,[Full Pic] Rainbow Valley, Valley of Death On Mount Everest

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Valley of Death On Mount Everest

Not as beautiful as its name, Rainbow Valley is a place where a mountain climber of Everest climbers will find a wide body with a colorful jacket froze there. These are photographs of some climbers 'eternal' which has for decades remained there.
Death is often caused by a climber who sleep and not wake up for good.

Two climbers hear cries for help from a woman, but was forced to proceed because it could save the lives of women endanger their lives. Feeling guilty, they collect money for 2 years to get back to where the woman and give a decent burial.

Because of the extreme cold weather dead bodies 50 years ago can still be recognized with a bit part that starts to rot.
Green Boots cave located at an altitude of 8500m became famous because of the corpse of a climber who was still wearing shoes bootsnya a bright green.

Restores the bodies in this place is something that is almost impossible. Helicopters could not reach half the height of the mountain with the highest peak in the world.
This is the body of George Mallory who disappeared on pendaikan 1924. His body was recovered 75 years later in 1999.
Sometimes climbers met the other climbers are dying on the way to the top. Unfortunately they have no way to help them and should let them die. [Justify]
Many climbers who say that the hardest thing in climbing Everest is through these corpses.
It takes a fee of $ 25 - $ 60 to reach the top, but sometimes the mountain is ask for mercy.
Approaching the top climbers can experience frost-bite instantly

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