle more load than men, he was able to keep happiness and their own opinion, he was able to smile when her heart cried out, able to sing while crying, crying when touched, even laughed when frightened. He sacrifices for his beloved, he was able to stand against injustice, he wept when he saw his son is a winner, he is excited and cheered when his friends laughed happily, he was so happy to hear the sound of birth. He was so sad to hear news of illness and death, but he was able to overcome them. He knows that a kiss and a hug can heal wounds. "

"His love unconditionally. There is only one less than women, he often forget how valuable he is .. "

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This story Origins Legend of Santa Claus.

This story Origins Legend of Santa Claus. The legend of Santa Claus appeared on thousands of years ago. God of war in Northern European legend, during the winter, riding the eight-legged horse who ran quickly to the end of the sky over the sea, punishing evil and praising the good, share the prize. At the same time, the son of God of Thunder is a red dress with lightning as a weapon to fight with all the snow gods in the darkness of night, which ended with the victory.

There is also a legend that says that Santa Claus comes from St.. Nicholas, Sinterklaas therefore also called St. Nicholas, because these stories largely rekindle the spirit of Christianity, the place of origin, the plot mostly been forgotten, but instead of Santa Claus in the eternal spiritual world of many people. Every year at Christmas, Santa Claus riding on top of the constellation Aries, the boy holding the sacred evergreen tree (Christmas tree) down to the human world, but along with changes in human life, writers and artists began to depict the form of Santa Claus Santa Claus dressed in red and white beard that we know today.

Simultaneously there is also a different explanation of the different countries and cultures. The origins of Santa Claus in Germany based on the story of god Woden (from here also the term 'Wodenesday' or day of Woden, which we call Wednesday (Wednesday). Woden important for the residents in the place we now know as Germany and the the ancient Teutons, in addition to English people. Woden, which is a figure in history, is described in mythology as riding a white horse through the air, by dressing robes flowing. He has a long white beard and large hat kerana He is also believed to have wisdom, and he carried a book in his hands.

Sinterklaas is makeup to be a holy man who put the hard-skinned fruit and apple in the children's shoes. He was driving a hansom cab around in all directions, observing the attitudes and behaviors of people, especially children, if demonstrated good behavior, will get a gift of apples, hard-skinned fruit, candy and a large number of other prizes. While the bad behavior of children who will only get the whip. This is what inspires parents to use a legend such as the driving spirit of the children.

In Italy, the figure of Santa Claus emerged from the story about a witch named Befana. He received his assignment from the angels to give gifts to the Lord Jesus when Jesus was born, like the Magi, but he arrived late due to their negligence. Therefore Befana punished every year before the birth of Jesus, he must give a gift as much as possible to the little children who can not afford. This belief is shared by many people, so the religious leaders in Italy took the decision to trust is transferred to Santa Claus. This was the beginning of the belief that Santa Claus was always giving gifts to children.

A glimpse of the history of shaolin kung fu

A glimpse of the history of shaolin kung fu

Starting from P'u-t'i Tamo (Bodhi Dharma), an Indian nation's Buddhist monks who came to China around the year 505-556 AD. P'u-t'i Tamo settled in the temple Siauw Liem, develop Ch'an Buddhism (Zen).

One day he looked surprised because most of the monks seen nodding off while attending religious instruction. Since then the monks Siauw Liem Gymnastics moves are required to practice 18 Penyehat body brought from India. Gymnastics is intended to nourish the body of the monks, because they have to sit for hours listening to religious instruction. Gymnastics is turned at a later date to give a special color in the martial arts Siauw Sie Liem.

With the passage of time, especially after the death of P'u-t'i Tamo, eighteenth penyehat gymnastics moves the body almost gone, neglected by the monks. Fortunately, a young Kung Fu expert bare hands and a sword version of the Chinese mainland into a monk at the temple Siauw Liem. He, who would later nicknamed Ciok Shang Yen Ren, diligently and earnestly began to fix the 18 moves and mix it with his knowledge of Kung Fu. Created a new science, 72 moves, called the Shaolin Kung Fu, because it is created at the temple Siauw Liem.

To search for Kung Fu expert swordsman who could perfect his knowledge, he wanders. When in town Lancow, he saw an old man confronted by a burly criminals. Surprisingly, when the criminals were launching an attack, simply by tapping your fingers that seem to be done with lightweight makes it a criminal fainted. He introduced himself and honestly tell the purpose of his odyssey. Apparently the old man is a warrior Kim Na Jiu (Jujitsu Kung Fu version). The old man just mention the name of his clan, Lie.

With the mediation of the old man, he can become acquainted with the swordsman Pai Fung Ie, swordsman without equal of Shansi province, Henan and Hopei. Ciok sincerity Shang Yen Ren can knock these two warriors heart, so they want to stay at the temple Siauw Liem to construct a new science based on 18th-stance Gymnastics Penyehat Body Cou Su Tatmo heritage, plus the 72 moves of Kung Fu Shang Yen Ren Ciok , and coupled with the two warriors science itself. Thus, eventually creating 182 Shaolin Kung Fu moves that can be divided into five kinds of game Kung Fu: Dragon Kick, tiger stance, Leopard Kick, Kick-Jutsu Snake and Crane.

10 Types of viruses that are harmful to humans

10 Types of viruses that are harmful to humans

Here are a few viruses that are very harmful to humans. Let us not be infected or have this virus in our bodies.

Small chance for us all to survive. The following list serve targeted viruses:
At the height of the polio epidemic in the 1950's, there were more than 13,000 cases involving paralysis and 1,000 deaths each year from disease, many of them children around the world.

2.Kaki Elephant
Spread by mosquito bites, parasitic worm that causes elephantiasis nest in the lymph system, which controls the immune response and fluid retention to be swelling. The most common swelling in the legs, but can also occur in the arms, breasts or genitals, causing them to swell and deform to large size.

BT is the work of public land bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Bacteria can be transmitted through food contaminated with bacteria or spores, or through open wounds. In one or two days, neurological symptoms appear, including slurred speech, blurred vision and difficulty breathing. Muscles move weaker, reflex stop working, could be paralyzed limbs. Finally, the diaphragm and other respiratory muscles stop working, causing death. Antitoxin and antibiotics can stop the progression of the disease.

4.Kusta and Leprosy
The disease, also known as Hansen's disease, caused by Mycobacterium leprae, a bacterium that infects the peripheral nerves. Without the function of nerves to feel pain and temperature, the patient can often inadvertently injure themselves and opportunistic infections can take hold, sometimes causing loss of fingers or toes. For centuries, the disease is believed to be a curse. Stories abound about the terrifying symptoms such as skin turns into dead flesh and limbs are suddenly separated.

5.Virus Mad Cow
Mad cow disease, also known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Known as variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a disease transmitted through contaminated meat and cause some horrible degenerative neurological symptoms, including dementia, loss of nervous system and muscle control, and ultimately, death.

6.Naegleria (bacteria eaters Amoeba Brain Network)
This little amoeba that attacks the brain tissue in the body marked with seizures began, followed by a comma. Living in the warm waters of the United States enters the body through the nostrils.

7.Bakteri Antibiotics
Is the mutation of bacteria antibiotics that attack the body's immune system.

Foaming at the mouth, difficulty swallowing, an insane fear of water, anger, delusions and hallucinations are directly from the impact of this virus. Spread through the saliva of animals (usually through dog bites). If the rabies virus attacks the nervous system is highly lethal when it has reached the brain

9.Ebola, hanta & Dengue Fever
These three viruses invade the body through a virus that spreads along the victim's blood. The virus is spread through animal feces and free air.

This one virus attacks the immune and until now no cure. Like waiting for death if you've contracted the virus.


Know the Methods And Programs To Make Money Through Website Or Blog (2)

Know the Methods And Programs To Make Money Through Website Or Blog (2)

As I mentioned in previous writings, writings about the method of making money through the website or this blog, may consist of several writings which continued considering the length of writing and methods or programs that are ...:)

Here is the connection from the writings of Understanding Methods And Programs To Make Money Through Website Or Blog (1)

Banner Advertising

This method is by selling advertising space on your own website or blog, and perhaps more profitable of the two methods above because it does not have to share commission on the part of intermediaries, besides your own that can determine the price of the ad.

Usually, banner ad format is the most popular leaderboard (728 × 90 pixels), Skyscraper (120 × 600 pixels), rectangle (300 × 250 pixels) and button (125 × 125 pixels).

But to do this, you must have a website that has a large number of visitors so getting kualivikasi as an adviser. Another difficulty is that it needs a special time to sell ad space, set the banner as well as payment systems.
Text Link Ads

Despite the popularity of text link ads have decreased, but there also are using text links to make money from their websites.

Programmes ads text link ads, among others:

Digital Point Forums Link Sales (http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=58)
Text-Link-Ads (http://www.text-link-ads.com)
Text Link Brokers (http://www.textlinkbroker.com)
TNX (http://www.tnx.net/)
LinkWorth (http://www.linkworth.com)

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing program is very popular with this system where you have a trade in which others can sell langung or indirectly, products or services offered and in return you'll get a commission.

Type of advertising model is often referred to as Cost Per Action (CPAs) or Cost Per Lead (CPL) and usually you can direct potential customers to products that are sold in several ways starting with banners, text links or product reviews.

Here are some lists of existing affiliate programs:

Commission junction (http://www/cj.com)
ClickBank (http://www.clickbank.com/index.html)
Azoogle Ads (http://www.azoogleads.com/corp/index.php)
Link Share (http://www.linkshare.com/index.shtml)


Method of use widgets on the blog to make money is currently being developed and become a trend.

Programs such as these are currently the most popular are:

WidgetBucks (http://www.widgetbucks.com/)
Smartlink (http://www.adaptive-blue.com/smartlink.html)

The system works like a combination of these services and PPC schemes Text Link Ads, but both work as web widgets, where it is to allow users to plug and play service on the website.
Sponsored Reviews

Joining this program will give you the chance to write posts on any topic and get sponsors (money).

For those of you who have a blog with a lot of visitors, can use a program or method to earn money.

Some network programs like this are:

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To be continued ....

Know the Methods And Programs To Make Money Through Website Or Blog (1)

Know the Methods And Programs To Make Money Through Website Or Blog (1)

Internet MarketingMenghasilkan money through the internet is not a new activity, many current Internet users utilize the community or a website or blog to earn money, even among many of the successful use of websites or blogs as a primary source of income.

Well ... that might need to know for beginners or often called a newbie, actually a method and what programs can be done to get money through a website or blog?

Writing about the method of making money through the website or this blog, may consist of several writings which continued writing and given the length of the methods or programs that are ...:)

And should also be mentioned that this paper is not the promotion of various methods or programs that may eventually make money for me through this blog ... writing is purely just a basic guide to get to know and understand the various methods and programs to make money through the internet and the question is not explains how to use these methods or ways of detail to use the methods and the program ... perhaps to better understand the details of the methods and programs that exist, can be learned himself from some of the links existing programs:)

Here is a list of methods and programs that are most often used by the community or the Internet users to make money from your website or blog and is also accompanied by examples and links of each method.
PPC Advertising Networks.

The most popular choice for this category is PPC Advertising Networks Google Adsense.

The principle to follow such a program must register first, then put the pieces of code into your website / blog. This program serves contextual ads (either text or image) that has to do with the content of the blog and you will get a certain amount of money for each ad clicked by visitors to your blog.

Big advantage of PPC advertising depends on the level of general website traffic, but most important is the click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC). CTR depends on the design of the website and to get a high CTR, simply determine the placement of advertising, usually people tend to put in a position which together with the content.

On the other hand the CPC depends on niche websites (theme). Financial products and education is one example of a fairly lucrative niche, while the technology-related topics tend to have smaller CPC.

To program or method is usually, visitors coming from search engines (organic traffic) is more profitable than visitors who come from social media, because they have come to visit because of looking for something that has a tendency to often click on ads than coming from social media.

Some examples and links CPC advertising networks are quite popular are:

Google Adsense (http://www.google.com/adsense)
Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) - (http://publisher.yahoo.com)
BidVertiser (http://www.bidvertiser.com/)
Chikita (http://chikita.com)
Clicksor (http://www.clicksor.com/)

CPM Advertising Networks.

This model is also almost the same as PPC networks, the only difference being paid based on the value of the number of impressions (eg page views) that display ads on your site.

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CPM rates vary for each network, and the position of ad formats. The better the network, the higher the CPM rate (because it has access kelebih many lawyer-advertising) and the closer you put the ads on top of it will be the higher the CPM, as well as the large size of ad formats (in pixels), the greater the CPM will be higher. Generally, the results can be obtained is $ .0,10 or $ .10 per 1,000 impressions (can be even more:)).

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Advertising.com (http://www.advertising.com/index.php)
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Right Media (http://www.rightmedia.com/)


NASA Discover The Powerful Evidence of Water on Mars

NASA Discover The Powerful Evidence of Water on Mars

NASA Discover The Powerful Evidence of Water on Mars

Some of the findings of NASA's new spacecraft showed Mars could support human life in the future.

NASA orbiter images transmitted 'Reconnaissance' show evidence of water on Mars in the summer.

U.S. spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, shows there is a possibility that one day the planet can support human life. Orbiter has found the strongest evidence that on Mars there is water flowing in the summer.

Charles Bolden, head of the National American Space Agency or NASA, said NASA's Mars Exploration Program continues to make scientists more closely to determine whether Mars can support most life.

According to him, the program has shown that Mars is an important goal for future human exploration.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter reviewing many of the slopes along the southern hemisphere of Mars. Dark line on the side of the mountain looked like fingers. These signs appear and disappear as the change of seasons.

Signs appear when the temperature of the planet Mars rises. They look bigger as it moves into the mountainside. When the temperature is cold, dark lines disappeared. However, reappeared on the planet Mars in the next spring, or summer.

Alfred McEwen, principal investigator in Experiment Shooting in high resolution Mars Orbiter Planet who is also Professor of Geology at the University of Arizona in Tucson, said the flow of salty water that is the best explanation of observations of Mars orbiter. Other spacecraft and various Martian meteorites have shown that the surface of Mars salty.

According to McEwen, water on Mars may differ from those found on Earth. He called water on Mars is more like a viscous liquid. Magazine "Science" published a report on the findings of the orbiter.

McEwen and his team believe that the water probably flowed on ancient Mars. However, if water in the Red planet exists as a liquid is still debatable. The results of oxidation of iron in the planet makes the planet Mars is reddish.

Philip Christensen, a geologist at Arizona State University, confirmed scientists have known for years that there is ice on Mars.

"We know Mars had a lot of ice. However, this is not the first time we have seen the potential for liquid water. That may be salt water. But it was liquid. And I think that's the real key here. Not that Mars does not have much ice, but liquid water - a definite for an organism-are very different from the ice, "said Philip Christensen.

Geologist Lisa Pratt of Indiana University welcomed the results of the study. According to him, the findings will help scientists plan a trip in the future to look for signs of life on Mars today.

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NASA Discover the 'Snowman' on the Asteroid

NASA Discover the 'Snowman' on the Asteroid

NASA Discover the 'Snowman' on the Asteroid
Pictures from the nearby massive asteroid Vesta taken by Dawn satellite recently revealed many things. Including, the trio dubbed the 'snowman'. In addition, these images reveal the asteroid's northern hemisphere there are many craters and southern hemisphere have more surface halus.Saat find a 'snowman', scientists claim to have never seen quoted Dailymail.

Chief scientist Christopher Russell of the University of California, Los Angeles, said, "We have a wide variety of surfaces." Dawn stone itself has been orbiting bodies last month and are now beginning to send the pictures were amazing. This image also became the first evidence of Vesta viewed up close. So far, the asteroid was only taken pictures from afar. Since entering orbit an asteroid, Dawn has sent more than 500 images while trying to continue to get a position closer.

Next week, the satellite will reach a position 2736 km from the surface of the asteroid and will reach a distance of 117 km a year later. Projects U.S. $ 466 million (Rp 3, 8 trillion) has long been running since before the United States (U.S.) decides to send astronauts to an asteroid in 2025. After a year, Dawn will move on to Ceres and got there in 2015. Here's the video.

Year 2036 Aphopis Asteroid Will Hit Earth Doomsday And Possible Causes

Year 2036 Aphopis Asteroid Will Hit Earth Doomsday And Possible Causes

Year 2036 Aphopis Asteroid Will Hit Earth Doomsday And Possible Causes

Eropean Space Agency (ESA), NASA, the Secure World Foundation and other agencies have studied the sky carefully. These agencies concerned asteroid hit the Earth. In addition, these agencies also began thinking about how to deflect blows asteroids capable of destroying the planet. Although until now the agency has not detected the space rock, the internet has shocked the asteroid Apophis 487 meters in diameter.

Space experts predict, the asteroid will rip the sky of Earth and hit the Earth in 2036. However, as in the film, there is always the option to avoid it. "This incident has happened in the past. This will happen again, "said Dr Gerhard Drolshagen of ESA Space Situational Awareness. As in the movie 'Armageddon,' space jockey team tried to blow up the asteroid toward Earth. This option becomes the first choice of course. ESA has long thought about this kind of plan.

This plan is called the 'Don Quijote,' 2005 concept of artificial satellites of ESA involves shooting called 'impactor' on the asteroids 'test' in 2015 to see if the 'weapon' of this space rock could destroy it. 'Weapons' is not a bomb like in the movies but still interesting. "The next time there is an asteroid is detected, we want to do something. Deflection confirmed as one of the choices, "said the source of the ESA. However, despite this continues the story heralded the Daily Mail, Don Quijote has long been closed.

"Don Quijote mission is only to study it. ESA is no longer working on this mission again, "said ESA spokesman Andreas Schepers. However, ESA and several other space agencies have worked to plan the best way to fend off an asteroid mission the past few decades. For example in July 2005, NASA satellites impactor and accidentally sent crashing into comet Tempel 1. European Space Agency has recently concentrated on the SSA bodies leave the eye depending on the tailor-made telescopes amateur astronomers.

In addition, there are collaborations with other space agencies such as the Minor Planet Center Smithsonian Institute and the Secure World Foundation to study the sky when there is danger. The agency is to imagine some wild way deflect the asteroid, says Drolshagen. He acknowledged, engineering-style 'Armageddon' is not necessarily the best. "The way it's not the way to do it," he said.

Resetting the asteroid's path could be as simple as spreading a sheet of white plastic on it. If detected sufficiently far away in space, the strength of sunlight hitting the sheets was enough to to move it. "Cat asteroid with white to enhance reflectivity," says Drolshagen. Alternatively, the satellite landed a small motor with a power booster on the asteroid enough to deflect the asteroid's path, since asteroids have long been detected. Or, simply by using a laser.

"Point the laser to the surface and remove some material from it. This can be done in a very controlled, "he said. The third idea, 'mass projectors' slowly carved on the surface of the asteroid. In addition, there is also the concept of gravity tractors, large spacecraft with the size of several tons could slow the asteroid off course with the amazing power of mass.

"If you've got a few weeks or months, you can slowly get rid of it," says Drolshagen. Encouragement of small, one centimeter per second in a change of pace, would be enough to change direction if you have the time 20 years, he added. According to him, these ideas are very realistic. The concept is more exotic, an explosion near the surface that can release the material, laser, magnetic tractors, even the screen to take advantage of the solar wind.

However, if the asteroid found to lead to Earth and became known only in a few months, "We are in trouble". Blow up the asteroid seems impossible if not detected when the distance is far enough, "Currently we are unable to do so and no plans to do so". Fortunately, experts agree, most of the nearby asteroids have been detected. But even small asteroids can be potentially devastating. "Anything more than 300-400 meters in diameter capable of causing damage to the continental scale," said Stephen Wolters researcher at Caltech.

Chelyabinsk, the City That Most Often Attacked Hacker

Perhaps the United States and China is the country with the world's largest Internet attacks. However, when talking about the city ever attacked by hackers, a city in Russia the winner.

According to the Telematics Research Centre University of Twente, The Netherlands, in cooperation with Internet security firm Quarantainenet this week, the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia's most widely attacked by hackers. Calculations are based on attacks per one million inhabitants.

Based on the findings, reported from lamanPhysorg, the city of Chelyabinsk in first place with 120 attacks per one million inhabitants. The second position is occupied by the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, while the third position is occupied by the Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Calculations based attacks carried out with consideration of a smaller radius compared to calculations based on the state, most of whom occupied the first position of the U.S. or China. According to a statement from the University of Twente, with a tally of the base town, then the apparatus can easily obtain accurate information that the primary location of the nest hackers.

Earlier, Russian police cybercrime division, or known as Department K, say Russian hackers are the tercerdik in the world. It is delivered by Boris Miroshnikov, head of the department of K at e-Crime Congress in London, England, a few months ago.

"Everyone knows the Russians good at math. Our software maker in the world, that's why our hackers tercerdik among other hackers, "said Boris.

Hackers from Russia often carry out attacks against a variety of gambling websites in the UK. British hacker to attack this country harm by 2.4 billion pounds or about Rp20, 4 trillion in 2010.

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Hanging Bridge Hussaini, Most Dangerous in the World

Hanging Bridge Hussaini, Most Dangerous in the World

MENYAMBANGI Pakistan, sempatkan berkunjung ke jembatan paling berbahaya di dunia, Jembatan Gantung Hussaini. Jembatan ini dikenal sebagai salah satu dari banyak jembatan tali yang genting di Pakistan Utara. Di Pakistan sebagian besar penduduk, bepergian adalah dengan berjalan melintasi gunung menuju Rawalpindi. Pada tahun 1978, Jalan Raya Karakoram selesai dibangun dan wilayah tersebut telah terhubung, tetapi perjalanan antar-wilayah masih sesulit 100 tahun yang lalu.

Aspek reguler yang ditemui dalam perjalanan melewati kawasan tersebut termasuk jembatan-jembatan reyot yang terbuat dari kabel dan papan yang terdapat di rangkaian gunung dan sungai di Pakistan Utara. Di antaranya adalah Jembatan Gantung Hussaini, melintasi Danau Borit di Upper Hunza. Jembatan tali ini, terdiri dari dua jembatan yang bersebelahan, kurang terpelihara. Banyak papan yang hilang, dan angin kencang mengguncan jembatan ketika anda menyeberang.

Meskipun terlihat berbahaya, bagaimanapun, Hussaini adalah sebuah jembatan yang relatif aman dan telah menjadi sebuah daya tarik bagi wisatawan.

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Carrot Shaped Alien Baby Found!

Carrot Shaped Alien Baby Found!
SUSSEX - An acupuncturist living in Sussex, England, was surprised to find that odd-shaped carrots in the pot plants. Forms of carrots is like having a leg and kepala.Yvonne Darnell find a carrot with an unusual shape when he was gardening at his home located in Burgess Hill. "I did not expect this, this is very funny. This looks like a baby carrot alien (extraterrestrial), I give this carrot name with the name Kevin, "Yvonne said, as quoted by Orange, on Saturday (03/09/2011).

Small carrots that have a head and stalk-like hair. Carrots also have odd feet.

Previous odd carrots are also found in Oxon, England. Carrots in Oxon shaped like the character astronaut Buzz Light year in Toy Story cartoon. Carrot is found by a man named Clive Williams. Meanwhile in Shrpshire, also found a carrot-shaped hands with five fingers by a 66-year-old man, Peter Jackson.

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10 UFO Greatest Story & Not Solved

10 UFO Greatest Story & Not Solved

The phenomenon of UFOs has always been a warm material to dibacarakan. Until now, there were 10 biggest UFO story of the unsolved until now.

Foo Fighter

During World War II, American pilots war, Britain, Germany and France reported seeing a giant glowing circles in the sky unexplained. Sphere is then given the name 'foo fighter'. The origin of the name itself is still not known yet, some people have a theory, this name comes from the German word for 'Feuer'.

Hopeh incident, China

This photo was taken in 1942 that was later found in a photo album. The owner of this album claim buy this photo from the street photographer in China. Some people claim, the UFO looks like a hat or a bird and others say it's a flying saucer.

Men in black

In 1947, a fisherman menglaim see a donut-shaped UFO flying in the air over Maury Island in Puget Sound, Washington, United States (U.S.). One object is to drop debris into the boat deck and the ship owner's son and wounding the dog. The next morning, fishermen are claiming a man dressed in black appeared at his door and threatened his family would be in danger if he talked to anyone about this incident.

The first flying saucer sighting

Only a few days after the incident the man in black, Kenneth Arnold reported seeing a UFO flying in the air near Mt. Ranier, Washington. The media then use the 'flying saucer' to describe the object. Arnold then became a semi-celebrity in the world of the paranormal.

The loss of Felix Moncla

While pursuing UFOs in Lake Superior in 1953, air force pilot (AU) AS Felix Moncla just disappeared. Control of the land claimed to detect Moncla and radar and witnessed UFOs in the blink on the radar 'fused and then disappeared'. In 1968, the aircraft was found in the lake but it was never ascertained the correct part Moncla plane or not.

Kecksburg Incident

On the night of December 9, 1965, residents Kecksburg, Pennsylvania claiming there is a large object shaped acorns with hieroglyphic writing falls in the forest. The military quickly around the area. In 2005, NASA describes the object that crashed was probably the debris of the Russian satellite, but witnesses claim was consistent with NASA's explanation of what they witnessed.

Jimmy Carter's UFO sighting

President Jimmy Carter said he saw a bright white object then changed color from blue, red to white and back again before finally away to Leary, Georgia in 1969. Even though he later claimed not expect objects are alien spacecraft, he said, "One thing for sure, I never underestimate someone who claims to have seen UFOs in the sky". If I become president, Carter said in 1976, "I will publish all the information in this country regarding UFO sightings on the citizens and scientists".

Violent men

Despite this cruel man first encountered after the UFO sightings in 1966 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, he came across the U.S. after a UFO sighting and told the witness his name 'Indrid Cold'. Witnesses described the man is tall human-like but has no nose or ears, just eyes and a big smile.

O'Hare Airport

On Tuesday, November 7, 2006, the FAA received reports of 12 airline employees at O'Hare, Chicago saw the plane flying saucer through a metal gate. According to witnesses, the disc was floated for two minutes. However, when people will look into it, this object directly to the clouds and disappeared. FAA concluded, it was a trick of weather on the human eye but the witness insisted that it was a UFO.


Night guard named Yalcin Yalman in Turkey witnessed a large number of UFO while on duty in 2008 and record the incident. It provides the Sirius UFO Space Research Center video duration of two and a half hours. The video itself is considered as 'most important UFO images ever' though the truth needs to be proven.

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Every Day 42 The Suicide in South Korea

Every Day 42 The Suicide in South Korea

The suicide rate increased up to the citizens of South Korea doubled in the last ten years. Suicide was largely triggered by depression due to the economy that does not get better.

Based on the South Korean government report, as reported by Yonhap page, Tuesday, September 6, 2011, the suicide rate in Korea is the highest in the world.

According to government records, in 2009, about 42 people committed suicide in South Korea every day. This figure is two-fold greater than 10 years ago and five times higher than in 1989.

According to the Ministry of Health and welfare, in 2009 the suicide rate residents aged 10-40 years in South Korea reached 15,413. Means, every 100,000 people of South Korea, the death rate from suicide reached 28.4.

This makes the high rate of suicide as the cause of death in the country. The cause of the second and third are traffic accidents and cancer. Recognizing this, the South Korean government began to take precautions.

"The government will soon open a suicide prevention centers across the country to reduce the suicide rate, which has now become a serious problem in our country," said a spokesman for the Ministry of Health.

Most suicides occur in people younger age through adolescence. They even use the internet to attract enthusiasts suicide through a group suicide.

According to experts, the causes of suicide are depressed due to economic problems. The reason this remains a major cause, although South Korea's economy increased by an average of seven per cent after the Asian crisis a decade ago. However, the economic development of people's incomes are not making progress and economic equity.

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Trend Girl Bikini Sticker Now At The Beach

Trend Girl Bikini Sticker Now At The Beach
Topless In Bikini Sticker - The west / Bule always make a bold but bizarre trends Hot! Well .. The trend is popular there is a trend Bikini Sticker, namely in the form stiker.Bikini Bikini bikini sticker is that just cover the nipple, the more will be seen by jelas.Bikini sticker is only used by women who dared to show her breasts to publik.Waw!

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Facts, Origin and history of the HIV Virus

Facts, Origin and history of the HIV Virus
HIV-AIDS virus is actually not from chimpanzees, but creation scientists who then diverted through a specific engineering to exterminate a particular ethnic. (Jerry D. Gray, The sins of American Media - Uncovering the Hidden Facts Crime Western Media, Ufuk Press 2006 p. 192).

Posts Allan Cantwell, Jr.. M.D. This reveals the secret origins of AIDS and HIV, as well as how scientists produce the most frightening disease and then cover it up.

Green Monkey Theory

1. Not a few people who have heard the theory that AIDS is a human creation. According to The New York Times, published October 29, 1990, thirty percent black population in New York City truly believe that AIDS is a weapon of ethnic designed in the laboratory to infect and kill blacks. Some people even consider AIDS conspiracy theory is more believable than the theory of African green monkeys that was brought AIDS experts. Actually, since 1988 researchers have proved that the green monkey theory is not true. However, most AIDS educators continued to deliver this theory to the public until now. In the media coverage in 1999, the green monkey theory has been replaced with the theory of chimpanzees outside Africa. Chimpanzees are said to be the origin of AIDS has been fully accepted by the scientific community.

2. Descent phylogenetic tree of primate viruses (which few people understood only) shown to prove that HIV descended from primate viruses that dwells in the bush of Africa. Analysis of virus genetic data demonstrated through supercomputer at Los Alamos, Mexico, showed that HIV has to jump species, from chimpanzees to humans around 1930 in Africa.

Important note: Los Alamos chance alone is the center of a nuclear bomb-making, the fellowship of Chinese spies, and the laboratory where he did secret radiation experiments on civilians man who does not feel suspicious. This experiment has been conducted since the 1940's to early AIDS epidemic.

Experimental Hepatitis B Pre-AIDS to the Gay Men (1978-1981)

Thousands of gay men registering as a human experiment to experimental hepatitis B vaccine that the U.S. government-sponsored in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. After several years, these cities became the center of gay-related immune deficiency syndrome, later known as AIDS. In the early 1970s, hepatitis B vaccine was developed in the body of a chimpanzee. Now this animal is believed to be the origin of HIV evolve. Many people still fear getting hepatitis B vaccine because of origin relating to gay men and AIDS. The senior doctors still can remember that experimental hepatitis vaccine was originally created from a collection of the blood serum of hepatitis-infected homosexuals.

The possibility of HIV into the body of gay men during the trial of this vaccine. At that time, thousands of homosexuals were injected in New York in early 1978 and in the cities of the west coast around the year 1980-1981.

What type of virus that contaminated the vaccine program is the cause of AIDS? What about the WHO's programs in Africa? Evidence strongly suggests that shortly after developing AIDS vaccine program. AIDS was first spread among gay New York City in 1979, several months after the experiment began in Manhattan. There is a fact that is surprising and statistically highly significant, that 20% of gay men who volunteered the hepatitis B experiment in New York known to be HIV positive in 1980 (the year before AIDS became an official disease). This shows that Manhattan men had the highest incidence of HIV than anywhere else in the world, including Africa, regarded as the birthplace of HIV and AIDS. Another shocking fact is that cases of AIDS in Africa that can be proven not appear until 1982. Some researchers believe that this experimental vaccine that serves as a channel where an outbreak of HIV into the gay population in America. But until now scientists play down any connection between AIDS AIDS vaccine.

Common knowledge that in Africa, heterosexual AIDS outbreak in people, while in the United States at the outbreak of AIDS only gay men. Although initially told the public that no one is immune to AIDS, in fact up to now (20 years after the first case of AIDS), 80% of new AIDS cases in the U.S. outbreak in gay men, drug addicts, and their sexual partners. Why is that? Certainly HIV does not discriminate against sexual preference or race. Is this true?


In the mid-1990s, molecular biologists identified at least eight subtypes (strains) of HIV that were infecting various people around the world. It has been proven, strain B was pre-dominant strain that infects gay in the U.S.. HIV strains are more likely to infect rectal tissue, which is why gay men are likely to have AIDS than non-gay

In contrast, strains of HIV common in Africa tend to infect the vaginal and cervical cells (cervical), as the foreskin of the penis of men. That is why, in Africa, HIV is likely passed on among heterosexuals.

AIDS experts have memeberitahukan bahawa American AIDS came from Africa, whereas HIV strains that are common among gay men almost never seen in Africa! How is this possible? Are some HIV strains engineered to be easy to adapt to the cell that tends to infect the genital gay?

It is well known, male scientists SCVP (Special Virus Cancer Program) is able to adapt certain retroviruses to infect specific cell types. No less since 1970, scientists have learned to design biological warfare agents (especially viruses) that can infect certain cells and attack certain racial groups. At least in 1997, Stephen O'Brien and Michael Dean of the Laboratory of Genomic Diversity at the National Cancer Institute showed that one out of ten white people have AIDS-resistant genes, while African blacks had no such genes at all. Apparently, AIDS increasingly is a manmade virus that attacks a particular race than natural events.

Thanks to the help of the American media, the virus is spread to millions of people around the world before a certain handful of people began to be aware of the evil behind the creation of this virus. In 1981, health officials ensure the public that there was nothing to worry about. AIDS is a gay disease is the jargon that is often echoed the media.

At least in 1987, Robert Gallo told Playboy reporter David Black, I personally have never found a single case (in America) where a man exposed to the virus (AIDS) from a woman through heterosexual intercourse. Gallo continue, AIDS would not be a danger that can not be resolved for the general public. Is this just speculation or Gallo knew something he did not tell me?

10 best pistol in the world

10 best pistol in the world

Pistol ... maybe a deadly and dangerous weapon for life if it falls toward the wrong person .. and even this weapon may also be used as a symbol of the strength of the wearer apart from all this there are several gun in select superior of its various specifications, nah immediately wrote in see what the hell wrote the top 10 best pistol ..

1.Beretta 92

950 grams (34 oz) (92)
970 grams (34 oz) (92S/SB/F/G)
920 grams (32 oz) (92D)
900 grams (32 oz) (Compact / Vertec)
217 millimeters (8.5 in)
211 millimeters (8.3 in) (Vertec)
197 millimeters (7.8 in) (Compact / Centurion)
Barrel length
125 millimeters (4.9 in)
119 millimeters (4.7 in) (Vertec / Elites / Border Marshal / Combo)
109 millimeters (4.3 in) (Compact / Centurion)
9x19mm Parabellum (92 series)
.40 S & W (96 series)
9x21mm IMI (98 series)
Detachable box magazine feed system:
10, 15, 17, 18, 20 rounds (92, 98 series)
11 rounds (96 series)
10, 13 rounds (Compact L)
8 rounds (Compact Type M)
9.Walther P99
Walther P99:
Weight 630 grams (22 oz) (9x19mm Parabellum)
655 g (1.23 oz) (.40 S & W)
Length 180 millimeters (7.1 in) (9x19mm Parabellum)
184 mm (7.2 in) (.40 S & W)
Barrel length 102 mm (4.0 in) (9x19mm Parabellum)
106 mm (4.2 in) (.40 S & W)
Width 29 mm (1.1 in) (9x19mm Parabellum)
32 mm (1.3 in) (.40 S & W)
Height 135 mm (5.3 in)
Cartridge 9x19mm Parabellum
.40 S & W
9x21mm IMI
Action Short recoil operated, locked breech
Muzzle velocity 408 m / s (1.339 ft / s) (9x19mm Parabellum)
344 m / s (1,128.6 ft / s) (.40 S & W)
Effective range 60 m (9mm Parabellum)
Feed system 15-round detachable box magazine (9x19mm Parabellum)
12-round box magazine (.40 S & W)

Sights interchangeable 3-dot notch sight
2.Springfield Armory XD
Cartridge: 9x19mm Parabellum
.357 SIG
.40 S & W
.45 GAP
.45 ACP
Action: Short recoil operated
Etachable box magazine feed system
Sights: Fixed and illuminated night sights

3.Heckler & Koch Mark 23

1.2 kg (2.7 lb), empty [1]
1:47 kg (3.2 lb), loaded
2:29 kg (5.0 lb), loaded, with suppressor and LAM
245 mm (9.7 in), without suppressor [1]
421 mm (16.5 in), with suppressor
Barrel length 150 mm (5.9 in) [1]
Cartridge .45 ACP [1]
Action Short recoil, DA / SA
Rate of fire Semi-automatic
Muzzle velocity 260 m / s (850 ft / s) [1]
Feed system 12-round detachable box magazine; [1] 10-Round for civilian models

4.Glock gun

9x19mm Parabellum (Glock 17, 18, 19, 26, 34)
10mm Auto (Glock 20, 29)
.45 ACP (Glock 21, 30, 36)
.40 S & W (Glock 22, 23, 24, 27, 35)
.380 ACP (Glock 25, 28)
.357 SIG (Glock 31, 32, 33)
.45 GAP (Glock 37, 38, 39)
Action Short recoil, locked breech, tilting barrel (straight blowback for .380 ACP variants)
Feed system Box magazine, see Variants for capacities
Sights Fixed, adjustable, and self-luminous night sights

5.FN Herstal FNP

Weight 941 g (33.2 oz) (FNP-45)
1040 g (26.7 oz) (FNP-40)
1040 g (26.7 oz) (FNP-357)
1040 g (26.7 oz) (FNP-9)
703 g (8.24 oz) (FNP-9m)
Length 200 mm (7875 ") (FNP-45)
187 mm (7375 ") (FNP-357)
187 mm (7375 ") (FNP-40, FNP-9)
179 mm 7:06 "(FNP-9m)
Barrel length 114.3 mm (4.5 ") (FNP-45)
101.6 mm (4 ") (FNP-357)
101.6 mm (4 ") (FNP-40, FNP-9)
96.3 mm (3791 ") (FNP-9m)
Caliber .45 ACP, .40 S & W, .357 SIG, 9x19mm Parabellum
Double-action/Single-action Action, Double Action Only (DAO) or Single Action Only (SAO)
Feed system 15/14/10 round magazine (FNP-45)
14 round magazine (FNP-357)
14/10 round magazine (FNP-40)
16/10 round magazine (FNP-9)
Sights 3-dot Tritium night sights or white

6.Heckler & Koch USP

Weight Without Magazine:
748 g (1.65 lb) (USP 9 mm/.40)
789 g (1.74 lb) (USP .45)
667 g (1:47 lb) (Compact 9 mm)
694 g (1.53 lb) (Compact .40)
726 g (1.60 lb) (Compact .45)
771 g (1.70 lb) (Tactical 9 mm)
861 g (1.90 lb) (Tactical .40/.45)
875 g (1.93 lb) (Expert .40)
848 g (1.87 lb) (Expert .45)
194-mm (7.64 in) (USP 9 mm/.40)
200 mm (7.87 in) (USP .45)
173 mm (6.81 in) (Compact 9 mm/.40)
219 mm (8.64 in) (Tactical .40/.45)
224 mm (8.81 in) (Expert .40)
240 mm (9:45 in) (Match)
Barrel length
108 mm (4:25 in) (USP 9 mm/.40)
112 mm (4:41 in) (USP .45)
91 mm (3:58 in) (Compact 9 mm/.40)
97 mm (3.80 in) (Compact .45)
121 mm (4.78 in) (Tactical 9 mm/.40)
132 mm (5:19 in) (Expert .40/.45)
153 mm (6:02 in) (Match)
9x19mm Parabellum
.357 SIG (Compact only)
.40 S & W
.45 ACP
Action Short recoil, DA / DAO
Rate of fire Semi-automatic
Detachable box magazine feed system; capacities:
15 rounds (9 mm The)
13 rounds (.40 S & W)
12 rounds (.45 ACP)
Match, Expert
18 rounds (9 mm The)
16 rounds (.40 S & W)
12 rounds (.45 ACP)
13 rounds (9 mm The)
12 rounds (.357, .40 S & W)
8 rounds (.45 ACP)
Patridge, "3-dot" type; adjustable rear on Tactical, Match and Expert


Weight 760 g
Length 190 mm (7:48 in)
Barrel length 111 mm (4:33 in)
Width 35 mm
Height 135 mm
Cartridge 9x19mm Parabellum and 5.8x21mm
Action Short recoil, locked breech, rotating barrel lock
Muzzle velocity 350 m / s (1.148 ft / s) (9x19mm Parabellum)
Effective range 50 meters (9x19mm Parabellum)
Feed system 15 (9mm) or 20 (5.8) round box magazine
Fixed sights, 3-dot type

8.Heckler & Koch HK45
Weight 785 g (27.69 oz) (HK45)
717 g (25 oz) (HK45 Compact)
Length 191 mm (7.5 in) (HK45)
183 mm (7.2 in) (HK45 Compact)
Barrel length 115 mm (4.5 in) (HK45)
99 mm (3.9 in) (HK45 Compact)
Width 36 mm (1.4 in) (HK45)
29 mm (1.1 in) (HK45 Compact)
Height 148 mm (5.8 in) (HK45)
128.5 mm (5.1 in) (HK45 Compact)
Caliber .45 ACP
Action Short recoil operated, Browning-type tilting barrel, locked breech
Detachable box magazine feed system; capacities:
10 rounds
8 rounds
Sights Drift adjustable 3-dot night sight LumiNova Super-system

9.FN Five-seven

617 g (1:36 lb) empty
744 g (1.64 lb) loaded
Length 208 mm (8.2 in)
Barrel length 122 mm (4.8 in)
Width 36 mm (1.4 in)
Height 145 mm (5.7 in)
5.7x28mm Cartridge
Action Delayed blowback
Rate of fire Semi-automatic
Muzzle velocity
650 m / s (2133 ft / s) (SS190)
625 m / s (2050 ft / s) (SS195)
520 m / s (1700 ft / s) (SS197)
Effective range 50 m (165 ft) [Maximum range 1510 m (4950 ft)
Detachable box magazine feed system; capacities:
10 rounds (restricted)
20 rounds (standard)
30 rounds (extended)
Fixed or adjustable; 177.8 mm (7 in) sight radius

10.M1911 gun

2:44 Weight lb (1.105 g) empty, w / magazine (FM 23-35, 1940) [1]
8:25 in length (210 mm) [1]
Barrel length is 5:03 in (127 mm), Government model; [1]
4:25 in (108 mm), Commander model;
3.5 in (89 mm), Officer's ACP model
Cartridge .45 ACP
Action Short recoil operation [1]
Muzzle velocity 830 ft / s (253 m / s)
Feed system 7 rounds (standard-capacity magazine), [1] +1 in chamber


Gold Desert Eagle

Weight Mark VII
1.766 g (3.9 lb) (.357 Magnum)
1.897 g (4.2 lb) (.44 Magnum)
Mark XIX
1,998.6 g (4.4 lb)
Length Mark VII
10.6 in (269.2 mm) (6in barrel)
Mark XIX
10.75 in (273.1 mm) (6in barrel)
14.75 in (374.7 mm) (10in barrel)
Barrel length 6 in. (152.4 mm)
10 in. (254.0 mm)
.357 Magnum Cartridge
.41 Magnum
.44 Magnum
.440 Cor-bon
.50 Action Express
Action Gas-operated
Effective range 200 meters (.50 AE)
Feed System Magazine:
9 round (.357)
8 rounds (.41 and .44)
7 rounds (.440 Cor-bon and .50 AE)

Scientists create artificial life

Scientists create artificial life
Really devastating findings of these scientists. How not, no kidding, they managed to create artificial life. Do they want to compete with God? New scientific breakthroughs do biologists United States citizenship. Craig Venter succeeded in creating 'artificial life' for the first time in his laboratory. The scientists, deny that he was playing God with his work.

The creation of synthetic cells are described as a milestone in science by a British expert, is a dream come true of research that lasted for 15 years by a genetic engineering expert, Dr. Ventern.

He blew life into the body the bacteria use genes that are united through the process in the laboratory on a concept of development, with the main objective to make the genetic material of organisms. These include the manufacture of artificial organisms that are designed for specific tasks such as creating a vaccine or clean up pollution.

But some experts see the potential for danger in these findings. For example, synthetic life could be misused to create biological weapons.
Speaking in BBC2's Newsnight program in Washington, Venter denied allegations he had been toying with the Lord. "The allegations always emerged whenever appears a new breakthrough in medicine or science related to biology. (Research) has a humanitarian goal to control nature. It's just like how we tame the animals, "he said.

"This is a level higher than our understanding. This is the stage where we can begin to understand how life works and maybe how we can control the microbiological systems for the benefit of humanity, "he added.

When asked, the new technique may be purchased by owners of large capital, Venter said, technology is not for sale. "We're trying to develop this technology to advance the field of vaccine protection. We will use it to develop a basic understanding of cell life, "he explained.

Venter also dismissed concerns that some parties that the technology will be used as bio-terrorism. "Most people agree that there is a growing potential, that the technology could be used for violence. But there are also believes if this development has the potential to help human life, "he explained.

a unique number code N5VM6A5ZJ6RE

a unique number N5VM6A5ZJ6RE

Apparently a number or numbers by using the Indonesian language has a structure or pattern that is unique and may not be found in other nations. Only in Indonesia.
Every nation-state, countries and regions must have a mention of his own to the numbers of one, two to ten. For example number three we call it in Indonesia but in other countries there is a call tri, three, san, tolu and so forth.

Even when there who still remember the numbers are in the vernacular of friends each from one to ten then sometimes there is mention the same figures and some are different from the Indonesian language. Probably depends on the delicious on the tongue or in the ear.
Instantly. Here I not teach you math, but try to notice the row of numbers below.

1 = One
2 = Two
3 = Three
4 = Four
5 = Five
6 = Six
7 = Seven
8 = Eight
9 = Nine

It turned out that every number has a brother is marked with the same initial letter. When two brothers are summed the number, then the result must be ten. Examples One and Nine. Have the initial letter is S and if the result diumlahkan one and nine is ten.

Likewise with the Two and Eight, Three and Seven and Four and Six. Ascending through number five. Five were summed with itself also the result of ten.

Not only that, it turns out the letter was originally also had an important role that the formation number. Eg One and Nine are both the letter originally was S, which incidentally was ranked 19th in the alphabet. If the numbers one and nine are summed and then divided by two to find the average then the result is 5. The form number 5 is identical with the letter S. Which ever read Mathematics of the Universe, should be added that 19 is the number of the LORD

Then Two and Eight. First letter is D who finished fourth. When the eight divided by two then the result is four (justification).

Furthermore, Four and Six. First letter is E the fifth. Five are among the Four and Six (justification anymore).

While the number five is the first letter L. Where L is used for number symbols in the calculation of fifty Roman (justification is still disconnected).

And what about the Three and Seven? Apparently hard to find justification. Plus, minus, divided and multiplied it has not been met. Three times seven outcome 21, one short number with the letter T sequence to 20. But the symbol V is used to indicate the number seven in the calculation of Arabic. And V-22 to diurutan.

Apparently, not pake mathematics. Simply empty a paper written only then can definitely see the connection. Try to write small letters T (t) in a paper. Then rotate the paper 180 degrees so you can clearly see the number seven. And what about number three? Also the same. Write a large letter T on the paper pake Times New Roman font and then turn 90 degrees to the right clockwise. Tada .... You can totally see the three clearly. But a little sharp. (Justification is also dipakasakan once).

These unique patterns may be found only in Indonesia. And what about in Malaysia who also uses the same language? It turned out that in Malaysia the number 8 is called the Eight but Lapan. So the pattern is confined to Indonesia. Do not let them claim the same.

A masterpiece of Islamic world's first clock

A masterpiece of Islamic world's first clock

This is the world's first Islamic hours created by the company Parmigiani Fleurier in Switzerland that uses the calendar Islamic calendar. Watchmaking world's first Islam is take as long as 20 years. Islam first watchmaker in the world that dedicates hours of his creation for the Muslim communities around the world.

The first prototype of Islamic clock was unveiled by Parmigiani high officials in Abu Dhabi hotel on Tuesday (11/02/2010). Inauguration of Islamic hours performed in the presence of irektur General of the National Council of Tourism and Antiquities, Dubai, Mohammed Khamis bin Hareb Al Muhairy.

Michel Parmigiani, Parmigiani Fleurier president who has made a clock of Islam said that the first launch will be conducted in Arabic, because the country is the world center of Islamic civilization.

Hijri calendar in the Islamic calendar is shorter than that used Gregorian calendar system west (1 year = 354 days). In leap years, the number of days forward one by one.

Islamic Clock is equipped with the appearance of thirty years of continuous Hijri calendar. In addition to hours and minutes, there is also a moon phase that affects the Muslim calendar. Dates run normally for 30 years and one day jump in the Hijri year.

Mechanical propulsion engine at the bottom of the clock and turned on manually using a lever. Span of 30 days will be marked with a Ruby gem types that move horizontally.

Very complex algorithms that makes Michel Parmigiani spent 20 years in order to apply it in a machine. Hours of Islam will be marketed locally in Geneva in January 2011, and shipments globally to the whole world will be available in February 2011.

Weight: 17kg
Material: Silver, Quartz, Ruby.
The time: The time is hours, minutes and date using the Arabic script and calligraphy.

The cost of making these Islamic one hour at a cost of U.S. $ 2.6 million.
Because of the high cost of production, the Parmigiani Fleurier will only produce a few pieces of Islamic hours in a year. They are also very selective about who can buy a clock Islam. What is clear, just rich does not guarantee that someone will be able to have hours of Islam.

"The taste and appreciation of art," said Parmigiani.

Fitness would not have to get dressed.

Fitness would not have to get dressed.
The more days the atmosphere in the town of Heteren Fitness Centrum, province of Gelderland (Netherlands) more festive. Attention from the media that came out of the country, as well as from abroad are always coming. Why?

Because this city, for the first time officially stands for the fitness center nudistan
(Nude). This unique fitness center that has been running a few months, after solemnly inaugurated in March this year.

This fitness center is the most recent buzz of De Naturisten Federatie Nederland (Federation of Dutch nudists). Establishment of the gym to the nude is not separated from the idea that ditelorkan by Patrick (the owner of the gym).

From casual chat event with a member of fitness, which turned out to members of the society nudists, finally emerged the idea of ​​establishing a specifik fitness center. Even after fitness centrum is going well, he has held talks with various kollega in the United States, Britain, Germany and Belgium.

As is well known, that the ancient sport is commonly performed without clothes. At the time of the heyday of the Greeks, various sports conducted by tradition without clothes.

1. Requirements for membership in the fitness center is at least 18 years of age.

2. Should be naked while digedung fitness.

3. Prohibited from engaging in various forms of sexual intimidation.

Although all participants in a state fitness naked, their clothes intruktor required to use the service. Also, employees and employee which is in the building continue to use the clothes intact.

Sperm donor a unique way.

Sperm donor a unique way.
Ever heard the term sale and purchase donor sperm or sperm? Maybe the term is already familiar. And many are asking where the buying and selling sperm or donor sperm in Jakarta? Anyone know? Sorry .. I do not know either .. Instead we continue to wonder where the buying and selling sperm or donor sperm, it might be worthwhile to peek first photographs or images of activities buying and selling sperm or donor sperm in China.

From the photos above conditions seem to be a sperm donor is not difficult from able-bodied and have no history of diseases that can harm you donate your sperm. To donate sperm, the men just changed his clothes and lay on my back waiting for 'services' from her sisters. Each of these men will be served by one nurse who is ready to 'process' genitals or their penis in order to remove sperm that is expected by masturbation or masturbation in the room are lined and open with donors and other nuns. After the sperm out, there will be officers or nurse will test the quality of their sperm, and of course this is no affair of male sperm donor again. Most importantly they come in, serviced and 'assisted' to can donate their sperm. But do not forget also, the purchaser or the parties who use donated sperm which has also not arbitrarily choose the sperm that they would use to continue their descent.
They will certainly find a good quality sperm and can produce good children or descendants as well. Surely everyone wants to improve his descent even through how to buy sperm. Sorry if the pictures above seem vulgar, but it was camouflaged and my purpose here is not to make vulgar or pornographic article but just wanted to bernagi information that might be useful for you all. Hopefully this article useful for all readers. Anyone want to try to donate sperm too? .. Just wait till there in Jakarta ya .. Or maybe anyone know if in Jakarta already exists?