Regulation Strangest Sex From Various Countries in World

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From Various Countries in World

1. in Lebanon
Men allowed to 'make love' with animals, provided the animal was female. The death sentence imposed for a man who caught the animal associated with males.

2. in Bahrain
Legal male doctors to examine women's genitals, but are prohibited from directly seen during the inspection. They are only allowed to see through a mirror.

3. in Guam
There is a full-time jobs for men to memerawani girls, who pay them for the act of intercourse the first time ..
The reason: According to the law in Guam, are still virgin women were forbidden to marry

4. In Hong Kong
A betrayed wife is legally legitimate to kill her husband cheating, but using only his bare hands. While the mistress, may be killed by any means.

5. In Cali, Colombia
Women are only allowed to have sex with her ​​husband, and on the first night, the mother of the woman must be in the room to witness the scene.

6. In Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Action against the law if a man having sex with a woman and her daughter at the same time.

This tree "Scream"

Just for Share by enysuryo N5VM6A5ZJ6RE,This tree "Scream"
Trees in Stowlangtoft in Bury St. Edmund, Sufflolk, is famous not because of the high reaching 21 meters, but because of its horrible.

The holes in the tree form the face of a terrible, especially the mouth. Even the hole "mouth" of the wide seem to have teeth and tongue twisted. This tree was first seen by David Garnham and is now crowned as the most horrible tree in Britain. Garnham argues, the tree is the natural version of the painting "Scream" by Edvard Munch. "The tree shows the true beauty of nature. I call it "Nature Scream" because it looks just like the classic works of Edvard Munch paintings, "

Apple iPhone 4 is now available in Mliriprowo

Apple iPhone 4 is now available in Mliriprowo.
Aircel and Airtel have announced the launch of Apple iPhone 4 in Mliriprowo. iPhone 4 is now available in Mliriprowo.N5VM6A5ZJ6RE


iPhone 4 is powered by Apple’s A4 processor, the iPhone 4 features a retina display, IOS 4, FaceTime for video chat, 5MP camera with LED flash, HD video recording and access to more than 350,000 apps from the Apple Apps store.

Apple iPhone 4 will be available for both the post paid and prepaid subscribers. The 16GB version of the iPhone will be available for Rs. 34,500, whereas the 32GB version will be available for 5.000.000 Rupiah or arround $ 530.



Zuckerberg Leave Facebook

Just for share by enysuryo, one family member to pull out of the ranks of senior Zuckerberg Facebook. Do not be surprised once, that person is not the CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, but Randi Zuckerberg, Mark's older sister.N5VM6A5ZJ6RE

Randi himself previously served as Director of Marketing Facebook. But a bold decision was taken this woman after Facebook was meraksasa to start a new adventure in the company has established.

Like her sister, Randi would like to also carve out success with a company that was born out of his hand. To that end, he came out of Facebook and pioneering RtoZ Media, a company designed to help companies to more 'social'.

Randi's resignation letter was submitted to the Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Head of Communication, Elliot Scharge. Facebook and the party had already given its confirmation.

In his letter resign, Randi said that now is the time for him to leave Facebook, having joined since 2004.

"I have spent many years in Facebook with the pouring of soul and body into innovation and push forward the media industry to introduce a new concept in social life," he wrote.

"We have already achieved remarkable progress, but there is still work to do to make a change. Now is the perfect time for me to get out of Facebook," he continued, quoted from the All Thing Digital on Thursday (04/08/2011 ).

No mention is how the departure of Mark Zuckerberg for his brother. Including who will fill the position left by Randi.

This is the Advanced Robot in Transformers 3

Just for share by enysuryo, This is the Advanced Robot in Transformers 3. TheTransformer movie3: Dark of the Moontayang in Indonesia tomorrow. Studded luxury cars and sophisticated. Starting from Chevrolet, Mercedes Benz, to Ferrari.N5VM6A5ZJ6RE

Film TheTransformer movie3: Dark of the Moonyang released July 1 will begin running today in Indonesia August 5 tomorrow. In this film you will see action Autobot cars that could turn into a robot fighter. Worked with 2D animation, 3D, Real D and IMAX, nan mewan sophisticated car in this movie looks spectacular.

Among other yellow Chevrolet Camarowarna that serves as a Bumblebee Transformer, Transformers robot's main character. This style sports car the Chevrolet design. ChevroletCamaro specially designed for the Transformer, 3.6 V6 engine with a capacity capable of producing 304 horsepower literyang.

There was also a handsome car CrankcaseChevrolethitam, berspesifikasi LSA V8 6.2 liter engine capable of 550 horsepower, and torque 550 lb.ft.

Not only that, the 2012 Chevrolet Other Chevrolet equipped CamaroZL1 steeringbertenaga electric power system and the mode Magnetic Ride Controlyang replaceable between Tour and Sport modes. This car is also equipped with Brembo brakes 370 mm front and 365 mm on the side. Chevrolet CamaroZL1 also cool the brakes intakesuntuk water tech, as well as layers of satin aluminum and carbon fiber to direct the air filter.

Chevrolet followed was a mysterious metallic SideswipeChevrolet Corvetteberwarna with thin berbodi sports model that is usually used for racing. Tires made ​​of lightweight aluminum, and equipped with the Magnetic Selective Ride Control technology, specially-made Corvette suspension technology.

Do not miss the Ferrari. Ferrari used in Transformer 3 is Mirage RedFerrari 458 Italians, who had exhibited in the arena 2011Geneva Motor Show. Red car is berspesifikasi sport, strength 562hpdan 398 lb.ft of torque, and the 4.5-liter V8 engine.

Sophisticated Technology Film Transformer

Just for share by enysuryo, In addition to Harry Potter, Transformer, including films that have lots of fans. Behind the movie was incredible, the technology used also include the 'wow'.N5VM6A5ZJ6RE

Transformers the movie-making requires expertise and high level hardware specifications. The sophistication of the robots in this film did not escape from the hard work of its director, Michael Bay, as well as a visual effects company founded by George Lucas, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). Cooperation both produce cars, airplanes, and heavy equipment that can turn into giant robots that can move swiftly.

Research and development of animation technologies to create character depth in the Transformers have been started since the first film. To create the character corresponding icon Transformer cartoon series, as quoted from various sources, the production team working team Hasbro, the toy company creators Transformer model.

Production designer Jeff Mann's first Transformers was instrumental in creating a real live action robot that was originally just a cartoon. To create a robot character, it takes thousands of component pieces that are put together into a giant robot. Through digital techniques, a team of special effects to create the components are then put dots so that the movement is more easily moved later.

If all components of each robot character in the film arranged side by side, it could reach 290 kilometers in length or width of the state of California. After assembling each component, the next challenge is to make robots that move.

"People think a giant robot must move slowly but Michael Bay wanted agile robot ninja and action-packed," says ILM Digital Production Supervisor Jeff White. In order to make it happen, the production team collected various stunt scenes footage for later imitated his movements on the animated robots.

Akis length movies are widely present tense wonders of animation. Not only the action of Optimus Prime and his partner, the film is also decorated with an explosion due to battle robots. Explosions that appeared were not all of which are animated.

The reason, diketahuitim production also uses the original use of explosives is planned. The end result, Autobot or Decepticon look very detailed and has flawless movement.

Extreme Water World's Longest Coaster

Just for share by enysuryo, Indiana water amusement park promises tremendous splash. Not surprisingly, Water Coaster (WC) which will be operated to offer challenging things.N5VM6A5ZJ6RE

Currently, the water amusement park that has been the home of the world's largest toilet. Now, entertainment venues announced plans to build a bigger water rides again called Mammoth in the summer.

Officials at the World in Santa Claus Holliday said the new diff with the other toilets are located on the lower portion dibandung emerging. According to The Indianapolis Star, it should open next May and swallowing U.S. $ 9 million (Rp76, 3 billion) to build it.

This vehicle has a route length of 534 meters. "We asked our designer to make something bigger," said president of Holliday World and Koch.

Mammoth is rumored to have six derivatives, first as high as 16 meters with an angle of 45 degrees.

To encourage the toilet, officials admitted using 'HydroMagnetic Technology'. This technique utilizes some iron on the toilet to slide in an amusement park that route

NASA Discover the 'Snowman' on the Asteroid.

Just for share by enysuryo, London - Pictures from near the massive asteroid Vesta taken by Dawn satellite recently revealed many things. Including, the trio dubbed the 'snowman'.N5VM6A5ZJ6RE

In addition, these images reveal the asteroid's northern hemisphere there are many craters and southern hemisphere has a smoother surface.

When find a 'snowman', scientists claim to have never seen quoted Dailymail.

Chief scientist Christopher Russell of the University of California, Los Angeles, said, "We have a wide variety of surfaces."

Dawn stone itself has been orbiting bodies last month and are now beginning to send the pictures were amazing.

This image also became the first evidence of Vesta viewed up close. So far, the asteroid was only taken pictures from afar. Since entering orbit an asteroid, Dawn has sent more than 500 images while trying to continue to get a position closer.

Next week, the satellite will reach a position 2736 km from the surface of the asteroid and will reach a distance of 117 km a year later. Projects U.S. $ 466 million (Rp 3, 8 trillion) has long been running since before the United States (U.S.) decides to send astronauts to an asteroid in 2025.

The new Vita PS This year will stop in Japan

California - The new Vita PS This year will stop in Japan. In the United States and Europe starting next year.N5VM6A5ZJ6RE

Sony PlayStation Vita failed to circulate this year in the United States and Europe. Devices that enthusiasts look forward to this new PlayStation will be released in Japan this year.

Previously in the UK already beradar rumors, this device will go on sale in October. October is gone and the Briton was disappointed. And now they must be more disappointed.

As quoted from Engadget, VP of Sony, Kazuo Hirai said the new device will enter the United States and Britain in 2012. The reason is because, "This device is being prepared to be more steady and good when the market entered the United States and Britain."

Hiraijuga said, Nintendo 3DS falling prices do not affect the pricing policy Vita PS.

Learning How To Tame Bomb Safe

Learning How To Tame Bomb Safe

Professional practice defuse the bomb, do not need a real bomb. Able to use computer games.N5VM6A5ZJ6RE

This game is made ​​for training U.S. forces bomb squad. Bernard Reger, military gaming software developer of America's Army, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense to create a game that resembles a real bomb threat situation.

Although it felt toy, this game is operated with real control, to run a virtual bomb squad robot.

"Army bomb disposal (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) robot must be able to operate the Talon and iRobot PackBot QinetiQ, to handle or defuse the bomb off. They want to practice using the robot as often as possible before dropping to the ground face real bomb," Reger said as quoted from FastCompany.

But the exercises are not always available. That's why this game was created.

Reger has been working on this game project since 2003. The benefits are many, namely as a means of taming bomb simulation exercises that are safer, because it is virtual.

In this game, army bomb disposal can also learn some special skills in handling the bomb without having to risk their lives.

Workers Overcome Suicide, Apple Employ Robots

Workers Overcome Suicide, Apple Employ Robots

London - In order to avoid more suicide employees, the company Apple's iPhone and iPad assemblers in China, Foxconn Technology Group, plans to use robots.N5VM6A5ZJ6RE

According to the news, the company will use one million robots in the next three years to cope with rising costs for labor. According to China Business News reported, the company which currently employs 1.2 million workers were haunted by slanted news.

Included on the condition of workers, wages, forced overtime and for the presence of some workers who committed suicide during last few years.

Today, Foxconn owner Terry Guo said they would deal with replacing them with one million troops are not going to complain robot after working hours.

In addition, these robots do not need to be fed or clothing, do not need the space and oxygen to sleep and have very little possibility to commit suicide. Currently, the company has employed 10 thousand robots and continue to add to it.

In addition to assembling products from Apple, Foxconn is also assembles for HP and Sony Ericsson. According to industry analysts, as many as half human workers can be replaced by robots.


10 Countries With Cheapest Prices Of gasoline

10 Countries With Cheapest Prices Of gasoline Take this lol N5VM6A5ZJ6RE

10. United Arab Emirates $ 0.45 / liter
United Arab Emirates is a good country to live in. In addition to having one of the cheapest gas prices in the world they are too rich to-4 in the world.

Did you know that Enzo Ferrari to take more gas than the Toyota Prius? Think about it like this, makes only logical to have a super cheap gas for the people there are super rich and super expensive cars!

09.Mesir 0.3 $ / liter
Starting from 1979 Egypt has gotten an average of $ 2.2 billion a year as foreign aid from the U.S.. It's only fair - the money to buy All That cheap gas has to come from somewhere!

08. Bahrain $ 0.25 / liter
This small island country has an area of ​​only 266 mi ² (665 km ²). If you decide to get around the island you should know that this trip will be about 100 miles (161 km). So why not give people gas with cheaper land prices? How much gas they need anyway? It's not like there are some distant destination you can drive to.

07. Quatar $ 0.23 / liter
If you are going to be the second richest country in the world, you do not want people to pay too much for gas. After all - they may be angry with you if they do not have enough money to buy their second plane! So of course, it makes sense to maintain a very low gas prices in Qatar.

06. Kuwait 0.2 $ / liter
Sounds like the same deal in Kuwait as in Qatar! But Kuwait was only 4 of the richest countries in the world, so it makes sense that the gas in Kuwait is a bit cheaper than in Qatar! People in Kuwait may not be able to pay the price of Qatar has been!

05. Saudi Arabia $ 0.13 / liter
When King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia visits foreign countries he usually go with 6 planes - one for herself and her children and another 5 for his closest friends. Everyone knows that the plane consumes more fuel! Now if they would just lower the price a little they were able to bring their private Boeing 747 that 7.

04. Iran $ 0.11 / liter
At current production levels is estimated that Iran will run out of oil in 74 years. They are trying to get rid faster by giving away very cheaply.

03. Nigeria $ 0.09 / liter
Nigeria has the 10th largest petroleum resource in the world. They also have about 150 million people and history of violence. This mixture with a corrupt government and want to save money they can from selling oil to other countries more than $ 37320/gallon (around $ 10263/liter) it makes sense that they keep local prices down. You do not want to make people mad, bring down the government and kill everyone they do not like! You can not use the money after you die, can you?

02. Turkmenistan 0075 USD / liter
Turkmenistan is by far the coolest country in the list. Until December 2006 it was ruled by a president for life Saparmurat_Niyazov. Some cool things have been done:

* Official name of the moon named after family members
Win elections "democratic" with 99.9% of the vote!
Closed down all rural libraries - "Most people do not read books Turkmenistan"

01. Venezuela 0045 USD / liter
Venezuela led by President Hugo Chavez - a president is quite famous for those who follow international politics. He's a lot to socialism. This includes having the state take over private companies pretty much do anything and think helping people to have a better life. The nice thing is when he does something big he was always asking people's opinions! If you have to choose whether you prefer high or low gas prices?

The World's EXTREME Sexiest Hacker

The World's EXTREME Sexiest Hacker

1.Kristina Svechinskaya
Svechinskaya KristinaN5VM6A5ZJ6RE

is a student at New York University who was arrested on 2 November 2010 and then for breaking into millions of dollars from several banks in Britain and America. Together with nine other people, Svechinskaya hacked thousands of bank accounts and the estimated total fresh money that has been digasaknya that about 3 million dollars.

Svechinskaya and his team initially targeting the amount of money he stole is approximately 220 million dollars. Svechinskaya using the Zeus Trojan Horse to attack thousands of bank accounts. He has at least five bank accounts to disburse the funds of the world. In its action, the Svechinskaya also have forged passports and for that he charged a total penalty of 40 years in prison if convicted. As seen in the picture, beautiful girl used bra is made from berlian.Svechinskaya also dubbed as the world's sexiest hackers. Yes, because the facial features, eyes and dress styles Svechinskaya can make people do not blink.

2.Ying Cracker
Cracker Ying, a teacher from Shanghai China.

sHe taught about basic guide the process of hacking, how to change the IP address or manipulate office password, wow!

He is also expert in making software hackers. In a forum titled Chinese Hackers Hottie, his much-discussed and it made the climb in popularity. In the forum he's also got a lot of fans. It was the beginning credibility soar.

Tian 3.Xiao
Remembering the word hacker, which usually comes in the shadow of a nerd with thick glasses with a lifestyle that's messy.

But it does not apply to Xiao Tian. He is a hacker who modis.Penampilan and his lifestyle is so neat, dynamic impressed even feminine. He was also so interested in fashion, especially shoes. In his blog he often shared stories about the places he had ever attended. That is the reason why Xiao has many fans and followers in the world, especially the men.
Xiao Tian, ​​becoming known since the age of 19 years. After forming China Girl Security Team, one of the largest women-only group of hackers in china. Its action in the world of hacking is also no doubt. Giants number one search engine in the world, Google has ever felt the onslaught of Tian and his team. Xiao Tian conduct sophisticated attacks on infrastructure systems google china. In fact, Google finally had enough and chose to withdraw all its operational services in China due to hackers hit a barrage of them.

4.Joanna Rutkowska
Joanna Rutkowska is a polish woman who are interested in hacking security.

His name first became known after the Black Hat Briefings conference in Las Vegas, August 2006. Where was Rutkowska presented the attacks he has committed against the security system windows vista. Not only that, Rutkowska also been attacked Trusted Execution Technology and Intel's System Management Mode.

Early in 2007 he formed the Invisible Things Lab in Warsaw, Poland. A company that focuses on OS security research also VMM and Internet security consulting services. The year 2010 also Rutkowska with Rafal Wojtczuk form Qubes, an Operating System that is very full protect security. Rutkowska also give open advice to Vice President of Microsoft's Security Technology Unit to further tighten security in Windows Vista system. Waw, Rutkowska is a hacker which is very welcome to be invited to cooperate.

5.Raven Adler
In the final sequence, we have Raven Adler. A gothic-looking woman who is interested in the Internet world, especially the world of hacking. Raven is the first woman to ever present at the DefCon hacker conference.

Attention focused full conference course for him. But he claimed not to want to exploit her gender as a woman to boost his credibility as a hacker. In many occasions as well, he's not so happy to be called as 'Hacker Women'. He preferred to be seen because of his skill, not because of the special position as a woman.

Currently he is an active design, test and audit the security detector systems for a variety of federal agencies. In addition, on the sidelines kesibukanya he also diligently studying Shorin Ryu Matsumura martial arts.

Discounts When Shopping Without Shy

Weird, Can Discounts When Shopping Without Clothes In order to get vocer spending of £ 100 or Rp1, 4 million, a number of women desperate to enter the shopping mall clad only in underwear. They participate in a shopping section 'which was held Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex, England.N5VM6A5ZJ6RE

Shopping center's previously announced it would give a prize draw in the first 100 women who arrived on Sunday morning. Condition, they may only wear a bra, panties and high heels.

A total of 100 women who rushed into the shopping center gets a free vocer card. With vocer in hand, they hunt for the desired item.

Goods which become the main prey of these women is not a jacket or a dress to cover their bodies. The woman that just walked directly toward the point of sale shoes. Most of them are seen carrying a shopping bag containing a high heel shoe.
Parties to the Lakeside Shopping Centre, Kylie Minor, hoping the woman who won vocer is satisfied with the collection of spring clothes and shoes on offer.

They also feel like many women who participated in the program. "Nice to see all the beautiful women use lingerie and high heels," said Kylie, as quoted from Genius Beauty.

Hmm .. so ya want to stop there, but at ngerubutin hariansobek ntar ga on buying stuff instead. Poisson

5 Countries in the World is on the verge of collapse

5 Countries in the World is on the verge of collapse:War, murder, and genocide in the name of anything is not justified, because all this will only make futile previous life and life will come to suffer. Many of the wars being fought on earth, with various kilahan like for humanity, democracy and world peace, but it was all a kilahan justify the actions of tyrants or dictators. Here are five countries that the community and political life on the edge of destruction:

1. Ivory Coast
Côte d'Ivoire is a country just recovering from violent conflict, an event that starts with reluctant resignation of Laurent Gbagbo, the president incumbent.

He then sparked the conflict by attacking the Alassane Ouattara, a presidential candidate who won the elections by a small voice but gaining certification from international parties. Due to the occurrence of conflict at least 1,200 civilians were killed. This conflict also led to economic growth are at their lowest. The conflict ended after troops Ouattara supporters of Gbagbo's residence peppered with gunpowder storm, then caught it. And now Ouattara led the government of Ivory Coast, and have tried to restore the situation quickly.

2. Iraq
U.S. troops invaded the country of Iraq in 2003, with a reason to save democracy and save the Iraqis from Saddam Hussein's regime.

Today the conflict has subsided, although still been some violence, but as many as 3 million people have fled the Iraqi state, and as much as 22.9% people living in poverty, 78% still undergoing education and 17.5% are unemployed.

3. Afghanistan
After the United States liberated Afghanistan from Taliban rule, the condition of the country is becoming increasingly unpalatable.
Afghanistan is currently led by Hamid Karzai, a corrupt bureaucrat, who did not seem capable and ready to overcome the poverty that plagued his country. Levels of violence against women is very common, and now Afghanistan was ranked eighth as the country with the highest mortality rates in the world.

4. Zimbabwe
Country located on the continent of Africa is one of the world's poorest countries, and countries with the lowest income level as well. There is only one blanket and into the atmosphere in this country: fear.
The violence is very common in this country, Zimbabwe is a country with rates of HIV / AIDS is very high, a state claim as many as 1.3 million people living with AIDS. While the president Robert Mugabe a dictator yankni, live in luxury and sparkling treasures while millions of people in Zimbabwe are starving.

5. Haiti
A major earthquake meluluh lantakkan of Haiti in 2010, which was also almost the case of a dictatorship, but nevertheless occurs.

This large earthquake killed thousands of people even 20% of government workers have contributed to the victim. Various humanitarian aid have been sent to Haiti, so that hundreds of people were killed and some falling debris washed up sea water. Prior to the occurrence of large earthquakes Haiti is a country located at the edge of destruction, both economically and politically

5 Athletes Badminton Indonesia Best In History

5 Athletes Badminton Indonesia Best In History Despite the achievements of badminton Indonesia are declining sharply, but some names have scent victory over the Red-White. Even among etched in the history of the world sheet. Here are 5 victory over Indonesia's best sons in history.
1. Rudy Hartono Kurniawan.
Write a shorter history with Rudy Hartono.

Until now, a record 8 times All England Open champion, seven of them captured in consecutive can not be solved. Outside the All England Open, almost all titles have achieved including the Thomas Cup and World Cup final in 1980 dilakoninya. Rudy has also received Honorary Sign of the Republic of Indonesia Bintang Jasa Utama. Rudy also had once starred in a movie titled "Death of An Angel" in 1971

2. Liem Swie King.
Is the second generation in men's singles gold.

King is considered the successor to the triumph which left behind Rudy Hartono. Three-times All-England Open titles and four runner-up perceived victory over Holy birth, February 28, 1956 this. Style, leaping smashes it does become cirikhasnya to bear the nickname King Smash. Semerti like Rudy Hartono, Liem Swie King has ever playing widescreen movie titled "Sakura in Hugs". Even footsteps filmed under the title "King".

3. Alan Budikusumah
The game does not segemilang Rudy Hartono and Liem Swie King.
But the achievement that has it the name of Indonesia for the first time at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games makes the best victory over Alan's entry list in the country. Alan had never felt the All England Open champion and Thomas Cup. But with the Olympic gold, Alan was awarded the Honorary Sign of the Republic of Indonesia Bintang Jasa Utama like Rudy Hartono.

4. Haryanto Arbi
Victory over Indonesia who also has a complete title. Twice the All England Open title could be achieved in 1993, 1994.
Thomas Cup champion ever felt as much as four times (1994, 1996, 1998, 2000), World Champion 1994, 1995 and several other open tournaments. Even more phenomenal, Haryanto Arbi is the successor Liem Swie King in terms of jumping smashes. Haryanto Arbi even nicknamed the "Smash 100 watts" because of its speed.

5. Taufik Hidayat
After Haryanto Arbi era ended, there was no men's singles victory over Indonesia who can show off. Until the end comes the name of Taufik Hidayat.

Born August 10, 1981 victory was able to restore the Indonesian badminton achievement. Seize the 2004 Athens Olympic gold, world champion has also been felt in 2004. and six-time champions Indonesia Open. Unfortunately up to now not been able to Taufik won the All England Open.

The uniqueness of the Dogon tribe in Africa

The uniqueness of the Dogon tribe in Africa
Dogon is the name of ethnic groups who occupy the middle plateau region of Mali, south of the river NigerN5VM6A5ZJ6RE

Currently Dogon population of about 800 thousand inhabitants. The Dogon are well known and the object of anthropological studies of many scientists.
They are famous for the mythology, culture and architecture of settlements. Currently there has been significant changes to the way of life, culture and beliefs of Interest Dogon.Pemukiman DogonDi Mopti region,

Mali, a group of people comprise less than one million, maintaining the cultural heritage and unique architecture that they have enjoyed for hundreds of the oldest tahun.Struktur Dogon settlement can be found on the walls of the cliff wall.
A thousand years ago people Dogon fled to isolated areas around the Bandiagara escarpment.

Here, the steep cliffs around the villages can be more easily maintained. Plus the Niger River flows through the area, providing defense alami.Menurut their oral traditions, settlements began to be built along the southwest and for centuries the Dogon people slowly expand their range northward
It is possible that the Dogon people develop as a result of several waves of people fleeing from the threat Islamisasi.inding stay beautiful cliff with a centuries-old art that describes the details of Dogon ritual.
Many villages on the cliffs left behind, for fear of small children falling off a cliff, then they rebuild the settlements under the cliff that is not too dangerous. The land is fertile and agriculture sepenuhnya.Karena Dogon were able to develop here a lot of farmland, so the settlement was a lot of barns to store the seeds.
A typical Dogon house decorated with a barn, all made of mud. Dogon develop their own style of architecture typical lumpurBangunan Dogon have a specific meaning.
Barn roof is shown as a barn man. This is where wheat and other food stored.
High roof and large reflect the prosperity. There is also a barn of women, where women can store their own goods. Dogon women can become economically independent without depending on suaminya.Toguna are building only for men.
Usually the people consulted in toguna.
The building was deliberately designed with a low roof, which means that no man could stand upright.
The reason is simple when there was a heated debate, then people can not stand to hurt others, it decreased the incidence of violence because it is home to restrict pergerakan.Ginna Dogon.Kepala village chief in the village lived on the first floor with its own barn on the top floor.

Roof area is inhabited by Wagem believed, the ancestors of the Dogon. Wagem actually the name of one of the cult of animism in Dogon.Desa has a spiritual leader called Hogon. Hogon selected from several candidates that consists of men who are old in the Dogon. When the villagers selected Hogon forbidden to touch him and he had to live alone without washing and shaving during the period of
During these needs met by a virgin who has not entered puberty that would make food and clean the house. The woman also should not touch Hogon, and every night he would go home through the initiation tuanyaSetelah people. Hogon fitted with a red hat and wear a bracelet with pearl ornaments.
His wife can go back to him, but on the first night, his wife should not sleep together Hogon.
Because the Dogon believe that when Hogon sleep he was visited by the sacred snake who gave him wisdom and mensucikannya while she slept. Although the Dogon originally came to the Mopti region to escape from Islam, the religion has spread to the community.

Many villages now have a mosque built of mud, which adds to the sense of religious architecture tersebut.Berbagai settlements coexist with each other and there is no problem at all between them, harmony is one of the most important aspects of Dogon society and evidenced in the ritual daily.

10 Indonesia's oldest mosque

10 Indonesia's oldest mosque
Here are 10 of the oldest mosques in Indonesia, all mosques were built in our homeland Indonesia. Following several old mosques ranging from about 700-400 years. N5VM6A5ZJ6RE

1. Mosque single saka (1288)
The mosque is located in the village of Saka single Cikakak Wangon District was built in 1288 as engraved on Teacher Saka (Main Pillars) mosque.

But in making this mosque is more clearly written in the books left by the founders of this mosque is Kyai Mustolih. But these books have been lost many years ago. Every 27th of Rajab pilgrimage was held in the mosque and tomb of Kyai Jaro Mustolih clean. The mosque is situated ± 30 km from the town of Navan. Saka-called single-pole used to build up to form only one pole (single). Which according bp. Sopani one of the mosque committee is that the single pillar symbolizes that GOD is only one GOD Almighty. In some places there are forests of pine and other forest inhabited by hundreds of tame and friendly monkeys, as in Sangeh Bali.

2. Wapauwe Mosque (1414)
The mosque is still well maintained.
Most of the original building are also saved several heritage objects such as drums, handwriting's Qur'an ', the nature of the scale that weighs 2.5 kg stone, and metal ornaments and read the Arabic alphabet on the wall. The mosque is also still serves as a place of prayer around the population.
If the drum or drum beat, the sound will be heard until the entire village, inviting people to come to the mosque to the church.
handwritten Koran in the mosque was once exhibited at the Festival Istiqlal in Jakarta. Some of the new addition is the place wudlu, carpet, electric fan and lighting.

3. Ampel Mosque (1421)
Ampel Mosque is an ancient mosque in the northern city of Surabaya, East Java. The mosque was founded by Sunan Ampel, and nearby there is the tomb of Sunan Ampel complex.
Currently Ampel Mosque is one of the destinations of religious tourism in Surabaya. The mosque is surrounded by Chinese and Arabic architecture building.
Ampel Mosque beside the left page, there is a well that is believed to be an auspicious wells, usually used by those who meyakininnya to amplifier pledges.

4. Great Mosque of Demak (1474)
Demak Great Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Indonesia.
The mosque is located in the village kauman, Demak, Central Java. The mosque is believed to have a gathering place for scholars (guardian) propagator of Islam, also called Walisongo, to discuss the spread of Islam in Java in particular and Indonesia in general. The founder of this mosque is expected to Raden Patah, the first king of the Sultanate of Demak, at about the 15th century BC.

This mosque has a main buildings and porches. The main building has four main pillars called Saka Guru. The pole is said to have originated from pieces of wood, so called 'saka chips' building is a building open porch. The roof is pyramid-shaped eight-pole that supported the so-called saka majapahit.

Inside the Great Mosque of Demak complex sites, there are several tombs of the kings of the Sultanate of Demak and his servants. There were also a museum, which contains various things about the history of the founding of the Great Mosque of Demak.

5. Suriansyah Sultan Mosque (1526)
Suriansyah Sultan Mosque is a mosque which is the oldest mosque in South Kalimantan. This mosque was built during the reign of Tuan Guru (1526-1550), Raja Banjar is the first convert to Islam.

The mosque is located in the northern district of Health, North Banjarmasin, Banjarmasin, the area known as the Old capital of the Sultanate of Banjar Banjar for the first time.

Architectural roof construction phase and overlap, is a traditional-style mosque row. Traditional banjo style mosque mihrab has its own separate roof with the main building. The mosque is built on the banks of the river in the Health District.

6. Masijd Holy Tower (1549)
Tower of the Holy Mosque (also known as the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Mosque of Al Manar) is a mosque built
by Sunan Kudus in 1549 BC or the year 956 Hijra by using stones from the Baitul Maqdis of Palestine as the first stone and located in the Village Kauman, District Municipality, Holy District, Central Java. The mosque is uniquely shaped, because it has a similar tower of the temple. This mosque is a blend of Islamic culture with Hindu culture.

7. Great Mosque of Banten (1552-1570)
Great Mosque of Banten, including an old mosque full of historical value. Every day the mosque was crowded with pilgrims who come not only from Banten and West Java, but also from various regions in Java.
Banten Grand Mosque is located in the compound of the mosque in the village of Banten Lama, about 10 miles north of Serang. This mosque was first built by Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin (1552-1570), the first sultan of Demak Sultanate. He was the first son of Sunan Gunung Jati.

One peculiarity of this mosque are visible from the roof of the main building is a pile of five, like a pagoda china. This is a work of architecture is named Tjek Nan china Tjut. Two porches built later became a complement on the north and south of the main building.

In this mosque there is also a tomb complex offerings sultans and their families. That is the tomb of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin and his wife, Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, and Sultan Abu Nasir Abdul Qohhar. While on the north side of the south porch there is the tomb of Sultan Maulana Muhammad and Sultan Zainul Abidin, and others.

Masjid Agung Banten also has an additional pavilion located on the south side of the main building grand mosque. The two-story pavilion named Tiyamah. Rectangular-shaped architectural style of ancient dutch. The building was designed by a Dutch architect named Hendick Lucasz Cardeel. Usually, events such as meetings, and Islamic studies done here.

Tower that is characteristic of a mosque is also owned the Great Mosque of Banten. Located east of the mosque, the tower is made of bricks with a height of approximately 24 meters, diameter of the bottom approximately 10 feet. To reach the end of the tower, there were 83 pieces of stairs that must be traveled and the corridor that can only be crossed by one person. From the top of this tower, visitors can see the scenery around the mosque and offshore waters, because the distance between the towers by the sea is only about 1.5 km.

In the past, but used as a call to prayer echoes tempang, the tower is also made by Hendick Lucasz Cardeel is used as a place to store weapons.

8. Mantingan Mosque (1559)
Mantingan Mosque is an ancient mosque in the village of Mantingan, District Annual, Jepara, Central Java. The mosque was reportedly established in the Sultanate of Demak in 1559. Founded by a high floor tiles covered with chinese homemade,
as well as train-undakannya. All imported from Macao. Rooftops of buildings styles, including china. Outer and inner walls are decorated with blue pictorial pottery plate, being a wall next to where the priest and the priest was adorned with reliefs of wildlife picture square, dancers and dancers carved on the old yellow stone. Supervision of construction of this mosque was none other than Mo Han Liem Babah. Inside the mosque compound there is the tomb of Sultan Hadlirin, husband of Queen Kanjeng Kalinyamat and sister-in-law Sultan Trenggono, the last ruler of Demak. In addition there are also grave Waliullah Mbah Abdul Jalil, who called another name Sheikh Siti Jenar.

9. Masjid Al-Hilal Katanga (1603)
This mosque was built in 1603 AD during the reign of Gowa Taja-24, I-Daeng Manga'ragi Manrabbiakaraeng Lakiung, Sultan Alauddin. Then in 1605 m, the mosque was completely revamped to be named Masjid Katangka. Masjid structure sized 14.1 x 14.4 meters and an additional building 4.1 x 14.4 meters. Building height 11.9 meters and 90 meters tebel wall, the raw material of brick with roof tiles and porcelain floors. Locations in Katangka, Gowa.
10. Palopo Old Mosque (1604)
Madjid Old Palopo, founded by King Abdullah Sultan Matinroe Luwu named in 1604 m, the mosque has an area of ​​15 m2 was given the name of the Parent,

because of old age. While Palopo name is derived from the Bugis language and Luwu has two meanings, namely: First, confectionary made from a mixture of glutinous rice and sugar water. Second, inserting pegs in holes pole buildings. Both meanings have a relationship with the development process of this Palopo old mosque.

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