The nose shape has a meaning

The nose shape has a meaning
Character Nose - Experts believe that the nose shape personality can reveal your personality. Simon Brown, author of The Secrets of Face Reading, trying to analyze what the shape of your nose.

turned-up nose

Characteristics: The nasal bone length, the curve clearly almost like basins, and sticking at the tip of the nose bone.
Analysis: Type these cute nose that signifies you're a good-hearted, optimistic, and attention. You also full of personal enthusiasm and are very supportive family and friends. Do not forget you also save the adventurous soul in sex.
Examples: Actress Nicole Kidman, Marilyn Monroe, and Victoria Beckham.

roman nose

Characteristics: Type the nose has a small bump from the mid-nasal bone that leads to the lower end of the nose.
Analysis: This type is a signal of strong personality, but not always impulsive. You people who motivate others, influential and calculating.
For example: French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, singer Bono (U2).

Greek nose

Characteristics: The nasal bone length, straight, and strong impression. If seen the angle formed between the tip of the nose and upper lip forming about 80 degrees, or nearly a right angle.
Analysis: You are an efficient, hardworking, and people who keep emotions making it hard to understand. You are the person sought when a crisis occurs.
For example: Former prime minister Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher.

hawk nose

Characteristics: This type of connection or nose resembles the curved beak eagle on the back of the nose.
Character: This type is most concerned with what others are saying about you. Rebellious, does not require the approval of others, and are happiest when pursuing personal goals.
For example: Paris Hilton, and the poet Dante Alighieri.

snub nose

Characteristics: This type is the same as the flat nose. Short-boned, and there are no protruding parts.
Character: This type of nose is usually smarter and wiser than most people. They reacted quickly, or too fast, so impressed aggressive.
For example: Singer Lily Allen, and actor Johnny Depp.

Nubians nose

Characteristics: short and broad-boned, but not prominent. This type is prevalent a particular ethnic group.
Character: This type reflects the creativity and passion. He is also charismatic, easily attract the attention of the crowd.
For example: U.S. President, Barack Obama, the model Naomi Campbell and actor Will Smith.

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